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Hi! I'm PumpkinSnitch. Welcome!

I'm just a girl who loves to read and write. I started living on this website freshman year of high school. Then, as a lonely and depressed sophomore at a new school, healing from the losses of multiple friends and family members in one year, including my mother, I started this account to share my writing with others.

Now, as a (more or less) mature, healthy-ish girl about to enter college in the fall, I thank everyone who ever took a moment to read, review, and help me improve my writing, which, even though it started as "just a hobby", has helped me immensely in my education, my personal life, and my confidence.

Main Fandoms:

Classic Rock




Harry Potter (my very first fandom- I've loved HP since kindergarten!)

and of course...NCIS...which got me into reading and writing fanfics in the first place


I just want to get this opinion out in the open, to explain why I really don't write fan fiction for recent NCIS episodes all that much. Obviously, since Cote de Pablo left the show, there have been some serious changes. Most forums I have perused simply lament the loss of Cote and blame all of the show's issues on her departure. I consider these to be false claims. Don't get me wrong, I love Cote de Pablo and Ziva; however, it would be unfair to the other actors, and characters, to insist that she carried the show on her own. NCIS existed before her, and it could have remained a great show, despite her departure. It is the writing that has seriously gone downhill since the start of season 11. The show hardly addressed Ziva's decision to stay in Israel, and simply left a broken Tony to put himself back together, after years of "will they, won't they?" tension. The characters hardly mention her, and the audience didn't even get a glimpse of Ziva's new, tranquil life. For god's sake, Kate was referenced to more times in Seasons 11 and 12 than Ziva! Furthermore, the audience, the characters, and the show, all were rocked by Ziva's decision to stay behind, but the writers left a shockingly small amount of time between Ziva's leaving and the introduction of her replacement, to recover.

Which brings me to my next point...

I don't like Ellie Bishop. It isn't her fault, or the fault of Emily Wickersham. This is just my opinion, but it isn't unfounded. I think the writers tried to introduce a more "hip" character to even out the more grown-up dynamic that made the team so special, but they were very misguided in doing so. I tune in to the show to watch complicated characters solve crimes and issues within their real lives. When i want to absorb some quirky, gentle moments, I tune in to New Girl, or something else. I don't watch NCIS for quirky, unless it comes from Abby. I originally thought that Ellie would be a great addition to the team. She is intelligent, kind, and generally level-headed. And even better, she's married! Finally, a character on NCIS who isn't completely hopeless or unfortunate when it comes to relationships. A perfect straight-man, or straight-woman, for the team. At least, that's what I thought...Gee, was i wrong. The writers made her a Ziva wannabe, by sending her into the men's room after Tony. Then, when she tried to "figure out" Gibbs, I thought, "man, this kid is dense." The writers tried to make her like some sort of genius, with this overly-logical personality, and gave her all the perks that fictional geniuses are allowed: no one seems to mind when you sit in odd places, perched on desks or the ground, and eat nothing but junk food, because it helps you think. However, her thought process is hardly revealed to the audience, so we get the impression that if Tim or Tony were allowed to spread out all over the bull-pen floor, they'd come up with similar results. Even now, well over a year after her introduction, i find her a poor match for the complicated lives of the other team members. There is a difference between a "straightman" character, and a two-dimensional character. For several seasons, Palmer, or McGee could be considered the resident straightmen at NCIS. Now, of course, when they first started on the team, both characters were awkward, young, inexperienced, and unsure of themselves. But the actors never looked out of place. Emily Wickersham does. Again, it isn't her fault, it is the fault of whatever writer came up with such a half-formed, half-baked character.

My biggest qualm with her may be that she has somehow eclipsed every other character. For most of season 11, she walked over Gibbs. He solely depended on her for cases, and easily excused her mistakes. Now, this may be seen as character development from the rugged, brusque, seemingly uncaring man he was in season 1, but it begs the question...where is that thoughtful, deep, vaguely alcoholic former-Marine, who lost his (murdered) wife and child, along with several other lovers and friends over the years? Gibbs is still a strong figure and leader, but he isn't as potent. He's like a knife that has dulled over the years. And he needs to be sharpened.

