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What the balls do i put here? Just random things about myself? well like thats gonna happen... Fine ill do it. only if you stop looking at me like that. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT. ITS CREEPY!!umm ok here some stuff about me...

Name: umm i guess you can call me bean... *laughs* cause im not giving you my real name.

Age: wow you are really being a stalker aren't you.

Gender: ummm im a girl. thats all you need to know for that one

((listen im actually looking at my friends profile to see what the balls im suppose to put here sooo yeah... but im not copying))

Favorite music: One Direction, Avril Lavigne, Sum 41, Lights, and a bunch of others stuff

Youtubers I like: Tobuscus, Tobygames, Tobyturner, Pewdiepie, JennaMarbles. yup

Hobbies: Reading, iPoding, writing, drawing, talking, breathing, drinking coffee, going to peoples houses, stalking the people...

Umm other?: umm dont judge me, as you can see im kinda random, i like to drink coffee, (( coffee coffee coffee)) i like chicken, i like to stalk people but dont worry i only stalk my friends... and my enimies :). im kinda shy. not around friends and family though. ummm i like lions, kitty cats, and wearing blonde but im smart. ((smarticle particles.)) i like family guy and pretty little liars. i have friends. i stalk my friends. i have an older brother that i get along with and an older sister that i dont get along with very well.BILLY!! SHUT UP HAROLD!! Sorry, they dont get along. Unicorns and rainbows for life. Smiley faces will rule the world one day. and ummmmmmmmmm well, i dont really know what the balls to say... why hello there kitty cat, how are you today? FINE. JUST LEAVE ME AND NEVER COME BACK. LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO!! im sorry you had to hear that. so i guess thats it. so ummmm yeah. I have a friend on here, her username is TheOneCrazyChick1 so you should check her out. I really like her writing but she doesn't believe me so you should go check her out. Ok, Byez

Love's Lie reviews
Spencer is an 18 year old girl that doesn't believe in love. She has drifted aprat from her friends and family. But one day she meets One Direction and everything changes. Will Spencer finally find the truth in love or will she just break into pieces? DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ONE DIRECTION OR THEIR MUSIC!
Final Fantasy X-overs - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,058 - Reviews: 1 - Updated: 9/4/2012 - Published: 9/1/2012