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Welcome Vocaloid procrastinators of the world! :D Feel free to check my gallery instead of doing your precious homework time! :3

Well.. I want to draw my own profile pic but my PC's crack Sai broke down and so did my Tablet.

Background stories: Well, I'm Asian with a whole bunch of mixes in my blood. My dad is both Vietnamese due to his mother and British due to his father. My mom is Chinese from her mom and Vietnamese from her dad. I myself am a Japanese by heart and American for being born in the USA. You may see my style as a bit different, using "san", "chan", "kun", and other Japanese words because I'm planning on taking Japanese in highschool and my years over the internet has helped me learn the language a bit :3 I am a Japanese wannabe (I was born in the wrong country, I tells ya! D:>)

Age: I'm 14, going to highschool.. yeah... *thumbs up* God help me.. D:

Gender: On FanFiction.net I will be genderless or both male and female so I can appeal to both of the genders in equal quality. No, that does not make my appearance seem bisexual, I am in fact as straight as a 170 degree angle. You cannot call me gay either because I may or may not be the same gender as you, reader.. - Unless you know me personally and very very well, you can only see me as a genderless freak XD

Likes: My main ones are Vocaloid and Sonic the Hedgehog, there are maybe some other stories I'm interested in but I'm not planning on writing anything other than mostly Vocaloid and a few Sonic fanfictions

Dislikes: I only put this here for kicks, I don't have any dislikes :D ... I hate you murderers though, you guys are fvcking rude ಠ_ಠ What the heck is going through your minds to just... end someone else's life like that. Seriously dude. WTF.

Are you good in this writing business?: Eeeehhhhh... XD I guess..? I sometimes get jealous when younger writers write better stories than mine though, but it's a habit I'll try to break. :U

Interests: Interests, eh?

Vocaloid Couples:

1) LukaXMiku (Negitoro, yes! I honestly don't care it's a lesbian couple; don't like? Don't read. And don't you dare post a complaint about how disgusting they are- you clicked it, buddy.)

2) Anything else XD I love all of them! (But because of my possessiveness though, I don't like it when someone gets in between Luka or Miku :I Love triangles are okay, as long as they pair up in the end. All in all, I love all couples equally and I don't care for the sexuality. Love is love, I used to be a homophobic towards lesbians but now I love reading Negitoro stories :3)

Sonic Couples:

1) SilverXBlaze (This used to be my middleschool colours.. I'm gonna miss them T_T)

2) Sonic/ShadowXAmy (The classic couple, blue and pink *coughTealandPinktoocough* *shot :D* and also the angsty hedgehog and the cherry rainbow, opposites are cute for them)

3) ShadowXRouge/Maria (the G.U.N coworkers or the Ark couple, I like them both :D)

Again, I have a bit of possessiveness towards my number 1's so I have a bit of a hard time seeing them being separated :I

My favorite genre of story is romance because.. wait, I don't know O_o; I just love love stories.

When will I post?: Whenever I feel like it :3 Don't worry, that's pretty often. Ah, this reminds me, I usually write my stories in advance, that's why they are updated so quickly. I seriously work on one chapter for a few days, adding things and making it more "sophisticated and interesting" and whatnot.


My favorite question asked to me, "Hey Wen, how do you draw so good?" or "How do you draw like that?", I reply "With a pencil." :)

My favorite colour: Blue because Sonic the Hedgehog is the one that got me interested in art in that first place (Thank you Yuji Naka, I will never forget you.) and also because blue is a creative, motivational colour that makes me feel so free!

I'm also an artist, I love to draw little chibi Vocaloid (I'm doin' good on regular proportions... eh? :D) and I can draw Sonic the Hedgehog pretty well. You can maybe catch me on Deviantart if you know my name ;3

Don't. And I mean: DON'T turn off my music when I'm listening to Vocaloid. I will kill you in my head, 5 times and I will most likely get angry at you. I always get pissed off when I listen to "Just Be Friends" and some person calls me. :I Music describes my life and you sir/ma'am, just stopped it for a minute. You know how crucial that is?!

Warnings!: If you know me, I'm kinda stubborn and hard-headed but only because I believe in what I say. Of coarse, I'm not always like this, I sometimes look "outside the box" and look in neither of yours or my side argument. I've never been on in an argument online other than with my special fancy. On the bright side of all this, I will side with you when you're in a jiffy :D. I can be hypocrite at times as well but only for the best XD.

I hope we will be able to be friends :D. I love people... expect you murderers.


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Maid Service! reviews
Mr. Kenmochi, the Father of Vocaloid hires a maid for his top Diva Hatsune Miku because she keeps failing to keep her room clean. Miku objects to this but it is too late; Megurine Luka, a classy lady who recently got fired from making amok of her last job, later finding a "Help Wanted" that will change everything. How will this go? Read a review, thank you. :D
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