McGee, who had matured into a strong, confident agent over time, is suddenly rendered obsolete by Ellie. Remember when he was the nerd? or even the wealthy, successful author? where did that guy go? Tim started out on the team as the awkward computer genius, and later budded into the accomplished field agent. ellie is supposedly the genius now, and the straightman, and the valuable field agent. Where does that leave McGee? He could still be a straightman, but he would need more angsty moments. The writers gave that to him with his father's death and a few other recent events, but angst is supposed to be followed either by depression, conflict, or a hero moment, the last being the most exciting, especially for a TV drama. Tim has had few hero moments on screen, which may be why he has so many in fics on this site.

I don't know how i feel about Season 12 Tony, just...in general. I don't even have the time to discuss my feelings about him here. Also remember when Abby was a cool goth with lots of "hinky" interests, but also was a kindhearted person with interests involving the less fortunate? Where is the cool goth, who not only slept in a coffin, but went bowling with nuns?

Finally, i would like to note that the episodes themselves are lacking. I love exploring the lives of characters on TV shows, but to let the actual cases suffer because they have become the B plots...it is wrong. Emphasis on the case is what differentiates a police/crime procedural from a straight-up drama like Grey's Anatomy or The West Wing. Also, any time there needs to be a dramatic moment that worries the audience for the life of a character, they throw in the same thing: an explosions. i can name so many bombings and explosions that have happened since season 9, that i won't even bother listing them. But the explosions themselves have lost their potency. Even if an important or secondary character dies (trying not to reveal any spoilers- do you all know who I'm talking about?) it seems ridiculous. I can gladly suspend disbelief about a lot of things in NCIS, but the sheer amount of explosions that the team has to deal with seems like a bit of a stretch.

Please don't think that i don't still love NCIS. i just have a serious problem with the way the writers have reduced the show's quality. I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way, but i also do not mean to offend anyone who feels differently. I will support the show for its entire run, even if don't enjoy certain aspects of it. I still haven't given up on NCIS, and especially not NCIS fan fiction, I promise.


I try to update as much as possible, but life gets pretty unpredictable. I've always got a million things to do, so be patient, I haven't forgotten about my stories, and i will never abandon this account, unless ALL my works are complete and I have nothing more to share. If i don't update a single "in-progress" fic within a year, send help, I'm probably being held hostage somewhere.

My favorite NCIS character is Tim McGee, but I love them all. I write mostly Tim-centric fics, though there is usually some Tony-Tim bonding moments.

I write fanfiction because I love to. I get a thrill from a great review and writing is my escape from everything that goes wrong in my life. My reviewers and readers keep me going, so thank you so much for reading!

I won't usually write heavy romance stories, its simply not my forte. And I don't do anything explicit, in gore, language, or sex.

About my stories...


Into the Stars: just a nod to the end of the movie, what is going through Rose's mind as she sees Jack again, young and alive.


Constant: Just a friendship fic between Tony and Tim, what happens after Ziva stays in Israel.

Conversations: My first fanfic. A member of the team is shot, and the others cannot shake their guilt. They hold conversations with the hurt agent, in the same way that they did with Kate after her death.

Getting Into Character: Basically, Tony gets assigned to a new undercover mission with the mob, a case Gibbs had to drop years ago, and this time McGee gets to come along.

Flashback: My favorite story yet. Tim's harrowing past comes back to haunt him and his friends as a killer goes after them. In this story I explain a lot of McGee's odd habits that have come up in the series, and how he came to be who he is as we know him. Warning: several character deaths and OCs.

I'm not going to Apologize: WIP put on hold until Fight or Flight is finished.

Fight or Flight: Gibbs hunts creatures unknown to most of society. He's not the only one, there is a whole international league for hunters. Anyway, on a case, a member of the team gets hurt, and the creatures are to blame. But there's more than meets the eye...

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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