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Greetings, gentle readers,

Update June 14, 2015

Life sometimes deals us a lot of crap at once. The sciatica led to spinal surgery, I lost my eldest cat, Pixel, the same month, and decided to go for "three's a charm" and divorce my utterly horrible husband. Then a bunch more stuff happened. The good news? After the worst year ever, I'm finally in my new home and *very* happy about it. Taking the Silver will continue.

Update August 8, 2014: I know it's been a while since an update. A pernicious case of sciatica is to blame; I've been unable to sit at my computer because of nerve pain. I haven't abandoned writing, but until this eases I won't be able to. This is likely to hurt me a lot more than it hurts you. :-)

Update June 22, 2014: For those of you who've wondered where I've gone, I was busy doing another (explicit) fic on the "other" fanfiction site (search "Nurdles" and/or "bound together" in most any search engine; it's quite hot JB stuff). I also have been dealing with the grief of losing two of my precious older kitties just a month apart. It hit me quite hard, and spun me about. It affected me in ways I couldn't have guessed and I have been sad and out of sorts. They were 14 and 17, my Wuggies and Beebers, rest their little kitty souls.

I will get back to Silver shortly. I did want to comment on reviews on this site and the other as it applies to me and other fanfic writers. I'm sure you all must realize we write these fics for free. It takes time and effort, and our reward is often your words and favorites. When you comment that a fic isn't to your taste, or is too long, or isn't going where you want it to, or going anywhere at all, all you do is assure there will eventually be fewer fics to read. Don't like it? Don't read it. Read it anyway, didn't like it but feel the need to say so? Don't. Like it but it isn't living up to your expectations in some way? Say something nice. Say what you'd love to see. Keep it nice and encouraging. Wishing there were updates and missing reading them? Comment away! Writers can get discouraged, or sometimes real life keeps them from updating; knowing you care and want more is motivational!!

Some writers may disagree, but fanfiction is a gift to the fandom; it's not there for you make snide comments about, especially anonymously! That's just chicken doo-doo. I've been lucky so far and haven't had a lot of that on this site. this fic (Silver) going to be long? Heck yes, it already is! Is it going to be even LONGER you ask? You bet your sweet bippy. Does it follow a normal novel-like course, where there's a resolution coming in a certain number of chapters according to what you want to read? Nope. I have an outline, but I'm still making stuff up as I go, which means if I want to detour for an intense love scene or some back story, that's what I'll do. To those joining me in this journey, welcome aboard!


I completely forgot you could make a profile here. So, here it goes. I'm writing this in March of 2014, so if I forget to update you'll know when this was current.

I'm a pretty new fan fiction writer. Taking the Silver was my first ever, after not writing fiction for around 20 years. I found myself so obsessed with Jaime and Brienne that eventually I just had to write something about them myself. To my delight, I put down the first line and then the next and realized that while I had been thinking one needed a plan to write, it was in fact a matter of putting one word after another. If you're thinking of leaping into it, that is how it can start. You don't have to have a plan at first. Sure, it's good after a while, but getting past your fear is the first step.

In the early chapters of Taking the Silver I knew there was something more serious I wanted to say about Brienne, and that is when I started Cast Upon the Stones. I'll admit it: I am extremely proud of that story. Brienne is a character with so much more to her than what we see on Game of Thrones on HBO. Not that I don't love the show, but GRRMs Brienne is much more complex, a mix of strength, action, morals and strong will combined with a feminine heart, a vulnerability that she struggles to protect. Her idealism is challenged at every turn.

Jaime fascinates me just as much. If you haven't read his (and Brienne's) chapters in A Storm of Swords and a Feast for Crows, do yourself a favor and read them. When I started Taking the Silver I hadn't read those chapters, but the more I read the more I became intensely interested in these incredibly well-built characters. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that seeing them brought to life on the show makes a shameless fangirl of me. Swoon! Not long now until season 4. *ETA Ugh for what they did to Jaime this season!

As for me personally, I'm an illustrator by trade. I find that, at the moment, I like writing even better! I have a tween daughter and a bunch of cats and birds. You'll find some of these represented in TtS: Nurdles is one of my cat's names, it means 'something that doesn't actually have a name' though it has come to be used for man-made ocean detritus and toothpaste swirls. Rufus, the large dragon skull, is Nurdle's brother. MauMau is one of my cats. Sean the horse is based on a horse I had as a teenager. Yes, I did get drunk and sleep next to him once.

A note on comments: I LOVE getting comments. I only recently realized I could include author notes in my chapters. Durr! I post over at that other fanfiction site, which has a much better system for comments and author replies. It also has a far better system for editing, so while typos slide over here because of the clunky interface, they've often been fixed over there. After I post I tend to go in and noodle around and fine tune a little bit. Here, not so much. Also, there are TONS more fics over there. A huge community of Jaime and Brienne shippers that have become friends. The site is Archive something something dot org if you look for it.

Feel free to message me. I love hearing from readers and other writers.

Thanks for reading!

P.S., I'm also a Browncoat and would like to try my hand at Firefly fanfiction one of these days.

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