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Author has written 16 stories for Star Fox, Sonic the Hedgehog, Skies of Arcadia, NiGHTS, Eternal Sonata, Forgotten Realms, Supernatural, and Super Smash Brothers.

Alias: Fate

Gender: Female

Age: 31. To put it in perspective, I started "FAL: Fallen" when I was 14.

Favorite Musical Artists: Muse, Metallica, My Chemical Romance, Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold, Shinedown, Bullet For My Valentine, 10 Years, Pierce the Veil, We Came as Romans, Taking Dawn, Five Finger Death Punch, Poets of the Fall, Neo Geo, Big Chocolate, Tsukiko Amano, 30 Seconds to Mars, the Last of Us soundtrack, Staind, Serj Tankian, Pop Evil, Lindsey Stirling, Fall Out Boy, Royal Blood, Black Veil Brides, Troy Baker, Tantric, The Heavy, Bring Me the Horizon

Favorite Authors: R.A. Salvatore, J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin

Favorite Video Games: Resident Evil (any), Super Smash Brothers, Skies of Arcadia Legends, Sonic the Hedgehog (any), The Legend of Zelda (any), Star Fox (any), Fatal Frame (any) Nights: Journey of Dreams, Eternal Sonata, Final Fantasy X, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Borderlands (any), Hyrule Warriors, Pokemon (any), Monster Hunter (any), Skyrim, Fire Emblem (any)

Favorite Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho, Get Backers, Trigun, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kuroshitsuji

NEWS: "Gambit", the sequel to "The Rook" and second in the series "Kings and Pawns", is currently under construction! Chapter Nine is under way.

Completed Works:

1) "Footsteps Across Lylat: Fallen" This is actually the fourth in a series of what looks to be ten, and my personal interpretation of Star Fox 64, with more twists and a handful of OC's.

2) "Hello" This is a song fic based around "Hello" by Evanescence, which I placed in the Star Fox category to better describe how mercenary leader Wolf O'Donnel grieves and then is executed at the hands of the Cornerian justice system. Very emotional-the majority of those who reviewed this fic (many thanks to all of you) reported tears.

3) "Back to Before-The Lament of Shadow" My first and most likely my only successful poem, placed in the Sonic the Hedgehog category. This is my own interpretation of Shadow's personal thoughts throughout Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I myself cried while writing it, being a dedicated fan to our favorite black hedgehog.

4) "Disposable Heroes" A begrudging helmsman wanted nothing to do with the siege on Arcadia. An innocent mage stumbled upon a dying Silvite with a final request. An energetic treasure hunter wanted to see the world. A kind engineer would do anything to rescue his missing son. And a volatile admiral needed a way out. If Vyse, Aika, and Fina died before the race for the Moon Crystals even began, who would save Arcadia? First in the Skies of Arcadia AU series "The World Needs a Hero".

5) "Perspective" A tiny vignette from a project I've been toying with publishing for years, called "Nights: Dream of the Return". The project itself is all about the ongoing conflict, peril, terror, angst, and romance between Nights, Wizeman's renegade Nightmaren, and Reala, the leader of the 'Maren force that is poised to conquer Nightopia for the last time. "Perspective" takes place somewhere in the middle, when Nights is finally starting to break through Reala's emotional and dutiful walls and is catching brief glimpses of the true man that lies beneath Reala's stoic exterior. The moment when Nights removes Reala's persona, and Reala later throws it into the ocean, may be one of the most significant moments of the entire project.

6) "Rhapsody in Steel "My 2011 attempt at the National Novel Writing Month global project, this is Frederic Chopin's "first foray" into the world of his dreams. I set it up to reflect the turmoil he was feeling as he was safe in Vienna while the November Uprising was happening in Warsaw - Chopin, as devoted to his homeland of Poland as any one person could be, was very disturbed by these events. The conflict that is happening in his waking moments follows him to his dreams, where Andantino is involved in skirmishes against Count Waltz's private operatives, an assassin organization called Staccato. This is the first time that he meets Vivace, one of the rebels fighting against Waltz's tyranny, and they find that their destinies may be intertwined forever.

7) "Waterdeep Conspiracy" Book I in the series Champions of Thultanthar. Now free to be himself rather than hide behind the guises of deceased heroes, the doppelganger Phendrana suddenly finds himself with the acceptance he's always longed for. Unfortunately for Phendrana and his companions they are about to find themselves at odds with the Princes of Shade, descendants of the shattered Netherese Imperium and heirs to a legacy of archwizards whose powers are unparalleled. At first it seems that revenge for one of their own is all that exists on the shade's agendas, but there may be deeper motivations fueling their constant scrutiny.

8) "Manifest Destiny" Book II in the series Champions of Thultanthar. An invitation to High Prince Telamont's birthday celebration in the fabled Netherese city of Thultanthar was not something Phendrana was expecting, but his curiosity led him there and now he is uncertain he can ever leave. The Most High has charged him with locating one of the Nether Scrolls located somewhere in the city of Manifest, where Phendrana's six deceased friends still await him. Little does Phendrana know that the High Prince has already determined that he will one day claim the doppelganger as a member of his Shadow Court, and that the question of him becoming a shade has already been raised.

