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United FanFiction Authors

A project founded by SkyGem (Sora-chan) and co-founded by Darkened Fire Dragon (Ryuu-chan). We've gathered exceptional writers from the far corners of FanFiction to put together the biggest collaborated piece yet! We can't tell you what it is yet, but you'll be sure to find out soon enough! Pop by the UA profile page to check out who some of the authors are so far!



Well hello there! I’m SkyGem and I’m one of the two that are in charge of this project! Some people call me Sora-chan. You are welcome to as well. I’ve written more than one hundred fanfics (and counting) and am what one would call ‘popular.’ Don’t worry, I won’t bite, so just send me a PM if y’all have something you need to ask, or if you just want to talk! If you treat me with respect, I promist I’ll do the same!

Darkened Fire Dragon:
Hey everyone, I'm Ryuu-chan, co-founder of this awesome little project. Sora-chan (our lovely founder) brought the idea to me to start a blog or to create a fic where multiple authors teamed up together to create one super awesome story. What can I say, I couldn't resist! Well, I'm sure you can all imagine and appreciate my views in writing; I'm absolutely passionate about it! I'm hoping to one day be a published author (and hopefully read some Fanfiction of my own books... To say that would be awesome is an understatement. xD) Well anyways, as passionate as I am about writing, I don't have nearly as many stories as dear Sora-chan, and I CERTAINLY don't update as often, but I still pride myself in my writing. And other than what I just spouted, I have no idea what else I want to say. xP

long live marshmallows:
Hi, I'm Long Live Marshmallows (LLM or Marshmallows for short). I'm pretty much a big KHR! fan and I love to write fan fiction for it. I haven't been at it for long, but I enjoy reading and writing them very much. I'm very pleased to say that I'm one of the authors who will be writing in this project! It sounds fun and hope everyone will enjoy reading the fanfic as much as we will enjoy writing parts of it as well! See you all soon!


Hey guys! Haha, yeah, believe it or not I'm apparently part of this HUGE and awesome project! I am Chu-chan for those who have no clue on who I am, but for those who do... a big CHU for you! I'm really interested on what shall be happening from now on, and apparently... I'm not the kind who updates... a lot. As you noticed how slow I have been recently... hehe... but I'll do my best to be updated as much as I can for this! And whatever will be the outcome of this... I hope it all ends up with a huge IMPACT and leave a huge crater behind... if you know what I mean... Well anyway, jah! \(= w = )/

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