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Hey guys, first and foremost, I put God first and above all else! I love tattoos and heavy metal. I'm also a gamer and an Otaku at heart. My favorite game of all time is Chrono Trigger. If you haven't experienced it then you're missing out. Dragon Ball Z has always been one of my favorite animes of all time. I own every season of each series on dvd. I am such a nerd I know!
Now that I have the time to update this, I also listen to all kinds of rock music too. I would list em all but that would take forever. At this time, I am currently writing a Chrono Trigger Cross-over into the world of Dragon Ball Z. Its about Magus's journey after the events of Chrono Trigger. I thought it would be interesting to see Magus travel into that world. *UPDATE* I have finished my Chrono Trigger/DBZ fanfic. All 14 chapters are up, and if you are interested in reading it please feel free too!! I encourage you to tell your friends about it too. As of this time I've completed my second fan fiction. It is about Trunks returning to his home time to battle perfect Cell. In my honest opinion, I believe it should have ended with him and the Perfect Cell battling it out.

On the current time frame, I am focusing on my next story. If you have read Project Magus, I am working on the side project at the moment. Someday, I will have that up for you folks to read.

And, now I have all of that up, the side story has been completed!

Anyways feel free to read either story I've posted, you can read it by clicking the links below.

Btw, if you guys have any suggestions, good or bad on any improvements needed, feel free to pm me anytime!

Thanks again!


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