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Author has written 8 stories for Pokémon, Evangelion, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, and Ben 10.

Age: 22

I'm still here, just quietly. Slowly, but surely, stories are getting worked on.

Story Ideas:

War: This is a story meant to answer the question of taking a world just like ours, except with no idea of pokemon at all. Then, to have said creatures of terrible power suddenly appear. Their appearance and ability aren't welcomed, and they respond in kind. Thrusting pokemon and humans into a war for our world. Inspired by Attack on Titan, Rise of the planet of the apes, and several other small series.

Jump: Kanto, like any of the regions, is best known for its trainers and gyms. The thrill of battle and unwavering spirit fills the air as opportunity beckons. Yet, as three trainers try to reach their potential, they come across a secret group whose existence was wiped from history. Discovering as they move forward, crossing paths with both each other and the group, that they're secret for a reason -- they were blessed long ago with the powers of Celebi. The three are forced to decide about their futures as the past of everything around them is revealed, but will their choices avoid calamity?

The Trainer Program (Field Trip Remake): What happens when an academy on the eastern coast of the United States selects a handful of its best to take part in the newly created U.S Pokemon League? What happens when a trouble maker with a foul mouth is brought along as a way to shape up? Hilarity and Hi-jinks ensue as he and his well behaved best friend try to rise up to the challenge, one video at a time! Working title.

The New World (Remake): The creatures that we know as Pokemon, powerful beasts with pure hearts, were tainted by the sins of the humans that filled the world. They didn't stand a chance when the newly aggressive pokemon rose up. That was the legend of what happened a long, long time ago. Things have changed, man is on the brink of extinction, with those left at each others throats. The world has regressed, with the technology of the past either broken or lost, with the most interesting aspect being what is described a sign, a chance to right the wrongs of the past -- People have started to be born with the abilities of pokemon. The war has been waged for centuries, but with a power hungry dictator being added into the mix, the end may be near. Yet also the most dangerous part.

The Mask: Time is constantly moving, people and places lost to history. Yet, one thing seems to find its way through with ease. A simple mask, nothing inherently special about it, but it seems to appear to those with need of it, giving them just the courage they need to add their changes to history before moving to the next. A series of small stories of various problems throughout the regions, and the trainers to have either solved or exploited that. The mask sees not good or evil, but it does see potential.

Element/Zero: The world is similar to our own, but with one big difference. Every Twenty-Five years, a mystical being appears to the city of Midoru, named such as is often the middle of the mystic energy. This being, Arceus, summons eighteen people to the city, each with their own motivation and a partner referred to as a Pokemon from another dimension that corresponds to an element. The pairs pitted in a battle royale that assures the winner to receive one wish. The human element of the pair, aptly named Trainers, due to more often than not been trained in the mystic ways. Greatly inspired by Fate/stay night series.

American League Conquest: Takes place in the same universe as The Trainer Program, though whether it happens during the same time or after it is undecided. A professor, in an attempt to really get the U.S League off the ground attempts to start a pokemon distribution program to interest potential trainers. He succeeds, gathering a good number of trainers that are as different from each other as can be. A story that will focus one to two chapters on each character before ending, relying on the interwoven story to connect everything.

The World Without Pokemon: An AU story to the world of Pokemon, taking the characters from that, and giving them new lives in a medieval society, with the regions still owned by royal families, with an uneasy alliance. Trainers still existing, but with pokemon existing as personification of a person's soul, with one being the common limit. All the while, the lines between the universes are beginning to blur, with memories of alternate lives striking people that are labeled as connected to it all. Can they band together to stop the man before the universes are both destroyed in his hunt for power?

T-Gene: A world with the characters you know, but a story you don't. The Professors no longer just give out a starter pokemon, since the lines between people and pokemon have blurred, they've instead been tasked to leading a government run group of children with the T-Gene. A genetic abnormality that gives them powers beyond ordinary humans so that they can solve various problems. The stories going for each region, with each story focused on a group of three. The first being Kanto, focusing on Red, Green, and Blue.

Revolt: People have the ability of pokemon, have for a while. Though, the two sides, those with this abnormal ability and those without, are turning against each other. A legend saying that it all started with one naturally born one, with the rest being artificially mutated. A boy is roped into an experiment at the height of the revolt to go back in time and end it the only way he can -- killing the natural born from the legend. However, is it really as easy as that?

Face-Off: An episodic story with each chapter focusing on a different fight between two characters from any series being pitted together. Not really a serious project, but more of an experimental test in writing fights and character motivations.

Rise of the Monarchs: A duel monster's tournament is held at duel academy with the students all riled up to compete. However, what was supposed to be a fun tournament is turned into a competitive showdown between a group that calls themselves the Monarchs, with each member having made a deck around their treasured Monarch card, and the various students that they see as threats or friends with those that do. The group seeks to rule the school through fear, but with each duelist after their own goals, is it really so cut and dry? AU with relations to GX manga and anime where appropriate.

Countdown to Destruction: Life at Duel Academy is normal. New students arrive for the new year, but when an old secret of the Academy is threatened to be exposed, it becomes the duty of some of these students to save it. (Actually introduces the characters as it chronologically occurs before Rise of the Monarchs.)

