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Current works in progress

Lapse in Time! --> (Abandoned!)

The New Professor --> Abandoned!

Naruto Bindas! --> Perhaps one of the most fun pieces I have wrote so far, a lot of people are enjoying it seeing as how the response was absolutely phenomenal. Especially the fact that not a single flaming or negative review was received.

Chapter 3 - 0 words at the moment as I seem to have lost my muse, but it will come back eventually.

Zanathos - a Harry Potter fanfic, certainly recommend everyone to check it out, definitely worth a read as it is a very fun story!

So since I noticed a lot of people dropping by on my profile in my traffic chart, I thought it was about time I posted something on here haha.

I hail from the great white north, otherwise known as Canada lol :p. I am currently in my senior year of my undergrad degree. My major of studies is Sciences and someday (hopefully soon lol) I hope to become a doctor lol.

I am an avid Harry Potter fan. I absolutely love the world of fanfiction that I have found on this site, it is easy to get lost in reading stories over here by some authors. As you can probably tell from my only fanfic written so far, I am a Draco and Hermione pairing fan. But then again it is not anything uncommon as about every other person who follows fanfics seems to love this pairing loll, and well I am one of them.

You all might have noticed that my story is slightly slow and it takes a while to get going. I pin that drawback on my fault of not letting the details go by. I am a stickler to details lol (maybe I am hounded by OCD and am just unaware loll). So much so that when me and my friends went to watch the movie transformers 2, rather than enjoying the cool action going on there, the only thing I came out of the movie was that, why couldn't they just fire that crazy laser missile from tht US warship twice and take out the deseptcon (sorry cant spell it lol) leader who was digging into the pyramid to activate the machine.

Well I hope that tells you something about me :D. Another book that I am a crazy fan of, perhaps even more so than Harry Potter is The Wheel of Time series. Perhaps I might do a crossover between the two, but it is really difficult to do so as just the idea of writing about the late legend Robert Jordan's characters is rather intimidating to me lol. Well anyhow, thanks for dropping by and well send me a message or something if you like my writing style and you wish for me to take up a challenge of sorts for a new story. I have a very avid imagination so I am pretty sure I will be able to rise up to your challenge lol :).

Anyways, Thanks for stopping by guys!

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