9) "Shade Dynasty" Book III in the series Champions of Thultanthar. The City of Shade is in chaos - the Lords of Waterdeep have been slaughtered at the hands of the Princes of Shade, and the city of Silverymoon has pledged its allegiance to Thultanthar out of fear. But that is not where High Prince Telamont's concerns end - now the doppelganger Phendrana has agreed to become a member of the Shadow Court, and First Prince Escanor is now betrothed to the High Prince's mountebank Soleil Chemaut. Additionally Aveil Arthien, Archmistress of the Citadel of Assassins and the Dark Chosen of Mystra, seems to be drawing too close to Hadrhune for comfort. At the heart of all these schemes is the threat that Lim Tal'eyve will one day return, and it is apparent already that Aveil is his target.

10) "The Burning Shade" Book IV in the series Champions of Thultanthar. Phendrana is adjusting to his drastically changing life in Thultanthar, but he has far more to get used to than he might ever have realized. The prospect of becoming a shade draws closer with every passing day, and in the meantime he is treated as a member of the Royal Family and faces being named a Hero to Thultanthar for the rescue of Twelfth Prince Brennus in the wake of the vicious phaerimm assault on the enclave. Yet the most pressing matter of all is his ever-growing attraction to Brennus, the youngest of the High Prince's sons - and strangely enough, it seems as though his affections are not being shunned...

11) "Devil" Book V in the series Champions of Thultanthar, and last in the saga. Now that Aveil Arthien has returned to the world of the living, getting to the bottom of her unexplainable resurrection is quite high on Most High Telamont's priority list. With the loyalties of his chosen emissary Hadrhune in question the High Prince calls upon his son Fourth Prince Aglarel to deal with the Archmistress, knowing that Aveil's charms will have next to no effect on the ruthless shade. But the answers that Telamont is after will lead Aglarel to the cusp of something more sinister than he could ever have imagined, and in the end it will take all that Aglarel has to offer to contend with the forces behind Aveil's return to life - all that has made him a shade, and all that his mysterious birthright entails.

12) "The Rook" Book I in the series Kings and Pawns and sequel to "Devil". Phendrana has at last been made a shade, but in the wake of his transformation not all is well. Though his mind is as brilliant as ever in some ways, in others it has begun to crumble - in addition to losing the familiar voices of the six deceased heroes he clung to for so long he now finds himself plagued by prophetic dreams depicting the deaths of numerous members of the esteemed Shadow Court of Thultanthar. Now facing the advance guard of Menzoberranzan sent to Thultanthar with the sole purpose of wiping out the key members of the Shadow Court, Phendrana finds himself in the company of the calculating yet detached Third Prince Lamorak, the volatile and secretive Fourth Prince Aglarel, and the newly appointed Sceptrana of Thultanthar Aveil Arthien. Together it is up to them to stave off the drow assassins and safeguard the last nobles of the fabled Netherese Imperium, or what remains of their entire civilization may be at risk of extinction.

13) "A Sky Full of Stars" A Destiel one-shot for Supernatural, set near the start of season 7. Dean is restless, so he drives. While he's out he reminisces about Castiel and some moments they have shared, and comes to a few hard-admitted realizations. Songfic.

Currently Under Construction:

1) "Footsteps Across Lylat: Skewed" Yes, the sequel to my Star Fox epic is finally here, and finally in the works. Wolf O'Donnel and Leon Powalski are betrayed by Pigma Dengar and Andrew Oikonny, and when they survive a seemingly-deadly crash they make a desperate gamble for vengeance by seeking out Celestra Marquette and Sensenic Morray for help. Even more unseen was the assassin's vow to aid them, and when the plot to resurrect Andross becomes known, lines will be drawn that forever separate good and evil. Also featuring Erik Nioxin and Slippy Toad as the unknown executives of the KWEST technological empire, and Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Captain Gilraen Anilora, and Bill Grey as the 'new' Star Fox. Chapter Seventeen now posted.

2) "All Within My Hands" Yes, Ramirez shot them down, and yes, everything went to hell very fast, but it's not over yet: Lawrence and Centime, with the help of Captain Gilder and the raucous, ragtag crew of the Claudia, will stop at nothing to keep the Valuan Armada from getting their hands on the rest of the Moon Crystals. Closer than they know, Domingo and Ilchymis fall in with mysterious and eccentric Red Raider captain Sensenic Morray and the elusive crew of Antediluvia. Both parties, though separately and unknowingly, have their eyes on a single prize: the treasure of renown Captain Daccat, lost to the ages, while deep within the confines of the Valuan capitol, First Admiral Alfonso schemes to bring about a silent but deadly revolt. Second in the Skies of Arcadia AU series "The World Needs a Hero". Temporary Hiatus.

3) "A Bar of Soap!" That's right! Everyone's favorite Super Smash comedy has returned! All completed chapters loaded, Episode 22 currently in the works.

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