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Hi there random-person-who-I-don't-know = w = / I'm Starry Ruii, nice to meet cha' First of all, I'm A GIRL. =w=

I love writing fanfics but I never post them because... Well... Some of them are weird and embarrassing > >'' (Don't ask lol) I only post a few of them on some websites o 3 o... (DON'T ask what website 'cause I'm NEVER telling ya = 3 =)

I guess I mostly write fanfics of Elsword. ( Elsword x Aisha, Rena x Raven nya X3 ) I also write fanfics of HomeStuck and Kagerou Project. (Without posting them haha...)

Current Status (I keep this updated): My stories are gonna be put on hold temporarily, sorry. I've been really busy recently with a lot of things ._.)...

Name : Rukomi Chikamatsu, as if I'm telling you my real name, moron. XD *No offence o.o* You can call me Ruii. =w=

Age : (For 2013, before my birthday, I'm...) The last two numbers of last year...

Birthday : 4th of December... Heh, same birthday as SF-A2 Miki, Kaai Yuki and Kiyoteru Hiyama of Vocaloid. :3

Is Currently : Wearing a hoodie like Kido Tsubomi from Kagerou Project and loving my OC, Ace, And trying to improve my drawing skills...

Nicknames : Tsurumi (Meaning 'Hang-out', nickname given by my friend), Ruii, Rukomi, Rina, Kido, Akane, Kuro, Luke, Ace, Zess. (Yes, I also have male nicknames thanks to my personality = w ='')

Likes : Animes, Mangas, anything that is related to anime :L And drawing and singing ( Yes, I'm an anime addict / Mangaka / Otaku XD ) and of course, GAMINGGG! And also HomeStuck.

Dislikes : SCHOOL, OBVIOUSLY! ==;; People who judge others without knowing them ( Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover! ) and people who make me angry.. XD ( You wouldn't like it if you see me angry... My friends say I'm scarier than a demon when I'm mad lol... Probably like Mirajane from Fairy Tail when she was called 'Devil' last time? XD )

Personality : Weird, annoying (Sometimes), awkward, I don't talk much (ANTI-SOCIAAAALLLLL XD) and I pretty much act (Or should I say, "AM") like a tomboy...

Favorite Games : Elsword, Kingdom Hearts, MapleStory, Ib, Left4Dead 1 & 2 and Dead Space 2, The Walking Dead (All of them XD), Alice in Wonderland : Madness Returns, Far Cry 3 (My second most favorite game haha XD) (Just 'cause I'm a girl, doesn't mean I don't play killing games...), Grand Chase

Games that I would like to have / play (Just a random extra XD) : Lollipop Chainsaw, Amnesia, Ju-On, Any other game that involves killing... =w=

Favorite Movies : The Hunger Games and Hotel Transylvania, I guess...

Favorite Books : The Hunger Games ( All of them XD ), Horror Storybooks like Mr. Midnight ( And all that =P ) and Mystery storybooks.

Favorite Manga : Houou Gakuen Misoragumi, Ao No Exorcist / Blue Exorcist, Loveless ( Yaoi lol ), Kagerou Days and a hell lot more =w=

Favorite Color? : Hmmm... Well, my most favorite color is black, and any color that is dark... o.o

Favorite Animes : Zero No Tsukaima / Zero's Familiar, Ao No Exorcist / Blue Exorcist, Shugo Chara!, ToraDora, Acchi Kocchi / Place to Place, Sword Art Online, Little Busters!, K Project, Hayate no Gotoku - Can't Take My Eyes Off You, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Sakarusou no Pet na Kanojo, Chuunibyo demo Koi Ga Shitai!, Fairy Tail and a hell lot more! XD

Favorite Quote : "If you look closely at my profile, you'll realize that you're stalking on me. (Made by my friend in reality)", "Don't judge a book by it's cover." "If you fall down, get back up and move forward." and "Stare at me again, I swear I'll pull your eyes out of their sockets." (I made that. =w='')

Fandoms : HomeStuck, Elsword, Kagerou Project, Shuuen no Shiori, Mikagure School Suite and the ANIME FANDOM

Languages? : Uhm... I can speak a bit of Japanese, but I'm still learning how to read / write them. English, Bruneian Malay and Chinese... Yeah, that's about it. XD

Favorite Song(s)? : Mmm... Kagerou Days, NicoNico Douga 50 people version, A Tale of Six Trillion Years and A Night by iA, Ghost by Fefe Dobson, Zoetrope by Nagi Yanagi (Amnesia opening song), Black White by Iori Nomizu (Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Soudesuyo? opening song) , Recall by Ray (Amnesia ending song), Be As One by W-inds (One of the Fairy Tail ending songs), La La by The Cab, Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects, KINGS by Angela (K Project opening songs), Euterpe by EGOIST / supercell (From Guilty Crown episode 1, supercell is the voice seiyuu of Miku Hatsune of Vocaloid.) and heck lot more... XD

Some stuff about me (Sorta... Get ready for a super long list! XD) :

I hate school.

