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Hello! And..what should I put in here? Likes,dislikes? Things that annoy me? Eh..I'll just go with whatever my mind comes up with.

About me!

Name: I have a name of course, but I'd rather not tell it at the time...just go about and call me..well call me anything until I can come up with something =S

Age: Currently 15, a freshman on the verge of being a sophmore

Location: United States...on the west coast..Californiaa!

Likes: I like a lot of things...except for things that are on my dislikes list!

Dislikes: School. AND homework. I also dislike assigned reading.. Unnecessary't think of anything else I dislike..

Overall: Alright, this I can write! ;D First of all, I'm shy. Though it might not seem like it presentations and whatnot, they get me nervous and just blah.. I'm not THAT shy. I mean if you first meet me, I don't have much to say. Ever. My brother thought I was mute cause all I ever do is nod my head. Erm..I keep to myself. Very independent. Not really into my image, would prefer if people would judge me by my personality rather than my appearance. I know, 'snot gonna happen. I like to joke around. Also moody.

Obsessions: Harry Potter =D, BoA, anime, Naruto, Korean dramas, J-pop, K-pop, DDR, music, dancing, drawing (even though I can't dance or draw, I still can be obsessed ;)

Goals: Hopefully, by the end of this summer I'll learn to draw something decent. I would like to learn how to dance. Oh and karate, martial arts and all that. I would really love to kick some butts.

Glossay of Unfamiliar Terms:

A mini dictionary of words here that you might be confused about. =D

'snot: it's not. I say 'snot though... ;)

Harry Potter: Erm...boy with a thunderbolt on his forehead mean anything to you? Probably the first thing I obsessed over and actually wanted to read the whole series of.

BoA: A female Korean singer that sings in Korean, Japanese, Chinese and on the occasion English. My idol. Kinda..

Anime: Japanese cartoons? -shrugs- Something to pass the time with..

Naruto: An anime (see above). Really interesting, friend got me obsessed with that as well. It's about ninjas, but it actually has more meaning than that.

J-pop: Japanese pop. Japanese music I suppose..

K-pop: Korean pop. Korean music..

Korean Dramas: Probably cliche romantics, or really twisted ones that make you go "What! WHY!" but they have a pretty good plot line and I cried during most of the ones I watched.

DDR: Dance Dance Revolution, basically an arcade game or a game you can play at home if you buy the mat and everything. Has 4, 6, or 8 arrows depending on the mat and the type of song you play on. Step on the arrows on your map as they go up on the screen. Simple right? That is until you get to the heavy modes with the crazy steps.. I myself am a Light to Standard.

Well, if you've read down to this far, I should give you an explanation as to why I actually created this account not that I need to, I just want to =D because I obviously, don't have any stories. Okay. First, I was interested when I read my first fan-fic or something of the sort on's message boards. Yep. Then I proceeded to read more here, after I found this site on the boards, totally ditching the boards. It gave me something to do during my summer, something to look foward to. Then I TRIED to write my own, but unfortunately got shot down, and too lazy to try anymore. cries But, I come back to this site, changed. Yes, I've changed, matured, and all that. I am cautiously coming back, but haven't wrote anything..I'm far too lazy. I would like to try it, and hopefully I will.
Fanfictions that interest me: I'm a big DM/HG shipper. Although it might not seem like it. Rarely, I'll read Naruto fics. AND I'm a hopeless romantic. I cry for sappy stories and movies..and touching things. _
This concludes my profile (for now) -grins-. I hope I'm smart enough to hit the save button, instead of something else that would make me scream like last time. =) Thank you.
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