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Author has written 4 stories for Dragon Ball Z, X-Men: Evolution, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

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This author has written 4 stories for Dragonball Z, X-Men: Evolution, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Bardock's Journey: The Blue Lizard Saga

This is Part 1 of my DBZ fanfiction. The focus is on Bardock, but all the Son guys will have their time in the limelight at one point or another. For now, though, the story follows Bardock after he survives the destruction of Planet Vegeta. He finds himself on a planet inhabited by a blue colored, lizard-like race called the Kokumin. There are quite a few other Saiyan survivors on the Blue Lizard Planet besides Bardock, one of which is Tarble, the banished younger prince of the Saiyan royal family. Bardock begins planning for the future of the Saiyan race alongside Prince Tarble, but only time will tell if their plans succeed...

By the way, there's this really cool DBZ website I found, that goes over all the canon material and outlines all sorts of fascinating cultural details about the Saiyans. I will try my best to insert these little details in my story whenever possible. If anyone wants to check it out for themselves, the website is

Eptheca: An Addition

This is an X-Men: Evolution story. While most adaptations outside of the comics try to follow the comic plots, I like X-Men: Evolution the best because this cartoon deliberately tried to go its own way. As for my fanfiction, this is essentially XM:E with at least one character from the comics thrown in, just to see how it would turn out. The character that I focus on is Joseph, who is (spoiler!) the clone of Magneto, though other characters from the comics might make an appearance. I don't know how far this story will go, but we'll see, won't we?

An Alternate History: Reloaded

This is another X-Men: Evolution story, which I adopted from another author because he/she never finished it. In this story Kurt is not quite the swashbuckling prankster we all know and love. He never got separated from Mystique, and has grown up more broody and angsty than he was in the show proper. In this story, Kurt's entire way of thinking is about to be turned completely upside down...Since the story was never finished, I guess its up to me to give it a proper conclusion. Let's hope that I don't make a mess of things!

The Adventures of Percy: ATLA

This is the story of Percival Connors, or just Percy, an ordinary person from our world who finds himself hurled into the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender. There will be other stories in other universes featuring Percy, and that's pretty much all I can say about it...


Name: bluelizard91 (OF COURSE it's not my real name, people! But I know better than to give my real name to any random person on the Internet like it doesn't matter. I'm not a baka!)

Religious affiliation: Fundamental Baptist Christian. Don't like it? Feel free to go somewhere else, then. No one's forcing you to stick around.

Age: 20's (I'm being vague on purpose)

Height: 5'2". Maybe 5'3", but I don't know--I haven't measured myself lately.

Weight: I don't see why this would be relevant, but...the last time I checked I was about 110 pounds. A bit much for my height? Maybe, but its better than the 115 or so pounds that I weighed before.

Race: North American/White/Caucausian (sp?)--whatever you want to call it.

Gender: Female

Sexual affiliation: Straight. That's what I am--always have been, always will be. It's pretty much par for the course when you consider my religious affiliation. If my narrow-mindedness offends you, or you think I need to be more tolerant about these things, then all I can say is this: pot calling the kettle black much?

Location: United States of America (again, I'm being vague on purpose)

Well, that's all the important stuff that I can think of right now...

She's So Adorable by LifeAwakens reviews
Goku did always adore his wife's long black hair. A fluffy Goku/Chichi one-shot. Takes place somewhere before the androids arrive.
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The Adventures of Percy in Avatar: The Last Airbender reviews
Percival Connors, or just Percy, is an ordinary graphic designer/mixed martial arts champion taking care of his kid siblings. One day, without any warning, Percy finds himself hurled into the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender! Upon meeting the Avatar, Percy helps prepare for the outcome of the Hundred Year War, whatever it may be. Rated T 'cause I'm paranoid. ON HOLD!
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Eptheca: An Addition reviews
Mild AU thingy with my lame attempt at a cool title. Among the homeless and ne'er-do-wells of Bayville is a young man with a single name. Who is he, and what is this secret that he knows he should know, but doesn't? Not a big surprise if you know your X-Men. At least one OC. Rated T 'cause I'm paranoid. ON HOLD!
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Bardock's Journey: The Blue Lizard Saga reviews
Part 1. Bardock survives the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Over twenty years later, he ends up on the home planet of the Kokumin race. He finds other Saiyan survivors living with the Kokumin and begins planning for the future. Can the Saiyan race make a comeback, or will everything fall apart before it begins? Rated T to be safe. ON HOLD!
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An Alternate History: Reloaded reviews
AU (obviously). 'Adopted' from SD1o1. What if Kurt had never been separated from Mystique? What if he grew up into a terrorist like his mother? Can he learn a better way, or will family ties prove stronger than 'the right thing' to do? Rated T 'cause I'm paranoid. ON HOLD!
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