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holas soy colombiana y espero leer muchos Slash.

Meyer dares to call her work the "Twilight Saga" - excuse me?!SAGA?! Even great authors like Rowling and Tolkein had the modesty not to call their epic and awesome works as a "saga", yet Meyer is being far too outrageous with her work.

- Meyer's characters are nothing more but pathetic Mary Sues. Have a look at the heroine, Bella Swan. Her name means: beautiful swan, yet her personality is so bland and dull, it's so stupid that Meyer actually makes her the main character. Bella is a clumsy girl, and seems to have no common sense whatsoever...I mean, who in their right mind would fall for a weirdo vampire that constantly watches you sleep? That's not romantic- that's plain creepy! (YES! I don't think I would find it romantic for someone to be staring at me through my window while I sleep...I would most likely stab them in surprise...I keep my katana right at my bedside...I'm paranoid like that. XD)

-Meyer writes in such complicated terms- a good story doesn't necessarily use such "pretty, colorful, big, wordy" language like: obstreperous...I highly doubt that the high school girls and boys that have read her books even know what that means. Why write a story if you are trying to showcase your "fancy" vocabulary?

- Meyer has the worst plot ever- it is dead BORING. A girl falls in love with a vampire, who she winds up with together forever despite a few minor windups. That's it, really. The rest is fluffy, boring filler. The "climax" takes place in the last two chapters of the books and has nothing to do with the preceding 400 pages. The "conflict" is resolved far too easily. What kind of book/story is that?

- Bella is pathetic without Edward. In the second book, as soon as Edard leaves, Bella enters a I'm-going-to-remain-dead-without-my-vampire-boyfriend mode. That is plain retarded. (Yeah that was annoying)

- Who has ever heard of a vampire WITHOUT fangs and has sparkly skin in the sunlight? That isn't a vampire! Meyer not only destroys the basic definition of a vampire, but she breaks her own rules of "vampirism" at the end of her garbage series! (MAJOR POINT! YES! VAMPIRE'S HAVE FANGS AND BURST INTO FLAMES IN THE SUNLIGHT!)

- The only reason that people like these books are that Meyer has placed NO personality into the characters whatsoever. Even people at do a better job at Fanfics of Twilight than Meyer herself! Any loser can put themselves into Edward's/Bella's shoes and act like them! (Wow, I wonder if this means there are more people being born with no personalities now-a-days? XD)

- Bella Swan teaches all females to let men do everything. IF WOMEN HAVE BEEN DEFENDING THEIR RIGHTS AND EQUALITIES FOR THE PAST CENTURIES, ARE THEY GOING TO LET SERIES LIKE THIS DETROY THEIR WORK?! Will girls even need to go to school anymore? WAAAAH! Damn you Meyer, you might just crush womans' rights and equalities!!

- Bella's Father is the worst father out there. He develops some suspicion about Edward, then just completely leaves Bella alone. That isn't being a good parent- that's being plain ignorant and oblivious about your child. I don't think my dad would let me hang out with a bunch of vampires!

- Bella started out as a useless, clumsy, whining doll that has suddenly become the idol for girls everywhere. Same with Edward and Jacob- WHY PEOPLE? WHY? DO YOU WANT TO BE A MARY-SUE TOO?!

- Have you noticed that Meyer has been describing characters EVERY two pages? I think we've heard enough about Edward's Flat Toned Chest, thank you very much Meyer...

- The books are predictable and childish. There isn't even proper sex in the series to deem it as a "vampire novel". Sure, there's vampires, but where's the romance?

- Vampire Baseball is a disgrace. Here you are, a mythical being, a vampire. You are a creature of the dark, and you play BASEBALL?! I wonder whether Meyer was mentally ill when she was writing these books. (...Okay I am ashamed to admit I did think Vampires playing baseball was hilarious...and I have to admit that the baseball scene was the only worthwhile thing to see in the first movie actually...)

- Do any guys like Twilight? Why is it all fangirls who are so blinded by their "love" towards Edward and Jacob that they don't see the true realities: their personalities suck, and THEY DON'T EXIST!

- Bella and Edward fall in love way too quickly. Even teenagers don't do that nowadays. Besides, what is the chance of a young highschooler girl falling in love and the boy actually returns her love? UNLIKELY. (I agree with the first part! Especially the first part)

- There is something very disturbing about how Carlisle turning tennagers into vampires. Very disturbing.

- The only Reason Edward can't read Bella's mind is that she doesn't have one. (MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! XD)

- Harry Potter and other cool characters can easily own Edward and Jacob- they suck!

- Bella gets brainwashed all the time. It's not like she has the will to stop herself- Oh no, whatever her darling Edward will do, she'll do it too! Yeah girl, go and chuck yourself off a cliff, YOU DESERVE THAT!

-The guys are completely unrealistic, boring, and wimpy. Edward is too perfect, and hardly has any flaws. That isn't a vampire at all- that's a Mary Sue, and a pathetic writer who can't write properly.

- Why is it called the "Twilight Series" If the first book itself is call "Twilight"? Give me a break woman, just get out of our lives. You've caused enough damage already- don't make it any worse!

- Every page in Meyer's books contains at least 22 grammatical errors. HOW DARE SHE CALL HERSELF A WRITER?!

- Edward relies on the school faculty to "get out of classes". So, Meyer, are you teaching kids now to rely on your rich parents to bribe the school faculty so that you can skip school and get good grades all the time? I high doubt that Edward even knew his biology at all.

- Bella has no goals or future plans at all. She constantly revolves it around Edward. As soon as she turns 18, instead of thinking about at least college, it's all: Oh no! I'm one year older than Edward darling! What am I going to do? I have to become a vampire now!

- Jacob, who has been so nice and sympathetic towards Bella is cruelly dumped by her and she prefers Edward. That is sad, pathetic, yet amusing in my opinion. Too bad Meyer is completely incapable of implying logic into her work whenever she writes.

- Why is Bella starting to use Edward for her own advantage? As soon as she starts to flirt and date with him, he's driving her around, he's the one who does this and that for her- whatever happened to her simple and humble life in the beginning?

- Edward looks too pale in the movies. He looks like a skeleton freak who hasn't been sleeping for the past 10 years. He and Bella need A PROPER LIFE.

- The conclusion to the "Twilight Saga" was completely stupid and abrupt. It took Meyer 4 books to write such boring, garbage romance, and it could've taken easily 2 books.

- Meyer chases the dreams of a 4 year old of trying to be famous. Well, look at her, and famous, all thanks to the stupid fangirls and boys that dare to read her books and purchase her work. DEATH TO MEYER'S WORK!

- This series are the biggest insult to the human race itself


Sincerly yours,


I just added my comments in there a couple times when I was retyping this from her profile...due to the fact that I don't want to bother with the useless new past function on this thing, so any spelling errors were mine! XD

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