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My name is Kemi.

I'm eighteen, and I'm a female gamer. Like... hardcore. I play DDR, In the Groove, and Pump it Up religiously. I also play Halo. I also play Soul Calibur, Mortal Combat, and Guilty Gear. I've also beaten every Final Fantasy up until 10, because 10 failed and I hate it. D:

My favorite video games in the history of gaming are Zelda and Chrono Trigger. In case you're wondering, my favorite Zelda is Twilight Princess, with A Link to the Past closely following.

I like yaoi. I used to hate it, but because of a certain friend who kept shoving yaoi in my face, I love it now. My favorite pairing is a secret, because I don't want to spoil it for any GRIND fans, but a non-kingdom hearts favorite of mine is Phoenix/Edgeworth. I loves them!

I love making parody fics of Yu-Gi-Oh. I don't even like that show, but the characters are just oh-so-fun to make fun of. I am NOT a LittleKuriboh copycat. I've been poking fun at Yugi & pals loooong before the Abridged series was born (probably before YouTube was born too, now that I think of it). Although, I am a fan. :D

I also have a Yami. Her name is Asuka. She's... kinda... uh... sadistic. Yeah.

I love to play the piano. My YouTube account link is under 'my homepage'. I don't have much on there yet, just a few piano vids and a couple AMVs. Watch me play! XD

I love to drawwww... I will eventually make a Doujinshi out of the GRIND. A DeviantArt link will be provided when I put art up there that doesn't suck. -3-

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The Unfamiliar by the.israel.project107 reviews
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[marluxia.roxas, implied axel.roxas] Marluxia’s first attempt at keeping Axel away from Roxas consists of him slipping something into Roxas' drink. Axel couldn't have walked in at a more perfect time.
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Things get out of hand on the set of Yu-Gi-Oh, as the cast deal with their trials and tribulations. Humor, romance, and adventure await! Complete. Currently being reformatted.
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Pretty much what happens when me and one of my friends get sucked into the world of YuGiOh! Warning: Swearing and minor violence.
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The Music Room reviews
She had such dainty hands. Clearly not suited for instruments. Which was why he was so amused when she found his piano room.
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Like the Ocean Reflecting the Sky reviews
There was just something about the glimmer in his big, blue eyes that made Axel's heart stop. AkuRoku
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Remembrance reviews
Axel remembered everything about Roxas. /One shot/Drabble/
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The GRIND reviews
[LAWL, suggestive title] Welcome to the slums of Twilight Town, where anything can happen. Sex, drugs, violence... it's a cruel world out there. But one day, Roxas finds shelter in a small coffeehouse, where, perhaps by fate, he meets two strange men...
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