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New Story: I just started a new story, Return to Romance. I'm excited and nervous. I hope you like it.

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UPCOMING STORY IDEAS: The ideas are in no particular order. I write at a snail's pace, so I can't say when or if, I'll ever turn these ideas into actual stories, making this a bit of a tease...


TITLE: Return to Romance

SUMMARY: It was the happy ending nobody expected – especially Yami. He knew he should be grateful but living had never been part of his game plan before. Then Kaiba decides it’s time to repay his debts. But rivalry and obligation don’t quite add up to friendship, much less romance.

“You took your time coming over,” Mokuba said.

“You say that like he missed me,” Yami answered.

Mokuba shrugged. “He sent you a message the day you got back.”

“All he said was that he was glad I hadn’t wimped out and killed myself.”

Mokuba stared at Yami as though he was speaking ancient Egyptian. “And you think he says that to everyone?”

Story #2: A KaiJou where the boys get to fight with themselves and each other. Works best if you think that misplaced anger and self-hatred are a good basis for a relationship. Narrators: Kaiba, Jou, Mokuba

Excerpt (Jounouchi narrating a conversation with Mokuba):

"So why don't you stop it? You gotta know if Kaiba had a clue how miserable you were, I'd be out of the house so fast I'd bounce."

"You really are as stupid as Nisama says," he sneered. "Of course I know that. But..." He scuffed the toe of his sneaker on the ground. He looked, for the first time since I'd met him, like a 12 year-old. "This pathetic excuse for a relationship is the closest he's ever come. Maybe it's the closest he ever will."

I could see that Mokuba hadn't wanted to give me an honest answer, but he did. That was the weird thing about the Kaiba brothers. They could be deceptive as hell, but they didn't lie.

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Return to Romance reviews
It was the happy ending nobody had expected – especially Yami. He knew he should be grateful but living had never been part of his game plan before. Then Kaiba decides it's time to repay his debts. But rivalry and obligation don't quite add up to friendship, much less romance. Prideshipping.
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After Alcatraz, Kaiba takes Yami's advice to defeat his personal demons a little too literally and builds a virtual world to do just that. But mixing technology and Millennium Items is rarely safe. Prideshipping eventual Yami/Kaiba AU.
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A fairy tale that begins the moment the manga ends and takes Kaiba, Mokuba and Yugi on a quest to find Yami. Of course, as a very wise and Holy Elf points out, seeking and finding are two very different things. Prideshipping; Kaiba / Yami; Yami / Kaiba
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A 13 year old Seto and an 8 year old Mokuba are sent to present day Domino where they meet, of course, their counterparts. But meeting and understanding are sometimes two different things. AU. Eventual Yami x Kaiba or KY. Brace yourself Kaiba, Yugi's not the only duplicate in Domino! Please R&R
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REUPLOADED: Formerly Jou's POV. Sidefic to I Guess it was in the Cards VERY MINOR CHANGES ONLY. Jou's take on Yami and Kaiba's Relationship
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