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Author has written 5 stories for Naruto, Harry Potter, and House, M.D..

Author is a perfectly normal writer who is in no way caught in a time loop that gives him incredible and unrealistic powers.
Likes: Naruto and Harry Potter fanfics more than 150k words long
Dislikes: The time it takes to write down awesome ideas for fanfics
Hobbies: Writing Naruto and Harry Potter fanfics
Dreams for the future: Completing a 400,000 word fanfic

One thing that really tickles my fancy is authors who use logical (or at least interesting) ideas for their stories and see them through to the end. I hope my writing shows something close to that. Simulating the "what if" of a story accurately is, to me, more important than mind blowing ideas, awesome fight scenes, or even "teh sexy."


TimeLoopedPowerGamer's Fan Forum

Post here to ask questions that everyone gets the answer to. Tell everyone how awesome/full of plot holes my fanfics are. Normal reviews are very, very welcome, but if you also post your questions here then everyone who subscribes gets to hear the answers. I'll try to post new entries every update to fuel the discussion.

I now have a Twitter account (TimeLoopedPG) and a Tumblr blog. Check them out for unrelated ramblings and stuff not directly related to my fanfiction stories.

OMGZ, I'm in a fic challenge for the first time!!

Challenge forum topic and rules for The Great Matriarchal Harem Fic Challenge.

(SPOILERS!!) My first outline and summary draft (SPOILERS!!)

Best of all, after this story is finished I'll have an actual harem fic to point to when people complain about Secret Treasures being a harem fic.

My SECOND Fic challenge, this one actually complete!

The Challenge

"What happens if Gregory House taught DADA?"

The Answer: House, D.A.D.A.

My current stories are:

A Naruto 'verse fic about Sasuke - next update: building buffer and goofing off, not dead though!
Secret Treasures of the Uchiha

My poll about how this is totally not a harem fic is on my forum now!

2014-03-03 progress update

Really, the story isn't dead. I've currently got two out of the five chapters I needed for the short "filler" arc done. I'm going to finish the four chapter filler arc and have drafts of the "real" story until the end (at about 200k words) finished before I start updating again with edited and proofed chapters, as well as corrected versions of earlier chapters. The plan right now is to start publishing again in April ???, but we'll have to see.

Completion is fully planned at around 150k-200k words. I've already done an "n years later" last chapter to try to nail down where it'll all end up.

2014-10-26 progress update

I've got two chapters and a fat "chapter" epilogue right now. One of those chapters will go at the end of "Secret Treasures of the Uchiha", ending that story, and the other will start a new story called "Reign of the Uchiha," a sequel with a slightly different mood. It will be about 60k-80k words long and contain the rest of the story, through the epilogue. Most of the planned and abandoned "filler arc" will be at the start of this second story.

I don't want to drag things along (like I have with some of my other stories), so I'm going to wait until I've got the entire story down in at least a rough draft format. At that point, I'll prove I can keep a schedule by releasing final versions as regular updates. Right now, I expect this to happen summer '15.

Terribly sorry about the delay. I've been writing a lot, just not on this story. But I am finishing it, guaranteed.

A Tale of Time Travel and Harry Potter - next update: Dec 2014?

Harry Potter and the Witch Queen

A Forum topic on the main romantic pair for this fic is now open. A lot of people have questions about Luna's relationship with Harry and hopefully this answers them. I also discuss why I think Harry and Hermione work together and invite further discussion.

Up to the end of year two has already been worked out, including other major events after. It'll get rather AU fast, which is really where the fun is. Completion is planned at around 400k words. I've already written the climactic end of year two, which is where this story will end, with a sequel fic very likely.

NOT ON fanfiction.net
A Naruto 'verse smut story where people do it, like, a lot:
With a Smile on Her Face (AO3 - ArchiveOfOurOwn dot com) (WARNING: ADULTS ONLY RATED) - next update: in progress...
Almost finished writing this. But it is very much porn, so I can't post it here. Sorry.

Yamanaka can read minds, right? So what's that mean for Ino's love life?
Mind Body Heart Technique (AO3 - ArchiveOfOurOwn dot com) (WARNING: ADULTS ONLY RATED) - COMPLETE
Wrote this one fast and dirty. Possibly my best in the genre yet. Still has lots of feels.

