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Hello there!

I'm Sam, and I write Doctor Who fan fiction. I started watching when the revived series began in 2005, and that made me fall in love with the whole show from 1963 onwards.

I hope you enjoy the stories that I'll be uploading here. Here is some information about the stories that I have available for you to read right now!

The Devil's Rock

My first attempt at Doctor Who fan fiction features my favourite TARDIS Team - the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones. Ah, lovely Martha... In this story, part of Gallifrey Base's wonderful Companion Chronicles Prose Series (inspired by the Big Finish series), the time-travellers find themselves stranded on a mysterious planet where nothing can ever grow, and the life force is drained from the body of anyone who dares to set foot on its cursed surface. But it's there that they encounter the enigmatic Logan Hawk, an intergalactic explorer, whose own secret rivals that of the planet itself...

Cold Fusion

For the second Companion Chronicles Prose Series, which this time focussed on the villainous characters of the series, I wrote a story featuring the Silurians (the modern version) and their encounter with the Eighth Doctor. It's been described as a mish-mash of Old and New Who, with the Doctor in the middle bridging the gap. It's set in an English seaside town, and follows the story of a Silurian called Yanta, who meets a charming and intriguing human named Hugh. She finds her body full of strange feelings that she has never felt before. Does she yearn to feast upon this man, or is there something else at work? To make matters worse, as Yanta tries to work out how she feels, an army of Sea Devils is rising up from beneath the waves to declare war on all mankind! Yikes!


This is an early adventure for the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond, and sees them coming to the aid of a spaceship in distress. In many ways a typical Who story, it also self-consciously draws attention to its nature, as Amy starts to realise what life in the TARDIS will entail. The danger is most of it, not the exception to the rule. And she learns that the hard way when she encounters duplicitous space pirates and a race of huge, sentient snakes! But what is the secret of the sparkling cargo, and why is the spaceship so darn hot? Only one way to find out...

The Immortal One

Part of the wonderful and joyous series called Reversed Polarities, which imagines that Journey's End unfolded slightly differently, and so the Tenth Doctor and the irrepressible Donna Noble are still travelling in time and space. Yes, you are right to cheer! My entry into the first season of this series sees the Doctor and Donna receive a mysterious summons and arrive aboard a space station at the edge of the universe known as the Watchtower. It is empty, save for the lone Ood that stalks the silent halls, with glowing blue eyes. The Doctor and Donna both confront their darkest fears - she experiencing the terrors of the universe alone, and the Doctor... well, that would be telling! Read and find out!

Christmas on the Ood-Sphere

Reversed Polarities' Christmassy special is a sort-of-sequel to The Immortal One, and sees the Doctor and Donna once again receive an invitation via the psychic paper... But the Doctor is busy sulking in the Zero Room, bemoaning his dreadful luck at Christmas. Donna must talk him out if they are to attend the mysterious gathering on the Ood-Sphere. But there are strange whispers in the TARDIS, and the time travellers come face to face with a terrifying stowaway who threatens to change everything they thought they knew... Warning: may contain the word 'Christmas' quite a few times!

The Fear of All Sums

A Doctor Who novella for the Gallifrey Base Anniversary Novella Series! This is a rare foray into Classic Who for me, and this story features the Fourth Doctor, Romana II and K-9. I won't spoil it, but various elements featured include: mathematicians in suits of black armour trying to destroy the universe, K-9 undergoing a radical transformation, the appearance of a new Time Lord called the Cavalier, Ancient Romans with modern technologies, and the theft of an invaluable painting. If you want to see how all these things come together (and they do, honestly!) check out this Douglas Adams-esque story!

When Harry Met Lucy

For the third Companion Chronicles Prose Series the brief was to write a story from a minor character's point of view. I chose Lucy Saxon, the Master's wife. This period in Doctor Who - the Year That Never Was, Martha's journey - is something that has always interested me. This story deals with that, but also the months leading up to it. How did Harold Saxon meet Lucy and turn her world upside down and inside out? Why didn't she run? And what happened after the explosion at the prison? Cos I can tell you one thing - it's not what you think...

Logan's Run

Another story for the third Companion Chronicles Prose Series, this acts as a sequel to one of my earlier stories, The Devil's Rock, but works entirely as a standalone. It is the second chapter in the life story of intergalactic con-man and serial liar Logan Hawk, and finds him and the Doctor investigating strange goings-on at a human colony. There's creepy, possessed kids, quirky new aliens, and the return of an old enemy. Oh, and there's lots of laughs too!

Note from me: If you want to keep up to speed with my writing in more detail (and, quite frankly, why wouldn't you?) you can find me as a sort-of-regular poster over on the wonderful Gallifrey Base forums, in the Land of Fiction section, where I post as TheRelativeDimension. (No, I don't know why I'm called that either.) Thanks for reading! Feel free to check out some stories, read and follow, and maybe even comment if you're feeling kind!

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When the Doctor and Donna Noble come back to Earth on a snowy Christmas Eve, something terrible has happened to time itself. Reunited with his old allies at UNIT, the Doctor tackles an alien threat, and it's all down to him to save the Earth from the sinister time meddlers... (Part of the Reversed Polarities series on Gallifrey Base but reads entirely as a standalone. Enjoy!)
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The year is 1949, and Eric Arthur Blair - better known by his pen-name, George Orwell - lies in a hospital bed, in the cold and dark, unable to sleep. He is waiting for someone. An old friend, come to say goodbye, at the end. Soon he hears a familiar wheezing, groaning sound, as Christmas morning dawns... (A VERY loose sequel to a story/script called 1946 I wrote.) Enjoy!
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Doctor Who? Clara is beginning to accept that she might never get an answer to that question. But that's okay, because there's something else she's been meaning to ask. As the TARDIS orbits an explosive star, the Doctor reveals one of his greatest secrets. (This was a story written to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who.) Enjoy!
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When a group of human colonists come under threat from an ancient terror, they pray to the gods for help - and salvation seems to have arrived in the shape of a little blue box. Unfortunately, the Doctor is a little busy, so he has sent someone else instead - intergalactic con-man and new acquaintance Logan Hawk. Yes, you're right to look worried.
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Locked away in the dark, lost and forgotten. I think of my old life, of how wonderful it had all been, of how beautiful my future seemed. But then came the fall. The broken hearts and broken promises. I am Lucy Saxon, the Master's wife. Always and forever. No one knows the real story. Who will listen to what I have to say? Will you?
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The opening story of Gallifrey Base's Novella Series, written to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who! The Fourth Doctor, Romana II and K-9 investigate when impossible events begin to occur all over the universe. Plus, a brand new Time Lord makes his first appearance. What is his connection to the Doctor, and why are people trying to kill him? Artwork by Philip Boyes.
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It's Christmas Day, and the Doctor is sulking in the Zero Room. When his best friend Donna Noble goes to find out what's wrong, they receive a mysterious message via the psychic paper and are invited to spend Christmas on the Ood-Sphere... What could possibly go wrong? This mini episode is a sequel to another story of mine - 'The Immortal One' - but reads as a standalone.
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Planet Earth lies broken, its people crushed beneath the Master's iron fist. The Doctor is powerless to intervene, trapped in a prison in the sky. It is the Year That Never Was, and only one person can save humanity from destruction. Her name is Martha Jones, and she has a story to tell...
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It's the middle of summer, and tourists flock to the quaint seaside town of Ackton-on-the-Water to enjoy the historic sights and sandy beaches. But the perfect day is about to be ruined, as a lone Silurian warrior stalks the apes from the shadows, desperate to feast upon their flesh; and an army of Sea Devils is about to rise up from beneath the waves and declare war on humanity.
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