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Name: GoViEva

That's obviously a nickname, I don't expose my real identity to anyone unless someone figured out my email address. :D Crazy about GV so decided to create a story. English? BAD. Fullstop. Trying hard to improve? Did, but still very limited. Imagination about them? BIG, but not sure if anyone likes it. Love writing them? BIG BIG BIG LOVE for them. Gohan's so irresistable! Negative comments? Can't avoid but will accept it. Reviews and suggestions? LOVE IT, but it depends!

Writing is not my passion. Imagination IS my passion which motivates ME into writing. Too bad, I'm neither good in writing (limited words) nor good in drawing (I can't even draw an apple alright). I just wish I could but I guess everyone has their own limites, pros and cons and etc.

Dragonball Pact: (I noticed many of DBZ profiles had this pact many times. I just randomly copied one of theirs so I'm not sure who to credit to... hahas.)

"This pact is meant to hold together the remaining fans of Dragon Ball/Z/GT. Whether you like the FUNimation dub or the Ocean dub, whether you like the manga or the anime, whether you say 'Saiyan' or 'Saiyajin', we must stand strong and united, for we are the last of our dying race. And all those who are true fans, post this up on your page, forever proclaiming your Dragon Ball heritage. Be proud, for you are a true Saiyan!"

Blog: (It's been a long time since I created the blog but never tried to make it that far...) - still renovating

Likes: (In terms of anime/manga, listing all the favourites and populars shounen)

Dragonball Z: No doubt, this is one of the best of the best even though I'm a late watcher. When it started broadcasting many years ago, I didn't even paid attention to it so I guess I can't say I watched it quite early. I love most of the characters, hardly anything I dislike. Best pairings? I love Gohan&Videl. But I also like Trunks&Pan pairing. Despite how awful the ending of GT was, I'm attracted to Trunks&Pan. I can't deny they have some romance build between them although some always whined that their age gap but hey, Trunks&Pan looks cute for each other, well, age is not factor when it comes to love. Sometimes I wonder why some people prefer Trunks and Marron when there's no interaction between them in even GT but I guess because their age are closer. I understand those people very well because unlike people prefer Naruto&Hinata, I prefer Neji&Hinata, couples that not majority would really choose. Anyway, it depends on how each and everyone of you views the characters. Dragonball Z is probably the second anime that I tried hard to write a story especially GV.

Naruto Shippuden: I like Naruto a lot, didn't expect that the story of Ninja actually attracted me. But since I've read the manga to the whole war thing, I've been getting too lazy and everything seems to be too complicated for me to understand. Still, I love the anime. ESPECIALLY MY GAARA. He's BASICALLY MINE, okay, not officially since I don't OWN him, but I LOVE HIM. Fullstop. That would be enough that I'm crazy about him. Favourite pairings? I guess not many Naruto fans will agree. I prefer Hinata with Neji, okay, they are cousins, so not possible. But hey, I don't know why they attracted me. I just got hook when Neji and Hinata first faced off during their Chunnin Exam fight. No romance, yet I like the two. But well, Naruto and Hinata isn't a bad pairing. Sometimes, I actually hope there's something between Naruto and Sakura, okay, another pairing that not many agree of. Most people probably want Sakura and Sasuke. Duhh. But sometimes, I'm eager to imagine how things will work out between Naruto and Sakura since I kinda like the process of the characters in a not-so-sweet relationship turning into something different.

Bleach: Alright, I like the anime, but, it didn't satisfied me enough to continue watching. I stopped because the whole rescue thing of Orihime is dragging everything too long, just too much actions and little funny moments. The only thing that is funny is how I like Ichigo and Renji quarreled over something stupid. Favourite pairings? None. But I love Hitsugaya Toushirou. Hasn't got adapted to how he feels for his childhood friend, Hinamori, so, didn't really like or dislike about her. When I first saw him, I had this weird feeling I probably like him since he has the aura of 'Natsume Hyuuga' in Gakuen Alice. Heck, when I hear the voice, I knew that their voice are too similar and when I checked, god, they REALLY are the same voice actor. Hah, alright, what's funniest is, the voice actor is also Temari from Naruto. Haha, I knew why I got attracted to Hitsugaya Toushirou. He's just damn cute.