A One-Shot Harry Potter in Slytherin fic that might one day be a longer story:

A Snake Before the Gathering Storm

I wrote this one-shot to try to show how the start of a lightly AU story really doesn't need to run through canon events to be interesting. Rather than take up the first 100k words in a fanfic, and all the author's enthusiasm, the first few years should quickly set the stage for when things really start running off the rails. Because that is what is actually interesting in AU fanfic – not the things that remain the same, but the things which are different.

This is my version of a Slytherin Harry story's first chapter and entire first year. I may write more on this some day, but for now I consider it a finished one-shot. Insert your own ideas about what changed on the train ride and Sorting. It really doesn't matter to the plot yet, so (and this is key) I didn't write it. If and when it does matter, those parts will be referred back to or featured in a brief flashback.

I see the full story based on this idea being about 80k, mostly years 4-7, and be either pure Harry/Slytherin ambition, Harry/OC, or Harry/Hermione. Hell, I might make it a sappy, genuine harem fic (at last!) just to be different.

Also in the Naruto 'verse, but as of yet unnamed and unpublished:

Naruto is a terrible ninja. Some people think it is because he is a loser, others site the Nine Tails sealed within him. Actually, it is because he is almost completely nearsighted. Being able to see chakra (but not through things) helps a little, allowing him to see well enough to avoid dying instantly, but it also makes it hard to hit non-living targets and colors his opinions.

He can see how awesome he is! Doesn't he have more chakra than anyone around him, even the Hokage? It should be easy to become Hokage with his strength! Sakura is brightly colored and easy to see normally in a crowd, but she is also pathetically weak, chakra-wise, so needs protecting. That bastard Sasuke is obviously weaker than he is, why can't he beat him? All the foes he fights are powerless before his awesome strength, even if he wastes most of it.

Kakashi is on the edge, all the time. The intensive chakra training he has to work on every waking hour still isn't enough, but if he slacks off even a little, his rival Gai with take his place as Number One Elite Shinobi. Now with a team he doesn't want, each member with troubling issues, will he be able to keep up without dishonoring his dead sensei's dreams for the village?

ANBU agent, code name "Sakura," is increasingly unable to deal with her cover team's horrible antics, and it seems like Kakashi is starting to get suspicious. Her sole mission, to help contain the village's secret weapon, has been going on for about 5 years and she's literally starting to lose her mind due to the chakra power seals she's been under. Will the youngest ANBU since Itachi be able to contain a situation rapidly spinning out of control? And what are her secret orders in the case of exposure or failure?

An idea I haven't used yet for a Harry Potter 'verse oneshot:
Luna wakes up in the Hospital Wing and can't remember what happened last night. Getting forcibly released by a frowning Madam Pomfrey the next morning (she wanted to sleep in) Luna wanders sleepily into the Great Hall for breakfast.

Everyone stops talking. Lavender sees her and faints. Some of the Firsties just turn and run. The Slytherins are smirking but not calling her names for once. The Twins look afraid. Dean is missing entirely. Harry doesn't know anything that happened (as usual) and is just confused. The entire teaching staff is absent from the hall this morning, for unknown reasons. No one's seen the ghosts all morning.

Turns out, Luna can't remember anything after her third serving of this stuff called "Joe," a muggle drink named after its inventor that Dean and the Twins had smuggled in. She didn't like the bitter taste at first, so she had each cup with two sugars. Two cups of sugar. Each. She sets out with Harry (the only one who'll get near her now) to figure out what happened during her lost time. What they find is a castle thrown into full chaos and each discovery only brings up more questions about what really happened.

Luna and Harry adventure/humor fic, size would be about 10k words, maybe three chapters of more than 3k words each. Still in the planning stages until I get caught up on some other stuff.

A horrible Harry Potter crossover idea I had back in the last minute panic of NaNoWriMo 2012:
I didn't have a firm topic for my "novel" as late as the day before NaNoWriMo 2012 started, and a friend almost convinced me to write a 50k word fanfic based on this stupid brainstorm idea. Now you all must suffer because of that.

