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So..somehow everything that I had on my profile (which wasn't much, mind you..) ended up being deleted. Not really sure when it happened or why I didn't notice it earlier, but eh. Least now I can do something more interesting. Hehe.. -Smirks evilly-

Nombre: I could tell you my actual name, but I don't really feel like it..however, if you noticed my user name, 'Gera' is the shortened version of my actual name. The rest is left to your imagination.

Age: Eh, the hell with it. I'm 22.

Anime/Managa: This list would probably go one for eternity, since I keep finding new Anime/Manga to watch and read constantly. But by far my favorite has to be Dragon Ball Z. I watched it a lot in the late 90s when it first aired on Toonami, and thus I began my long journey into the realm of Anime/Manga. Just name a few others: Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Inuyasha, Fruit Baskets (if you think any less of me for this, then that's fine, I probably wouldn't be bothered too much anyways), Dragon Ball, and various others whose names I cannot recall as I continue typing this.

Likes: The color red, Mexican and Chinese food, Anime/Manga, cooking, drawing, reading, writing (though my handwriting sucks), cats, reptiles, Godzilla.

Dislikes: Giant spiders (looooooong story), quietness and spoiled brats. Surprisingly short, now that I think about it..

Languages: English and Spanish.

Ethnicity: Mexican. Orale.

Gender: Male.

Okay, so that wasn't as interesting as I envisioned, but eh.

Natsu: I know! You should have flames in the background!

Uh, where did you come from..?

Naruto: Even better! Green leaves flowing in the wind!


Ichigo: I think a little black would do this profile page some good. -Nods sagely-

Hm, well red and black do go well together..

Edward: Hm, its still missing something..

First Nastu, then Naruto, then Ichigo, now Edward? Where did you guys come from anyways?

Inuyasha: That's what I'd like to know.

-All characters stare at the author- ...


Ichigo: Well, we're all here now, so what are you gonna do with all of us?

Edward: Yea, where's Alphonse?

Natsu: Oi, I was in the middle of a fight with Gray!

Naruto: Yea, I was having a nice time with Hinata-chan.

Inuyasha: Where the hell is Kagome?!

-Rubs temples- I have no idea, you all just popped in here all of a sudden.

Naruto: So you're saying..

Inuyasha: ..We're stuck here..

Ichigo: ..Five anime/manga characters..

Natsu: ..In a room..

Edward: ..With nothing to do?

-All characters stare at each other before sporting grins-

Everyone: LET'S FIGHT!

-Sighs- This will be a while..-Winces as one of the characters is thrown through a wall- Ouch. Anyways, I think I'll leave some quick info on the stories I'm working on so far. But first..

Some of us like Lucy with Gray or Loke. Some of us like Natsu with Lisanna or Erza. Some of us prefer them in homosexual relationships. Please. Cut back on the NaLu love! There is indeed such a thing as too much of a good thing! Repost and add your name if you agree. (Nightlingbolt, KnightScales, I.-.-.I Kuroyagi I.-.-.I, FaiRy-TaiL-MaGe202, Xx Mystique xX, gerarg90)

Alrighty then.

Love and Chaos: So this is essentially my first fan fic I had came up with, Natsu and Erza pairing. I was inspired by a number of authors who did NaZa fics, as I found the idea of Natsu and Erza being a couple completely plausible in the manga itself prior to joining FanFiction. Set in the aftermath of the Grand Migical Games, Natsu and the gang find themselves thrust into another adventure as Erza tries to figure out how to spill her feelings to the neighborhood dragon slayer. Slightly Occ and a few OCs thrown in as well. Being that this is my first story, I can honestly say I have no idea what I'm doing. Kidding aside, I was once told I was a decent writer, so I decided to try my hand at a story and see what others would think of it. So far I've gotten good feedback, which will hopefully one day put me on par with some of the more experienced authors on this site. Granted, I'm not trying to mimic anyone's writing, just trying to find my own style that people will enjoy.

A Fallen Star: This was an idea that found its way into my head and held my brain hostage if I didn't comply. Essentially a person from our world ends up with Fairy Tail's most notorious members living in his home. I find it pretty funny, and so far it seems to have a nice pace going for it. Unfortunately, I put the story on temporary hold as some real life issues reared their ugly heads. But fret not, I will continue this story once things have settled down and I can focus on two stories again.

Future Ideas: I started reading Rosario Plus Vampire, and I have to admit that its pretty good. So I've got an idea to do a Fairy Tail/Rosario crossover, but I probably won't act on it until I finish one of my other two stories. Keep an eye out for it in the future.

So there you have it. My profile doesn't feel so empty anymore! -Beams with pride- I wonder how the others are doing..huh, there's a big hole in the wall. -Looks through the hole to see a desolate city devoid of all life- Oh god, what have I done!

-Others are still fighting-

Well, nothing can be done about it now..although the is fight is pretty sweet. -Eats popcorn-

New Voice: Did someone say a fight?

-Turns around, blinks, then drops popcorn- G-G-Goku!

Goku: -Yells at the other characters that are currently fighting- Hey guys, mind if I join?


Goku: ...

Eh, what the hell, have at it Goku.

Goku: Alright!

Well, thanks for dropping by my profile. Have a nice day!

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