I love killing / gory games.

I love killing people... In my head. XD

I love being insane.

I love writing fanfics.

I love acting like an idiot and talking to myself when I'm alone... XD

I hate people who insult my friends.

I hate people who promises me that they wouldn't do a certain thing again, but they do it again.

I'm one of those people who hurt others without realizing it. (If there's even anyone like that out there...)

I've hurt my own friends before, and I really regret it.

I like animes, mangas, J-POP, Heavy Metal and all kinds of music genres, except for the ones that are peaceful and slow...

I love Skrillex and Metallica a lot...

I'm totally a weird person who talks a bit too fast (It's kinda becoming my habit...), talks softly and act all crazy when no one's watching.

I find the words "Regret" and "Karma" very interesting...

I don't trust anyone other than xXBlackRockShooterXx AKA Yuki, and some of my other friends on this site and in reality.

The reason why I don't trust anyone is because I keep getting betrayed... When I finally learn to trust someone, the same thing happens all over again :

Promises are broken,

I get betrayed and blamed for everything that happens,

I get called a liar,

I get hit (Yes, sometimes this happens to me...),

I get lied to,

I got no one left to trust...

I had to live with all that for nearly 3 or 4 years, and that was when Yuki came along... She was my one and only best friend who I can fully, completely trust, because I know that she'll never betray me... We're still best friends till now, and it's been... 3 years, I guess? She's the only one who's been my friend for the longest... Others just last for less than two years...

Yuki is my only friend who loves Elsword, Manga, Anime, Drawing and Singing as much as I do.

We both love the same Japanese emoticons... XD

I go crazy whenever I see my favorite anime character in a super cute picture and the like.. *Cough*

I'm one of those people who love / trust / like fictional characters more than reality.

I'm one of those people who are like, "If I ever get one wish, it would be... I WISH I WAS IN THE ANIME WORLD!"

I'm one of those people who really can't survive without the internet. *Cough* XD

I'm a tomboy...

I hate shopping and make-up and whatsoever... I hate anything that's girly. (Other than skirts... *Ahem*)

I loooooove hoodies and jeans more than any kind of clothing.

I had Chuunibyo (Eighth-grader syndrome, if you don't know) before I even reached eighth grade. XD (And I still have it XDDDD)

I love nearly every male character in nearly every anime XD

I love Fairy Tail, and if that guild existed, I would join it without any second thoughts... And have the power of darkness AHAHAHAHA XDDD

I'm one of those people who wish for the Nerve Gear (From SAO) to exist.

Hates my perverted cousin, who we sometimes call 'Kaito' the Vocaloid XD

Hates people saying that, “I’m too kind…and too innocent” to me because of my younger self attitude. (Age; 5 – 8) *Sighs* (It’s really annoying, you know!)

Hates it when people call me cute. (I'm. Not. CUTE!!! I'm tomboyish! So, I'm not cute! Although I do like cute stuff...)

LOVES anything that is neon, black-colored, skulls, blood, flesh--... Lemme just stop right there.

Totally hates being forced to do something that I don't wanna do...

I. Hate. My. Parents. More. Than. Anything in the *beep*-ing world.

I hate dresses. 'DRESSES' are disgusting to me. Anything that is girly, other than skirts, is disgusting to me, except for cute stuff.

I have a girly side of myself, but I rarely show it. I only show it when I see my favorite band or something...

If I have a special room for anime stuffs only, I would fill them with Chibis / Nendoroids, Figmas, Anime Figurines, Manga, Anime Posters, Anime Discs and Anime Drawings... Done by me. XD

Me and Yuki are the only girls in the class who loves Heavy Metal... *Ahem*


This list is To be Continued? (Usakeru na!) Someday... (You'll know what I mean by 'To be Continued? (Usakeru na!)' if you watch every latest anime, and actually hear their opening and ending songs. I got this one from an anime ending, and that anime is called 'Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Soudesuyo?' XD)

Elsword Stuff

Favorite Female Elsword Character : Eve because that cute long hair of hers as an Electra or Exotic, Aisha because she just look too cute to resist XD (Especially EM) Buuut, I mostly like EM, as you can tell from my love of Elsword (LK) x Aisha (EM)...

