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Yo! Well, first things first. I am a high school student who is hoping to get through life without too much pain, which seems very impossible with all the drama my friends put me through. I still love you guys though! I don't really have anything to say, but if you wanna know something about me, you can just message me and I'll answer it...But I have been taught stranger danger, so don't be shocked if I refrain from handing out my number and stuff. Ooh!!!! Before I forget! I...Am..A...GIRL!!!! LALALALALALA!! I'm a pretty hyper and happy girl, but I still get depressed. When I do, it usually shows in my writing and drawing...and song choices. I guess I'll just start by listing all my least favorite characters or something like that.

1. I HATE Bella Swan

Okay, seriously? I really do dislike her AND Stephanie Meyer. Bella is such a Mary Sue and everyone knows it. I will never ever write a story where Bella ends up happy because I just really dislike her. She has no originality and she seems like the worst person to befriend. Honestly, she ditches all her friends when she starts dating the sparkly vampires. CHICKS BEFORE DICKS, Y'all! Also, she wants to become a vampire soooo badly, she doesn't even think about her family and how they would miss her. She's really self centered and I can't stand it when she has a happy ending. Sorry if I seem really evil or something. I also REALLY hate Stephanie Meyer because her book does NOT make sense at all. First of all, she says vampires are unchangeable, so how do they have sex? If Stephanie followed her darn rules, the male vamps wouldn't be able to have a boner. Seriously, THINK WOMAN! Also, in Breaking dawn, one of the vampires (Her name starts with a S I think...) has the power to make things go her way. If so, why couldn't she just wish for them to, I don't know, be human again? If her gift truly works, she should be able to take over the world, yada yada ya. Also, vampires do NOT sparkle. Unless they are part fairy.

That's really the ONLY character I hate. Seriously! I'm not a really picky reader, so I normally love all books, but Twilight is something I absolutely, positively ABHOR! I know it's not really the characters fault that they are so retarded, but I really hate Bella Swan because I'm not a big fan of Kristen Stewart. Sorry, but I don't like her. End of story.

I also have a few pet peeves, so here's a few of them.


Honestly! I love all my readers (REALLY LOVE Y'ALL), but some of y'all need to read the darn summary. For instance, in the summary place, I would put pre D/H, which means pre Draco and Harry relationship. Also, I would put: THIS IS A ONESHOT, meaning I will NOT be continuing the story, unless, you know, I have like, 100 requests for it. So, if you actually read the summary, why do I keep getting reviews that say things like: You should tots make Harry go out with Luna, cuz that's sooooo awesome!!! and stuff like that. Seriously! I love you sooooo much, but please, please read the summary!

2. Needy People

Um, not needy as in: please give me money cuz I'm broke kind of people (even though they ARE annoying). I really really hate those people who you kind of talk to and they think you're their best friend now. For instance, I have this girl that sits next to me and we talk sometimes. So, as you all know, CHRISTMAS IS NEEEEEXT MOOONTH (BTW, I'm writing this on 11/26/12), so I decided to ask some of my friend what they want. My really close friends, mind you. So she looks at me and goes: ":Why aren't you giving me a gift? You gave everyone one last year except me." My friends and I are just standing there giving her WTF looks. Okay, 1. I don't give EVERYONE a gift. 2. I only give gifts to CLOSE friends, not classmates I barely know. Not trying to be mean, but she annoys the crap out of me! I'm not the only one that dislikes her either. Sorry, hunny, but GET a life... and some friends.

3. People waaaaay too helpful

Don't get me wrong. I love it and appreciate it when my friends help me out, but there's always that one person that helps too much. I have this friend who's really sweet..too sweet. I mean, I come to school looking really tired and everyone's like: Oh, poor kid. Here, sleep while I distract the teacher. However, he's the one going: Oh! I will find you a pillow and blanket and maybe a mini refrigerator while I'm at it! He's the sweetest guy you could ever find, but honestly. Please..tone it down a little...LOVE YA, BRO!


Thanks you soooo much for reading my stories and supporting me! Okay, here's the plan for my stories:

1. One more chapter for my mermaid story about Severus and James. After that, I will MOST LIKELY post a sequel.

2. I will keep writing for Clashing of Fate (but please please please please tell me if you have any ideas!!!)

3. I will MOST LIKELY write a sequel of some sorts for Place He Belongs (But I don't know when because you know..) Well, it'll pobably be drabbles or oneshots about Harry's life growing up in Camp Half Blood or something like that.

4. All the other stories are DONE.


Alright everyone! Sometimes I read a story and I end up liking it...and then a few weeks later, I'll try to find it again...And I would discover that I don't remember the title. So, in exchange, IF ANYONE KNOWS THE STORY I'M TALKING ABOUT, message me and I WILL WRITE A ONE SHOT FOR YOU...Provided that I know the film, book, anime, ect.

Okay, there was this Sasu/Naru fanfic I read a few months ago. Naruto and Sasuke go to the same school and their school has this fighting team. Naruto fights one day, they see, and they try to recruit him. At the same time, he's also failing his classes so Sasuke offers to help. Now, Naruto's in the fighting team (for reasons I can't remember) and Sasuke's tutoring him. The two began getting closer and Sai and Kiba tries to stop them because Sai's in love with Sasuke and Kiba has the hots for Naruto. Skip a few chapters and their fighting in a tournament. Naruto meets an old friend of his that calls him brother and such, but their on different teams.

Okay, I can't remember the exact timeline, so it might be mixed up. There's a scene where Kisame, a fighter on a dif. team, fights Naruto and poisons him? And another one where Naruto breaks Sasuke's leg and goes to his house to apologize...

So, if you know where that story is (Or if you're the writer) please message me. It doesn't matter what site it's on AND the reward is a one shot!!!! Or drabble. Or a shoutout. Or whatever you want that I can do. So, thaaaaank you!

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