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Heres a few things about me.
I like to read books mostly along the lines of fanstasy and adventure and action. I also love to play video games and such as well. I like to read peoples reviews, is all I ask is no flames because those don't help anyone and just make poeple look bad when it comes down to it. I have a love for wolves to the point where people think I'm furry...I'm not yet, I don't have or will never get a sutie, thank you. I'm willing to help in anyway so long as it's in reason. I also do a little poerty and some of it I put on my profile, so if you have a request for me to make a poem just give me a PM. Also I play a good amount on World of Warcraft so if your wondering about that you can PM me.

I'm part of a fourm here on Fanfiction made by Humphrey Loves Kate who is an awesome guy and one of my best friends here on the site. If you want to join our fourm just contact me or HLK for details.

Hey everyone just so you know, I'm also running a DeviantArt account, heres the link if your intrested!:

Here's my fictionpress account if your intrested in reading my stories on there:

A little poem: As the wolf howls,
The tears of thousands cry out,
Seeking peace eternal,
From the darkness that has taken them,
And the song of the wolves,
Is their only hope of,
Communicating to those that can save them,
From their doom,
For the wolves are the,
Keepers of the past,
To remeber those that,
We have failed to protect,
Those that could not protect themselves,
From the evils of this world,
And so the wolves shall sing their wild song,
To forever tell,
Of how much was lost,
And an ancient pact,
Was broken.

Tell me what you think granted i just wrote it dont even know where it came from. Truthfully i think its my subconsious mind coming by for why there was - in my opinion- a mass genocide of wolves. And for some reason I take it personally when somone talks bad about wolves.

OC: Robert War-eye

Description: Light build

Fur: Dark grey with silver streaks in it

Face: Dark Brown eyes, Left eye goes red when in a fight and angry, And scar on left eye that goes over it (similar to my profile pic)

Personality:Welcoming to people but is causious around them, is relaxed around friends but not when there are higher-ups around, is suspicious of wolves he does not know and are not from the pack (granit this is with everyone who meets an unknown wolf on their territory), Willing to help and doesnt like it when others are down and is willing to listen to what is wrong or makes a joke to help them get into the spirit of things in any way he can think of. Though he can tell when someone just wants to be alone.

Rank: Alpha-Omega (Beta but destined for Alpha), Omicron(Recon), and formely Omega (Combat medic)

This is a poem for my OC that came to me Titled: Blood Along the Dens.

As I run,
From those that have shed blood,
From my faintest of memories,
To those that are crisp and clear,
War for me is an excuse to,
Shed the blood of innocents along the dens,
And though I am trained a warrior,
And have killed before,
War is the one thing that I can say that I hate,
For none win in the end of the war,
We are all losers,
And now in this war that the War-eye fought,
Has shattered everything I care about,
From my mother who died defending me,
From my friends who died with fang and claw,
Dante I shall never forget,
Calin like a brother I shall never forget,
Drake the swift I shall never forget,
Barge I shall never forget,
Coal the wolf wiser than his years I shall never forget you,
Malcolm the wolf of shadows your memory is safe with me,
But there is one who I will NEVER forget!,
My one true love,
Eva you're the only one,
Who dared to understand my pain and sorrow,
And I shed the blood of those who took your life,
As you fell from that cliff,
My rage knew no bounds,
I sought only peace for not me,
But for all of our packs,
And I have failed to protect,
Those that mean everything to me,
So with a howl of rage I flee this place,
Of ice, of blood, of death,
I run to look for peace in my life,
If not happiness,
All I want is you Eva,
And peace,
Why can't I have both?,
Is it to much to ask for?,
I can live with some darkness,
But there MUST be light in ones life,
And YOU were my light,
This place is only of death,
And I will live for you my one and only,
Until we are reunited as one,
And yet my fevered mind tells me I am wrong,
And you still yet live,
And a dream of my father,
Tells me my trials of suffering are now over,
And that two gifts await,
One of a new home and one of a love thought lost,
As I run I remember the blood along the dens of my pack,
And I vow to never allow that to happen ever again where ever I may end up.

Song and excerpt from "High Rhulain" by Brian Jacques from the redwall series (I do not own this all rights go to owner of the book):

There are many places a spirit may rest
when life's long march has ended.
Every creature returns to it home,
exactly as nature intended.
The cowards and traitors, the liars and cheats,
each in their turn is awarded,
someplace that they deserved to go,
as their actions in life accorded.
Those who proved untrue to their friends
lie thick in the dust of the earth,
trodden on forever by all
to show what treachery's worth.
In the mud of swamps, in rotting weeds,
they lie imprisoned by evil misdeeds.
But the warriors true, the brave of heart,
who valianty upheld the right,
they are raised on high, to the velvet sky,
bringing light to the darkness of night.
They'll stand there as long as the sky will,
their honour in brightness will glow,
a lesson to see, for eternity,
of where the real warriors go!
So ere my eyelids close in sleep,
these are the words I will say,
may I have the couarge and faithfulness,
that my spirit should join them one day."