Favorite Male Elsword Character : Elsword because he's really brave and strong (And cute XD), Raven because he... looks kewl :D

Least Favorite Female Elsword Character : No offence, but I HATE Rena the most... It's KINDA because she always show-off her *Ahem* big chest to Aisha in ElType, and also because she ruins my PvPing life in Elsword... And THAT's the reason why I hate PvP.

Least Favorite Male Elsword Character : Chung. One word : TOO GIRLY-LOOKING as Iron Paladin, and I also hate Chungs for Shooting Star, Bullet Blitz, Artillery Strike (DC / SG), Pandemonium, Pain of Caladbolg, Iron Howling [TOO. MUCH. SCREAMING..., Land Demolisher, (FG / IP), Mark of Commander (HG Active) , Dread Chase, Carpet Bombing. (HG)

My Elsword NA character's names are ( I have a lot lol XD So I'm just gonna tell you all of them XD ) :

Void Princess -Aisha- ( Lvl 44 ) : KurumuRuri (Guild : BlackLotusClan)

Elemental Master -Aisha- ( Lvl 44 ) : xSoraRoxasx ( She's lvling up so quickly all of a sudden XD ) (DarkFallenAngels)

Wind Sneaker -Rena- ( Lvl 57 ) : xReNaWindx ( Stuck at Lvl 57 ; A ; And I stopped using her, and went to my EM ) (Guildless)

Code Nemesis -Eve- ( Lvl 41 / 42 ) : xXExoEveXx ( I stopped using her... She kinda got... Erm... Boring... ) (DarkFallenAngels)

Lord Knight -Elsword- ( Lvl 40 ) : xXMikageXx (DarkFallenAngels)

Code Empress -Eve- ( Lvl 37 ) : CodeHappines ( I love my Empress more than my Nemesis ) (DarkFallenAngels)

Shooting Guardian -Chung- ( Lvl 27 ) : xXChiiChanXx ( I don't play my Chung a lot :T ) (DarkFallenAngels)

Sniping Ranger -Rena-( Lvl 26 ) : xStarryRuiix (DarkFallenAngels)

Rune Slayer -Elsword- ( Lvl 47 ) : xXKurohXx (Yesh, Kuroh from K Project XD) (Guildless)

Over Taker -Raven- ( Lvl 19 ) : LonelyStar02 (I don't use him anymore . 3 .) (Guildless)

Trapping Ranger -Rena- ( Lvl 21 I think? ) : xXTakkanashi (Guildless)

Before I continue... I made the DarkFallenAngels guild for my own characters, so I can remember their names and lvls...*

And just so you know, I'm currently most active on my EM and TR.

Elsword KR ( Yes, I made an account with my friend's help. Don't ask how. )

Solace Server :

Infinity Sword -Elsword- ( Lvl 45 ) : MirageSword (Guildless)

Shelling Guardian -Chung- ( Lvl 21 ) : Ignel ( Got the idea from Igneel of Fairy Tail XD ) (Guildless)

Dimension Witch -Aisha- ( Lvl 39 ) : xXMiraXx (Guildless)

Gaia Server :

Trapping Ranger -Rena- ( Lvl 23 ) : MirageIruna ( I don't play my Rena lol XD ) (Guildless)

Code: Battle Seraph -Eve- ( Lvl 40 / 41 ) : CodeYeonRa ( Don't really play her that much anymore... *Shrug* ) (Guildless)

Little Hsien -Ara- ( Lvl 34 ) : xXRinnieXx (Guildless)

All of my chars in KR are not in any guilds because.. I can't speak Korean, and I can barely read it...

How frequently I play KR version : I play it more than NA...

How frequently I play NA version : I barely play it...

How did I find out about Elsword : It all started with my cousin showing off his Wind Sneaker XDD

Why am I so addicted to Elsword Umm... 'Cause it's a really fun game, and I meet random people there who are really awesome, which ends up becoming one of my besties! :3 And also because most of the people there are kind... Except for PvPing people... Some of them are kinda rude, calling people 'Noobs' and all that...

