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Hello, I am Reader of the Universe – simply call me Rou. I am a male or female depending on some. My username does not insinuate the identification of my gender, so don't bother staring at it in an effort to solve the mystery. This is my secondary account. I have another account but, alas, the password is forever lost to the wind.

On this site I am a dedicated critic. I am frank and honest. I will point out all the flaws and the good points about your stories. If I come across utter crap I will not be sentimental about it. All forms of entertainment are subject to critique, including fan fiction. Therefore I will have to ask you not to take my opinions personally because I am not attacking you. In hopes to help you improve as a writer I will be thorough in my reviews.

Reviewing is a productive aspect that can guide writers along on the path of improvement. Amelioration is the key to becoming successful. That is why I constantly review.

I will report stories that transgress the site's rules and regulations. I will try my best to maintain the cleanliness of this site by helping others purge their stories of common grammatical mistakes, inconceivable plots, and inconsistencies in their character(s)'s personality, disposition, or usual expected behavior. My biggest issue is Mary Sue or Gary Stu(s). You will most certainly hear a complaint from me if your piece of writing is a storeroom for one.

Thank you.