One Piece: I guess almost everyone in the world would at least heard of this anime even if they don't watch. Before I even start watching it, I don't even think it's a good anime since I don't really like pirates shows, even movies or dramas or whatever it is. Cause the only thing that came into me was BORING. But heck, when I watched it, I immediately changed my view. GOD. THIS IS SO AWESOME. I was cracking so badly in some episodes. I love this because there's a theme that I really like. WHICH IS HILARIOUS. If an anime is too serious with no funny stuffs, I probably wouldn't continue watching it. Fullstop. Uh, but I stopped watching when I learned Ace will die. I cannot stand watching it. Having one Jiraiya died in Naruto crushed my heart. I'm not gonna watch Ace die, though in manga I just quickly flipped the pages until the part he died. No favourite pairings, but love Zoro! He's cute!

Prince Of Tennis: This is a very unexpected sports anime that I would actually like. Not every sports anime interest me so I never did thought the tennis anime would make me crazy. It took me a couple of years to re-watched episodes 1-10 and finally was able to continue it. (Back then I was just too bored) I'm fond of most characters but if I were to pick who's my favourite, it's quite difficult. Most people would prefer Echizen (he's very similar to Hayama & Natsume & Hitsugaya) and I would pick him too but maybe I would like to pick Fuji instead. He has a mysterious character and aura that I find myself attracted to. Anyway, haven't watch the newer version yet but the anime is way too awesome!

Slam Dunk: Do I even need to explain what the story was? Nope, I bet everyone in the world especially the old generation knows this anime. It's one of the oldest anime I've watched when I was a kid. I wake up every morning at 6am just to watch it on TV. Back then, the days of anime was so awesome so I don't know what the heck happen to the new anime these days with plots I don't like. I was surprised that the Japanese voice actor was Trunks's voice actor because what I used to watched was the Chinese version, which was a very rare that I love such a dubbed. The Chinese voice actor made the character so real life and DAMN hilarious, well it's a pity to those who can't understand Chinese because the Chinese voice actor is really awesome! But a shounen manga, will always have a romance that never blooms much. No one knows whether Hanamichi will have his unrequited love or so on.

To be continued... (I'll try to write more about others that I like in the future... but basically, my profile is based more on Dragonball Z. I seem to be enjoying writing DBZ rather than the others.)

I'm kinda proud to be an author in fanfiction. It used to be my dream of having an account here but I gave up with the rules are strict and I'm afraid of breaking without realizing it. Anyway, I'm writing story not to only receiving reviews. I just love to share my imagination on the internet though I know it sucks when compared to those awesome ones out there.

Alright to be continued again, I can't seem to find anything to introduce myself more.

Lovely Complex: This is one of the most hilarious animes/fanfics I've ever watch/read in my whole life. This is purely full comedy-romance which fulfilled all of my interest criteria of what my favourite type of story! Actually this is the very first anime fanfic I've written before DBZ but I never manage to finish it at all. Never expected that this anime actually make me so crazy that I've already watched dozen of times! It surprised me how awesome this romance anime despite the funny height the leads have. But it was what makes everything more interesting than common romance animes that doesn't have any unique style!

Inuyasha: One of the most epic old animes I've watched! Superb interesting and I think it's one of the animes that brought me into the anime world. Well the art in the manga wasn't as well in the anime but it's Rumiko-Sensei's style so it makes her story unique. I'm in love with most of the characters especially Inuyasha but I'm more interested in Miroku and Sango's relationship, well I especially love Miroku's pervert-ness cause that's what makes him himself! The anime is quite long for a romance-adventure story but nevertheless it entertains me for many years/

Fruits Basket: Kyou Sohma is MINE. He's the very first male anime character that I'm in love with so much! One of another old animes that brought me into the anime world! The idea of 12 Zodiacs are common but how the story makes each character transformed after a hug from an opposite sex makes it interesting! However, the anime was just too short and like some other good romance animes, the animation always ends at episode 24 to 26 with an unsatisfying ending. It never makes its way to solve the curse. However, the manga's ending makes me satisfied at the very least.

Kodomo No Omocha: A very old anime that not many people knows of. I only get to watch it after I watched Gakuen Alice. Very entertaining and hilarious and I'm so in love with Hayama and how he always teased Sana. How they developed feelings was even better! But the anime was just too long and many episodes are actually made up and quite different in the manga. But I guess the old animes romance have much episodes than the newer ones, better than just 24 to 26 episodes with stupid endings.

Gakuen Alice: Oh I'm so in love with Natsume, he's just my idea type for a kid! I bet whoever watches Kodomo No Omocha would definitely love this one as well because Natsume and Hayama looks exactly the same type of child, except a bit different. They're just the new version of Hayama and Sana except they have powers! But I am not much very satisfied with the ending in the manga despite they're together. What in the world happened to Hotaru and her brother? The manga just left it hang like that. =_=

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