Once again i do not own this song the ownership goes to Brian Jacques.

Another poem i wrote nearly went mad before i wrote it. Titled: The truth of strength and weakness.

What is strength measured by?,
When those who seem the strongest,
Never seem to shed a tear for those,
Who have been destined to not live out their lives,
This is not courage, or strength,
This is a weakness,
To not cry a tear for the departed,
For those who do tear,
For those who have been destined to not live out their lives,
These kind souls are the guardians of the world,
For they know what is true strength,
For they have suffered through,
More than anyone can bear,
For they can feel those they bearly knew,
From just knowing their face alone,
And still they shed a tear for them.,
For that is what Strength and Couarge,
Are... To shed a tear for those who deserve it,
When they are destined to not live out their lives.

This is a tribute of the love that garth shows to lilly no matter what from alpha and omega. Titled: My Heart and Soul.

Im in love with a wolf with lavender eyes,
She is the only one who brings life to my world,
The only one who can bring color to my world,
I will never leave my angel for as long as I live,
Even if the world comes crashing down on us,
I shall never leave her side,
Even if death it self rises to destroy the earth,
I shall stand beside my heart and soul,
And protect her untill i cannot stand anymore and my body is shattered,
For my love for her cannot be destroyed for she is the only one for me,
Until the end of my days,
For she is my life blood,
For she is my heart that beats so resoultly through my chest,
For she is the soul that gives my body purpose,
And to those who would dare to harm her,
Will flee from my wrath for hurting her,
For she is my angel who i love with every fiber of my being,
For she is my heart and soul for eternity in Life and in Death,
For nothing shall stop me from loving my angel,
My Heart and My Soul.

This is a poem that came to me, it was inspired with what happened to me in a dream. Never give up my friends. For the freedom around you could be lost, you maybe the only one to fight for it:

'In my darkest hour,
I only seek the peace,
That can only come through peace,
And yet those around me,
Seem to want only war,
And the guardians fight against the dark,
I willingly join them,
In their time of struggle,
For freedom is what my heart beats for,
For though I hate war with more than any could rage up,
Sometimes it is the only solution to the peace that we all seek,
So hope for a better future,
For you could bring in it about,
Into the light.'

This is another poem that I made while, well I was mad. lol. I'd like to say that it was inspired something great but really it was just because I was mad.

Fighting until my last breath,
Striking where they are hiding,
Nothing escapes from my grasp for long,
My blood strikes the ground in drops of rain,
And yet I still seek more,
My rage knows no bounds,
At the death of my friends,
I shall fight for them,
I shall fight for the weak,
I shall fight for the frightened,
But I shall never surrender to the darkness,
Until the starwolf himself comes for me,
To take me to rest in the halls of the cave of souls.

This is a poem I made named: The Eye of the Night

Darkness is only an opinion,
To many it is their only chance of survival,
Are those who walk in darkness all evil?,
No they are simply creatures of a diffrent light,
The light of the moon is a clear example of this,
Luna the mate of Lupus guards this light,
She is fast and strong as well as fericouis for it is in her nature,
But she is also kind and considerate,
Listening to those who shrike out their sorrows to the air of night,
Watching over those who sleep under her eye,
Never once allowing them to be seen by those who seek them harm,
But she cannot protect everyone,
And those she has failed she weeps tears into the night,
To give them even more light,
For she is the light of darkness as much as Lupus is the light of day,
She seeks not to control but to free those who seek her gudiance,
For she does not want to bring harm to the lovers of the night,
Even though she is no longer able to see her own love,
But her eye watches over all her children,
Even as Lupus does in the day,
Night and Day,
Are they not the same?

This is another poem I made: What is a guardian?

What is a guardian? Is he the one who can kill a thousand without regret? Is he one who can judge a thousand men sending them to their deaths? No, he is all and none of these, He is the one who can smile next to a comrade, He is the one who will willing stand for what is right, He is the one who will fight for those who can't fight for themselves, He is the one who fears no death save if the one he tried to protect is killed as well, But for a guardian, death is nothing, life is everything.