Drawn Out Soul: The school year's over, but the problems continue for the Duel Academy crew as they are invited to vacation with a friend for the holidays only to end up involved in a sinister plot where the duels put their souls on the line! (A member of the Rise of the Monarchs and Countdown to Destruction series.)

Runaways: Being a trainer is tough, but when the League is threatened by an extremist group with harsh views on who can and should own pokemon with no regard for lives around, it only gets tougher. That doesn't stop Jacob from trying when he runs away from home after a rough fight with his parents over the recent events. Running into Haley, he is offered his chance to do something great, to be completely free to make his own future. Accepting, he becomes one of the Runaways, a group as different as can be, bound together by the fact that they have no one else. Precisely why that when the extremist group tries stopping them, they stand up to them, unwilling to lose that freedom, and get involved in a battle none of them expected.

Spread Your Wings: Alec is a trainer with high dreams, but lacks the ability. When told by one of his close friends, a Pro-level trainer widely recognized by the league, to consider training under a Gym Leader in an apprenticeship program, he can't help but set his sights on the toughest one around. Skyla, the Aviator of Unova, known for soaring to heights few have dreamed, and sending those who wish to work under her into a tailspin. Things are further complicated by the gym being targeted by a corrupt Mayor who sets his sights on its destruction. Will Alec succeed in the program and in stopping this politician's plan? Or will his inability to rely on others for help leave him to crash and burn?

Life of War: The regions have just exited a vicious war, with the regions all distrusting as a result. An uneasy treaty the only thing preventing it from continuing and ravishing what remains. Pokemon are much rarer, with a great number of the total population being lost in the wars. Tensions are high and peace is fragile, but a young boy, left behind by his family to fight the war wants to find his family and learn the truth.

Calmbat: Pokemon and Humans have co-existed for years, except it isn't something humans know about. Creatures that wield such power can be dangerous, so groups around the world operating almost entirely beneath the radar of their governments are in charge of monitoring and protecting the world the average person knows about from the one that could get them killed. (Think Men in Black but with Pokemon. Psychic trainers acting as those who will help keep sightings low, memories wiped. Trainers work inside these departments and go on missions that range from search and rescues of average citizens, to all-out wars with other departments. Trainers need to be strong in this business, missions will be brutal, the people around you will go from strangers to family with every mission a risk from you seeing each other walking around the base dorms to attending the funeral and seeing them for the last time.)

Theory of Relativity: A experimental conglomeration of pokemon and a Visual Novel-style delivery with regards to the same story have several branching paths. Mostly inspired by the Fate-series kick I've been on, so, planning three distinct stories stemming from the same event. This will be done to test myself mostly, but we'll see what happens.

Struggle-Lock: A massive school that teaches grades K - 12 has recently had cases of pokemon going out of their trainer's control, like an infection spreading with an unknown cause. Meanwhile, the lives of the students go on, love, rivalry, battle, laughter, sadness and all the emotions that lie in between. The student's daily lives intersected with that of wandering trainer's who appeared in town, preying on the weakness of the students as rumors link them to the infection's origin.

Lines Drawn in the Sand: The Pokemon World has become stale, a place that is boring, so boring that its stifling itself in a crushing atmosphere of trivial and mundane. It's dangerous for the world to be so at peace, if it even truly is. One man's quest to solve this problem and another's to keep the peace will push the boundaries of what it takes to be remembered as the hero... Or the villain.

The Zodiac: Their are two brothers with a special ability for finding trouble, so much so that they decided to specialize in it. However, they are different as can be. One brother, can pick up any skill quickly and is insanely resourceful and witty, your classic hero-type. The other, the younger, calls it a successful day if he hasn't hurt himself in some way. This skill translate to their abilities as a trainers as well. The two survive day to day by solving other people's problems for them, a task they found to be hard enough, but one day they're approached by a group who specialize in the same, but on a much wider scale, who are intent in picking up the older brother for his skill only to end up with both brothers. A move prompted by an organization referred to as Zodiac whose intentions could destroy the world as they know it!

Remember Me: A trainer, deeply depressed with his opinion of his life, embarks on a journey to find himself. He'll fight against all kinds of foes in his journey to leave his mark on the world, but when your strongest enemy is yourself, how do you win?

Beneath the Surface (Young Justice inspired story): Trainers from a world where they command pokemon collide with one where the powers of pokemon are embedded within the people. The two sides fall into conflict, but even when each side keeps noble intentions, there are those from both worlds who wish to take advantage of the conflict.

Wishing Star: A group of friends find their high-school life disturbed by the sudden arrival of Jirachi, the legendary wish-granter, into their lives. Can they protect it from those who would seek it out for their own gains while protecting themselves from the results of what they wish for?

How Things Change: A group of trainers reunite after years apart as a means to rekindle their friendships. However, old grudges and problems from their past resurface that threaten their very lives.

Legend Chasers: A group of students who aren't a part of any clubs at school decide to instead create their own, heralded by a senior. A headstrong girl who is determined to meet the legends of the Earth. The club members are as different as can be, but this is a cause that they are quickly convinced to back. However, can it be done before the school years out? Could they survive the consequences of competition with the underbelly of society whose sights are on the same thing?

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