It is a Supernatural/Harry Potter crossover, canon up to the end of 1998 (screw the horrible JK pairings and resulting idiot-named kids). It features a 2008 (Season Four-ish) Sam and Dean, in England, hunting rumors of the Horcruxes from ten years ago. They run into the now-adult "witch" Hermione Granger, with predictable results given their knowledge of witches in the States. Lighthearted romantic drama ensues, with the boys' typical idiot reactions to females thematically present.

The boys are bumbling heroes and Hermione is a genius who was quit of Ron 30 seconds into their record-breakingly brief marriage (no kids). She is now even more "scary but brilliant," especially after her research into demonic magic causes Lucifer's representatives in the UK to sign a complicated non-aggression pact with Magical Britain if only she'll stop looking into it. Little does she know that the end of the world would nullify that contract and allow them to kill everyone in the UK at will. Hell will do anything to keep her from finding that out.

Castiel thinks one of the 66 Seals locking up Hell has to do with Voldemort's rise and Horcruxes and sends them to England to look into it. Ruby won't step foot in England, for some reason, and thinks they are crazy for going there and says so loudly.

Once the they show up, the boys they start poking around the events of 1981 and 1998. They are tracking down leads to a witch who was involved with the so-called Boy-Who-Lived, but they get things a little...turned around, and they start to think Hermione is in league with the demons, who seem a little too defensive of knowledge about the current location and activities of one Hermione Granger, almost as if they were protecting someone.

Sam starts out having minor demon blood withdrawals, as they are thin on the ground in the UK, and he is bored, unimpressed, and just wants to get back home. Dean is seriously nerding out about the whole Harry Potter thing (think the word's worst real-world HP fanboy – he is wandering around reading essentially JK's books) and he loves UK wizarding society's little quirks – think Authur Weasley in reverse.

Sam eventually ends up becoming "enchanted" by Hermione's brains and wild beauty and Dean has a hilariously sexy run-in with Quiddich jock, Harry Potter expert (who totally isn't married to Harry – she looks exactly like his mom), and closet muggle nerd Ginny Weasley. The boys tell Hermione about the problem with demons and the end of the world and together they eventually figure out something interesting but moderately useless about the Seals, the nature of Horcruxes, and the boys' issues with relating to strong women.

Summary: When Sam and Dean show up at Oxford University hunting information on a decades old story of a conflict involving Dark Forces and magical objects called Horcruxes that might be related to one of the 66 Seals, their investigation interferes with Hermione Granger's project to integrate muggle higher education with Hogwarts graduates.

Will they all be killed and dragged to Hell by demons or worse, get Hermione fired from her tenure track?

Notes on Japanese language mangling:

I'm trying to use the shortest, most flavorful words where possible. Sometimes those are the English or western-preferred terms, like Leaf (it seems strange to call the village just “Leaf,” so I use Konoha when referring to it – not entirely correct) or ninja (useful because it is genderless). I also use male and female specific Japanese terms (shinobi and kunoichi [which is actually really offensive, but I digress, respectively) when they feel right to me. Sometimes, I use the Japanese terms instead of longer English literals, like with shunshin (the Body Flicker technique). All is kept as standardized as possible to keep the best flow. Hope it works out and reads well.

A note on names:
I use western order for names (Given then Family) instead of Japanese (Family then Given), except for Maito Gai (I'm using the Japanese order and name because I hate Kishimoto's playful names sometimes [all the time]).

It gets worse
To not use the typical anime-influenced, name-plus-suffix style would take a lot away from the Naruto 'verse flavor. I'm using it primarily to indicate the most hard to translate relationship stuff, where in English they might say “sir” or “cutie” or something else. If Sakura calls her crush “Sasuke,” it just doesn't feel the same. So Hinata stays ultra-formal (as best as I can do), except when she slips with Naruto's name, Sasuke skips it because he's an ass unless he is forced to, everyone calls their sensei by familiar names plus, etc. This also means that sometimes I'll run into full name plus suffix. Which I'll avoid entirely, because it looks and “sounds” weird in western name order. Sometimes, this might get weird. I'll keep it under control, promise.

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Dreaming of Sunshine by Silver Queen reviews
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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 19 - Words: 168,240 - Reviews: 3204 - Favs: 5,560 - Follows: 7,081 - Updated: 8/31/2017 - Published: 4/26/2013 - Hermione G., Severus S.
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