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Author has written 7 stories for Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, X-Men: Evolution, Harry Potter, and One Tree Hill.

Hm.. hm. Now, who am I? And what the Hell i'm doing on good questions. I answer.

I'm 16, girl, luv rock, and actually any type of music (I could go suddenly "rain drops and roses and something something with kittens, la lalala la..." and then go: "Sweet dreams are made of you... hoarse whisper etc) I also have a tendency of saying crazy stuff... Hope you don't mind.

Half French/English and very proud to be both at the same time! One of my favourite sayings? Make love, not war! (I know, not that original, but I believe in it!) Went up to London February 2003 for the manifestation (I've learnt sinse that it's called a demonstration, manifestation being french) against the war in Irak. It was enormous! Just HUGE! Never, of all my short life did I see as many peope gathered together. Proof again that Goverments don't specially listen to us, the "people" and do, again, as they wish. (if you ask me, France didn't go into war mostly because we really didn't have the money. What could they send to go along with the US miletaria? The Charles de Gaulle! HA ha! wipes tears of mirth from eyes. Don't know if any of u got that... NO, it's not funny,sorry. ). anyway, MAKE LOVE! NOT WAR! and again, use contraceptives...

So, let's re-cap. French/English, against war and any big business profit aimed conflict, and sightly crazy. Good. Now, time for the second question... I write, or try to write (mostly the second if you ask me). And usually write for the fun of it (and the reviews, mind you, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I read them), "love vanquishes all" themes (a little ignorant at some point. But what can I say, some nice romance just makes me teary eyed. tutt, tutt, typical girl some would say).

However,I have an unhealthy penchant for Angst and character torture (exemple: concrete road)(where does that come from?)

I'm on a Connor/Dawn fic, although I've seen a minimum of the tv show angel. Of course, everything gets more complicated because when I watch the thing it's in french (duh!). New season of X-men evolution finally out in france, I'll get to see the Cajun Spice episode!(update: which I missed)

To live(Buffy/Angel crossover): Dawn never thought that just going about life could be so complicated. But what can she say? life as a Key isn't the average occurance. (Watch out for the monster in the cupboard)

Concrete Road (X-men: evolution): my most advanced and twisted work! A Remy/Rogue fic, of course. Having control was her wish, now that she has it, she must face the sinister consequences of her actions. Rogue's darkest's facets are explored here, Gambit at her side.

Kill Harry: I just had enough of Harry. Inspired by the Kill Bill, Voldermort seeks revenge on the boy that defeated him years ago, he's promised himself to kill Harry!

Did you actually read my bio? woh! I'm impressed! Then it's time for u to check the fanfics bellow!) Hope you Enjoy. Sincerely, Mat Glue.

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Fall From Grace reviews
It had turned out all wrong – messed up –screwed up – f..ked up. Story of my life, story of my job, story of my love. And it hurt to think about it. They called it Lucas Scott's fall from grace.
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“Is it the headache?” Rogue nodded. “Does it ever leave?” She shook her head and admitted later on that her following choices might not have been the right ones. ROMY!AUangst
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