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hey pplz! my name is amy :) I have and identical twin sister named gaby )A.K.A clove the knife girl( Read her stories pplz!!

Braces REMOVED -o-o-o-o-o-


1. Hi ... ummmmm hiii

2. whats ur fav plant? the azalea flower! it is so pretty!

3. favorite color? sea blue

4. who are ur friends? ishana, katherine, nia, jerri, meggie, lauren, clara and claudia! THEY ROCK

5. do u like twilight? meh

6. what are your talents? ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm reading? and i sing okay

7. favorite animal? black jaguar :3

8. what do u do in ur spare tme? read and write

9. are u a demigod! ummmmm DUH!

10. really? WHO IS UR GODLY PARENT? artemis. sure sure she doesnt have lots of kids. ONLY ME!!!!!!!! gaby thinks we are children of poseidon but i disagree. i amm scared to death of water cuz guess what lurks in the water? SHARKS! * JAWS THEME SONG TURNS ON *

11. ur scared of sharks? what else are u scared of? spiders, needles, and physcho killers

12. interesting. would it help u if i told u i was jack the ripper? * blinks * im not scared of jack the ripper. i am more scared of people who inject u with stuff so u cant move but u can still feel pain. And they put a mirror on the ceiling so u can she urself as u are gettingcut to pieces. * gulp * that was on criminal minds

13. eeew. we are done here chica. adios. bye bye

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