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College graduate working in the Japanese countryside as a teacher. I have a sort of sick obsession with Samurai Champloo, as I'm sure will become known. I also find it hard to be satisfied with my own writing, so updates with be slow.

Overall, I've always had an appreciation for good writing, and this is just an attempt to contribute.

7 July 2014: Been a while! Since I posted chapter six, I've had a lot of things going on, including the end of snowboarding season, school graduation/entrance ceremonies, a trip home for 2 weeks, and last--which is the most relevant to this account--my green Vaio finally decided to kick the bucket (sort of). My hard drive is fine, there's just something wrong with the power/screen and it kept shutting off and not wanting to turn back on again until it finally just wouldn't turn on. (Also want to mention that at the same time, my phone was also broken...) This is all very unimportant until you realize that I had writing on there that I didn't have stored anywhere else. Now here's the good news: I did back up what I had written up until the end of May since I knew my computer was dying. Bad news: I was an idiot and didn't back it up again before it finally died, meaning I'm missing a good chunk of what I had written.

TLDR: Computer broke. Backed up some but not all. Gonna be a little while longer till I can post again.

Also just want to add that I have the worst luck. I tried to take my computer in for repairs and the company (Yamada Denki, for those of you that live(d) in Japan) flat out told me that they couldn't fix it because it was a "foreign" computer. Yeah, digest that for a second. Even though my computer is made by a Japanese company, somehow they won't fix it. Oh, and it gets better. Sony has put a statement saying that they refuse to accept overseas models of their computers for repairs, meaning that I can't even go to another store and get it fixed. The only option I'd have would be to go to a privately owned computer repair shop and try and sort things out in Japanese. So, being the easily frustrated person I am, I decided to buy another computer. I mean, I'd had the other one for 4 years and it was about time to upgrade anyway, so why not?

Refer to my statement above about luck.

I went and bought another computer about a week ago. It's super sexy and can flip over into a tablet and all that jazz. I was in love with it until it decided not to turn on a few days ago. Cue me wanting to destroy things while at the same time lamenting over my terrible luck. Fast forward to yesterday. I went back to the place I bought it from and had them look at it. Apparently the model is defective, and even if I get another one, the same problem could occur. I ended up deciding to give the model one more chance, but if it fails me again, I might have a mental breakdown. As in, you'll hear about me on the news trying to destroy things via baseball bat. Ughhh why is everything so difficult?!

Chapter 7 word count: ?/5000

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