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One day,a girl wished that she could see a ghost.Her name was Hatsune Miku ,she loves to read ghost stories and watch them in YouTube too.She will go stroll around her house to find ghost but she could never find them...until one day...it was her birthday...

Miku woke up feeling excited because it was her 16th birthday.She washed herself than she would go down and eat her breakfast,her mother cooked her a very special breakfast and that is leeks.Porridge and tasty leeks,Miku sat on the chair excited to eat her mother's famous porridge.When Miku ate the porridge she was enjoying the meal,her mother said "happy birthday Miku" she said.Miku was happy that her wished her happy birthday.Her brother came down yawning and said "yeah...happy birthday".Miku finished her leek porridge and went straightly upstairs to get change to go to school.When she finished changing she open the door while saying "goodbye mom i am heading to school".Miku's mother wanted to reply but Miku left for school already so she sighed.

Miku walked to school happily while her green teal hair flying because of the strong wind.Even though she wanted to see a real ghost for her birthday she knew it can't never come true to see a real ghost right in front of her eyes.When she reach to her school,she walk into the and go inside of the class when she slide the door open she could see her friends talking,laughing and giggling they saw Miku walking to wasr the so the called out to her."MIKU!!!" Neru shouted to her,that gave Miku a shock and she didn't knew Neru's voice was that loud.Miku walk towards her friends,after an hour passed by.The school bell rang,Miku's classmates quickly ran to their seats.Their homeroom teacher came in,the students stand up and they bow.When they finished bowing they all sit down and the teacher start their lessons.Just a few minutes passed,and Miku was feeling sleepy so she taught she could dream for a while.When she rest her head on the desk and closed her eyes she could her a whisper in her head said..."Miku..." a smooth voice going around her head saying Miku her name.She opened her eyes seeing that nobody called her...she felt weird because someone was calling her from a far.When recess started Miku took out her bento,she was starving to death.She ate the food very fast and again a vpice calling her..."Miku...".Miku stand up walk to the class door to open it.She was walking around the corridor and she went straightly to the roof.She opened the door and walk she could feel the wind her teal hair swinging.Since its her birthday she wished that she could see a ghost...she heard the same voice again...but only...more...insecure..saying "be careful what you wish for..Miku".She was feeling so unsafe know.

To be continued...

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Firts love...it sounds so interesting yet amazing...the warm feeling inside of your chest...i wonder how does it fell like...(This is my first ever story...so umm Enjoy!)
Cantarella - Rated: K - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 3 - Words: 566 - Reviews: 2 - Published: 11/1/2012