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Sup everyone Skull here and bringing you a row of lists regarding my favorite things.

When it comes to music I'll listin to anything heavy and hardcore so I'll just name a list of music I don't listen to. Note that I don't hate the following genres of music, I just couldn't get into any of them.

Pop, rap, hiphop, religous music, angesty crap that espects you to cry over a damn breakup when you you know that there are literally millions starving out in the world who should be cried over. Music talking about justifying suicide (to me personally its a cowards act, I mean people all over the world will probbly kill to be where you are at in life and your going to let that go in vain, um has the word self-rightous douchbag hit your ears yet?).

Here is a list of some favorite movies Also note that although I really like these moveis, I find it hard to read fanfiction about them for some reason, maybe its because I like the moveis where they are and I don't think they can be outmatched by anyone elses version, or because I just don't want to end up reading a bad fanfiction which will make me hate these films regardless heres the list of some of my favorite movies:

Fight Club.

Ginger Snaps.


Star Wars Series.

LOTR Series.

King Kong Peter Jackson version. (I love the dudes directing)

Saw flicks.

Transformers is downright awesome except for its sequels.


Deep Rising




Scream 1-4

All the Saw movies

A bit of t.v. shows I enjoy are Supernatural and Breaking Bad. I don't know if Game of Thrones is any good though, people say its pretty bold but I heard from a friend its boring. So if anyone can persuade me into checking it out do so please.

(Poetry) "I long for your embrace, for your touch and your warmth. Even though it is I a male who asks these things from a girl, I feel as though I must be lifted up, and it is only you who can bring me from the darkness, and into your care and love. I desire your joy, and wish only to please and keep it nurtured. Please will you allow me to make you forever?"

Due to reccent tragic events I've paused all writings until a further notice when things have settled down I shall pick up with my writing. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I have things to attend with

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