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hajime mashite minna-san

name: takamine shiver


and any other childish,innocent sweet name you can imagine!

birthday: 16/September/2001



personality: childish,innocent,sweet and nice

fave anime


2-clannad after story

3-inazuma eleven

4-pretty rhythm:aurora dream

5-shugo chara

6-tokyo mew mew team

fave characters:


nagisa furukawa

-clannad after story

ushio okazaki

shima katzuki

-inazuma eleven

Atsuishi Shigeto*heat*

-pretty rhythm aurora dream


-shugo chara

ikyto,ikuto and ikuto!

-tokyo mew mew team


my oc:

1-takamine shiver

age: 11

personality: same as me!

appearance: she is short(like her owner TT) with ice white skin ,sapphire pure blue crystal eyes ,short light brown hair .she is an angel!!!


school uniform:a button-down milky color school shirt (a button down shirt has the ends of the collar fastened to the shirt with buttons ) , a mini (Japanese girl style) white skirt ,two long loose socks with white sneakers.

casual: shiver wears everything she sees cute and girly.but she usually wears w no sleeve blue collar blue shirt with mini jeans ,white socks with shiny fabric all over the edge and two blue and white sneakers .

extra:shiver likes to wear all kind of extras hats, jewelers and anything that matches her clothes.she usually puts two kitty silver ears on her head and a white tail cause she adores nekos.but for the sleeping clothes she puts two rabbit ears and a fuzzy tail

fave thing(or theme as they say): dango! dango daikazuku is her fave thing in the whole world .

friends: she id a friend with my other ocs niwa ramomi and shima yui.

2-shima yui


personality:she harsh,sold and strong.and she adores her bff when some one lies a finger on shiver...he wont see the morning light again..

apperence:she is taller then shiver by few inches ,has long back hair and yellow eyes


she wears normal jeans and shirts ,doesnt care about fashion unlike her friend shiver

fave thing: stars ,outer space

friends: shiver takamine and niwa ramomi

3-niwa ramomi


personality: a shy,gentle, sweet , arrogance boy .he is so pure and it is impossible to make him mad .he acts sometimes like shiver's boy friend and sometimes like her older brother

appearance: pure green eyes,light yellow hair and white skin .*not like shiver's but still it is white*


school uniform: black pants,black jaket,white shirt and a red ribbon .with a pair of black shoes

casual: he wears jeans and cool t-shirts he likes to look over cute or super hot and he cares about fashion alot

fave thing: soccer .

and the lest thing i can say is thank you for reading my page and ..


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