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Hi everyone!

Stories in Progress:

Leaving Cybertron

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Two Worlds Collide


Lancer (Transformer)
Alternate Form: Unknown
Weapon: Custom dual energon swords (transforms into bow & arrow and also a shield. It connects to the owner's arms to prevent loss of the weapon)
Special Facts: Lead Scout and sometimes works with Cliffjumper or Jazz

Teks (Transformer)
Alternate Form: Unknown
Weapon: Unknown
Special Facts: He is the creator of Lancer's weapons)

Blitzkreig (Transformer)
Alternate Form: Unknown
Weapon: Unknown
Special Facts: He's dead

So I know this hasn't been changed in a while, so I might as well tell everyone who somehow stumbles on my profile that I am done being a writer; however, I will work with you with my stories Leaving Cybertron and Two Worlds Collide. I will also go through the story that is written and I will fix all grammatical and spelling errors (or at least all that I see as I read the story).

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