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Hello there, checking up on me, I see? Well, I hope you've read my stories and liked them as much as I have... If you haven't, oh well. If you're wondering about my eccentrics, it's because it's 12:30 in the morning on a Tuesday... To quote Kikaider, or more exclusively, Hanpel Hadori: "Hey why not? Who needs sleep anyway..."

I will be writing more, if you're wondering. However my over-enthusiastic muse has been getting ideas from all over hell and creation. So if I don't update as often as I said I would, then this is why. I'm trying not to write so much and incoperate other ideas, or hold off the story until i'm done with the ones i'm working on, but it's just not working. So cheers, i'm a nutcase with an ecstatic muse.

~Possessed by voilence, my soul knows no silence.~

--I promised my sister, Sango_hanyou, that'd i'd revise a story of hers. Well, it's actually a series. "Sweet Scent of Redemption Rain", "Light of the Jewel", and "Rose Without Thorns". Enjoy Soon!

I love hearing from my readers, so if you email me, i'll reply... I'm lazy, but i'm not THAT lazy. I enjoy knowing that some poor soul out there is subjected to the tortures of my writings. ^n.n^ After all, that's why my email's up there anyway.
If you want to know some previews for other stories that might be coming out, i'm going to post a shitload of titles and animes they're for... got too much to do and want to know what popular demand is, if any at all. If not, i'll just post and finish going down the list. I've got too much to do, too little time, and way too lazy to actually get it all done in one week for vacation, so ENJOY. ^n.n^

.Lovers of Amnesia

.Banquet Dinner and Pissed Sisters (short story)
.Coming Home
.May It Be
.The Baby; Not Meant
.Witch's Turn to be Cursed

.In the Eyes of the Beholder

.Personal Reclaim
.Beauty and the Beast
.Cherry Tears and Crystal Blossoms
.Dark Wolf
.Don't Speak (sequel to "Trapped")
.Every Heart (oneshot)
.Fairy Tales Can Come True
.Holy Night, My White Christmas (out at Christmas regardless)
.How Strange (oneshot)
.I Wish... Upon a Baseball
.Just Like the Movies
.My Best Friend's Wedding (getting that out this week)
.Of Lords and Ladies
.Romeo and Juliet
.Terror Mountain
.The Prince and I
.The Song's Last Melody
.The Way I See You
.These Footsteps I Take
.Trick or Treat, Truth or Dare (Halloween fic, next year)
.What Lies Inside
.Wish on a Star
.A Modern Fairy Tale
.Living the Clueless LIFE
.Living Without a CLUE (sequel to above)
.Red Moon, Blue Hell

.Old Reflections (sorry, it's been on hold a while)

SEE, WHAT A SHITLOAD!!! So... yeah... tell me what you want to see, and i'll work on that a LOT more than the others. Unless there's popular demand for two of them, and then... yeah... going to be a while. So speak up and let me know soon. Enjoy!!! ^n.n^


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