K-Ching? : Sure wish I had some. :u Meaning, I DON'T have any, or buy any. I don't do surveys 'cause they need personal info... More like because I'm lazy xD

Which version am I most active on? : None. I stopped playing ElsNA since it got boring (What with everything needing K-Ching and the dungeons becoming harder). I occasionally play KR but I can't do that right now as the servers are too laggy.

Do I ever make parties in KR version? (For the curious people who wonder how I got my 2nd Job Changes ) : Well... For my Battle Seraph, I got help from my friend who helped me to make this account. For my Infinity Sword... I soloed throughout the whole Altera without any help, including the Altera Core. I only made a party for my Sheath Knight once so that I can finish my Infinity Sword's Job Change faster.

What do I do when people talk to me in KR? : I will either panic, or just stay silent. XDDD (I understand just a teeeeeeeeeeeeeny bit of Korean XD)

What do I do in Elsword (Both versions) when I'm out of stamina? : Go PvPing, or just log off xD (Most likely PvP though... In KR, that is. In NA, I'll just log off...)

Am I a PvP-er? : Errr... Not really... The best rank I ever got in NA is D rank on my Void Princess... Then I dropped back to E rank after that xD

Do I always play alone in both versions (NA & KR)? : I guess I solo dungeons most of the time in KR, but in NA... PARTY EXP FTW!!!! XDDD

Why am I telling you about my Elsword life? : Because my friends (In reality) are curious of why I'm so addicted to Elsword...

Which character I'm currently most active on (NA) My Elemental Master, xSoraRoxasx and my Rune Slayer, xXKurohXx.

Which character I'm currently most active on (KR) : Either my Little Hsien (Ara), xXRinnieXx in the Gaia Server, or my Infinity Sword (Elsword), MirageSword in the Solace Server.

Current Status in Elsword (NA) : I kinda quitted ElsNA already, honestly. I haven't been playing it at all for quite a while, probably since September.

Current Status in Elsword (KR) : I still play ElsKR OCCASIONALLY, but yeah. I rarely play Elsword at all nowadays since it got really boring at some point.

End of my Elsword Stuff, goodbye xD

And that's probably all about me lol XD I'm not an interesting person. I'm more like a really boring person with a normal boring life XD (At least, that's what MY "FRIENDS" think about me..) And besides, the rest of my information are private dayo = 3 = (Why did I put the " " at the word "FRIENDS", is because I don't trust them, think of them as a friend or even like them as a friend. In other words, they're just pretending to be my friend but I never trust them.)

P.S : Warning, before you read the end of my profile, I'm a really weird person, and please don't kill me when I don't update my stories because... Well, Elsword and MapleStory's and watching Fairy Tail got me all occupied most of the time //Slapped//

I'm sure you saw this part on some else's profile, didn't you? Well.. You did. On xXBlackRockShooterXx's profile. I don't care if she uses it, since she's pretty much my one and only best friend I can trust. (I sound like a loner, don't I? Lol.) Anyways, here's the link to her profile XD :

READ. HER. STORIES >:U Because they're AWESOME, and because I TOLD YOU TO. *Big shoutout to my bestie : I MISS YA!!!*

A Little More 'Something' About Myself Before you Stop Reading...

First, I'm weird.

Second, I don't talk a lot.

Third, I don't always update my stories.

Fourth, you might think I'm silent, but once you get to know me, be ready for the INSANITY that's gonna consume you. :3

Fifth, I'm a very random person. XD

Sixth, you thought it was gonna end didn't ya? Well, guess what? IT ISN'T! See? It wasn't even a joke... Heck, I'm weird... I'm talking to myself again...

Seventh, Never EVER ask me about my real name... Or weight. XD If you ask me about my age, I'm gonna give you a Mathematical question for you to solve, and the answer will be my age, because I'm more crazier and insane than that.

Eighth, You will be consumed by insanity if you read my stories... Take that as a warning, okay? *Evil aura*

Ninth, You're close to the end...

Tenth, Boom, and you're done. Got everything I said? Good, because you're gonna live with all those if you're gonna start reading my stories... *Cough* And again, I'm weird. End. Of. Discussion.

PS: I will not be updating my stories for awhile... I'm gonna be really busy thanks to school... Gomen ne! Sorry!

See you around, and peace out. =u=v *Inserts random unnecessary explosion* BOOOOOOOM!!!!!

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