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I am Ataxia Bedlam, an aspiring author. I was referred to FanFiction by friends in order to share my writing. I gladly accept criticism of any kind, and look forward to entertaining the readers on this site with my stories.

Please be aware that I do not devote my life to writing, as I have real-life things to do, and will not have any kind of schedule updates for a long time unless stated otherwise within a 'Fic.

As time goes on, I will add more to my FanFiction Profile Page, but or now, I'll just be leaving it short like this. Sorry to disappoint. Complain to me (aka PM) if you want something put up here, and I'll probably write it, though.

"There's method in my madness,
There's no logic in your sadness.
You don't gain a single thing from misery,
Take it from me.

You've got it all,
You lost you mind in the sound.
There's so much more,
You can reclaim your crown.
You're in control,
Rid of the monsters inside your head.
Put all your faults to bed.
You can be king again."

-Lauren Aquilina's 'King'

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My name is Seth Rogers. I'm your typical college student trying to get a major in computer science. Except that all goes out the metaphorical door when some crazy guy running around in armor zaps me into a land filled with ridiculous looking ponies colored every color of the freaking rainbow. Or all of them, in one case. ... I want them to stay as far away from me as possible.
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Doctor Whooves: Parallel Complications by Coheed275 reviews
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Princesses' Big Brother? reviews
A guy I met at a tournament gave me this weird necklace...Now, I've been transported to the land of ponies, 50 years after Equestria's founding! Worse, I'm an alicorn. Then, the King goes and adopts me? Now I'm the big brother of two little princesses (one who resents me)! What does this mean for me? This changes everything, doesn't it? What'll happen to history with Midnight Star?
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