This is how you know you have friends, when they make a poem describing only know of you through a computer:

Someone who will be your sword and shield in battle.
Is a friend.
Someone who will take the blame for your mistake.
Is a friend.
Someone who doesn't ask you to return a favor.
Is a friend.
Someone who you don't have to ask to have your back.
Is a friend.
Someone who will give you there own bed on a cold night.
Is a friend.
Someone who will give you anything you need just by you asking.
Is a friend.
To me and many others you are a friend Crowwolf.
-by Country Wolf-dog

Heres what my reponse was to that:
No matter who you are,
no matter where you live,
every creature who says they don't need friends,
realizes that is exactly what they need,
one cannot survive without friends,
one can only live so long without one,
they will seek out companionship even if they don't feel like their race,
the people,
or themselves,
for your friends are who are willing to step in and protect you,
to be the shoulder to cry on,
to be there when your alone and helpless,
to listen to every word that comes out of their mouth without any judgement,
to feel the hurt they feel,
to help you gain that smile you have that hides the pain you feel everyday,
to remind you that life is yours to live,
to remind you that your battles never have to be fought alone,
there is always someone who will never hesitiate to take up bow, sling, sword, shield, spear, gun, knife, or hand to fight beside you and have your back,
those poeple,
are your true friends,
for they care about you,
as much as you care about them,
even in dreams,
your friends take on diffrent shapes and names to fight beside you or to comfort you,
and even if you move a million miles away,
they shall never forget you,
and if you need their help they will never hesitiate to come to your aid, these are what a true friend is.

That's how you know you've found a friend till the end.

This is a poem about my guardian spirit: The Watcher in the Dark

I fled from the destruction I saw in my dreams,
Running as far as I could only to see more destruction,
Seeking peace that seemed forever out of my reach,
But even as the darkness enveloped around me,
A wolf came from that darkness,
And took me under his protection,
Guiding my every way,
Watching out for me in my darkest of needs,
Counseling me when I was hurt by uncaring words,
Listening to me as I told him the stories of my mind,
And even though he's disappeared from my site for times,
He is always quick to rush to my aid,
His smile forever emblazoned on my mind to remind me of forgivness,
His strength to remind me of his protectivness to family and friends,
His warmth for his caring personality to those around him,
His tears for the pain he's felt of those around him and in his soul,
For he sees me as the pup he had lost,
For he sees only goodness where others will see darkness,
For though he was born from darkness,
He is the watcher in my dreams,
My guardian on the streets,
My friend in my darkest moments,
My Counseler in my stongest of grifes,
For he is Loken,

The watcher in the dark.

Heres another that really just came to me: Eyes of Champions

Shining bright above us,
The eyes of champions,
Those who fought valiantly to up held the right,
Who stiked out against the tyrants of the world,
They shall never be forgotten to the annuals of history,
For they fought for freedom,
They fought for home,
They fought for the right,
They are men and women,
Who stared death in the eye,
And said send in the hoard,
If it means another day of peace for their families,
For their friends,
For those who have never met,
And for their valor they raised on high,
To walk the darkened skies,
Alongside the she wolf of the moon,
So come ye wolves,
So come ye humans,
All are welcome amongst the valiant,
For they were willing,
For they were willing,
To fight for those who were not kin,
But for those,
who simply could not defend themselves,
So show no fear to those,
To be the shield in the night,
To be the blade against the evil,
To be the light in darkest of hours,
For the darkest hour,
Never happens at night,
For they are the true guardians of this world

The shadows are what guide us,
They sheild us from the evil,
That stalk the halls,

The Shadows
The Shadows
May they always protect me from harm,

In my hunts at night,
The shadows ensure my prey do not see me,
And with feriocity I strike with all my might,
To take down my prey so my family may dine,

The Shadows
The Shadows
May they always help me in the hunt,

In the wars I'm the first into the fray,
Hidden in the shadows supporting my friends,
So they may take the glory,
For I do not want it,
I only want this war over,
So my family maybe safe,

The Shadows
The Shadows
May they keep me hidden in times of war.

-Song of the Shadow wolves

Our arm never gives in,
When darkness threatens the land,
Many see us as war mongers,

Oh War-eye a War-eye a War-eye
Are ya marching off to war?

I leave my friends and family not to fight in a fools war
But in a War that we have been forced to fight in,

Oh the War-eye the War-eye the most misunderstood clan,
Can't anyone understand?,
That their rage is only to right the wrongs on the past?
And not to harm the innocents of the present?

Darkness marches again across the land to threaten are once allies,
And whether they like it or not,
We shall march to their aid,
For even when they are betrayed in their darkest of hours,

A War-eye never betrays a friend. -Song of the War-eye clan

Faviourite music:

Honestly I like a large genera of songs but here a list of the ones that I say are my favs:

1. Awake and Alive by skillit

2. Glamorous by Fergie

3. Move your Body by Eiffel 65

4. How you remind me by nickelback

5. Saving me by nickel back

6. Burn it down by linkin park

7. Lost in the echo by linkin park

8. Hero by Skillit

9. Hero by nickleback

10. Fire work by Katy Perry


'I have many friends, and few living eneimes'

'Go for the throat, and hold'em down until the body stops shaking'

Ego homini lupus (I am a wolf to man)

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