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Hola everyone. This is the Black Fuego. I've been interested in writing for a while now and I decided to try my hand in writing fanfics. I've been interested in RWBY ever since the first trailer came out, so most of my stories will be focusing on that series. I'm currently working on a long fic that stars not only RWBY and JNPR, but also another team that I created call Team BLAD, pronounced Ballad. Many of the OCs on this story will be based on people I've met though out the years, with the leader of BLAD and his family being based on me and my family. There will be one shots on occasion that are from this version of RWBY, so look out for them. I sincerely hope you all enjoy my writing, and I accept any helpful criticism. Adios.

RWBY Original Team and Characters: Team BLAD (ballad)

Name: Baltazar Dorado Azul Jr.
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 5'6"
Color Designation: Blue, Black, Gold(hints of it)
Appearance: Short black hair with dark blue highlights, slanted golden brown eyes with slit pupils (turns blue when angered or in a fight), blue framed glasses with switchable lenses (standard, safety, shades, etc.) mocha colored skin, curved scar under his right eye, has three small black stripes on both shoulders.

Clothing/Armor: (Main) Black short sleeved polo shirt with a dark blue duster with a lightning design on the bottom of the coat and emblem on the back, a small gold necklace with the Schnee family crest and a pair of fingerless gloves with bracelets that double as his battle gauntlets. He also has a light blue sheathed katana latched to his back, a dark blue pouch on his lower back that holds special knives, and a black, rectangular case strapped to the bottom of his back where his flute is stored.

(Alternate): Shadow: A long sleeved dark blue turtleneck shirt under a deep blue tactical vest and what looked like a thin, short sleeved black trench coat that reached passed his knees with a sparks on the bottom of it and the striped lightning bolt emblem on the back, calf length deep blue pants with athletic tape in place of socks, a pair of combat boots, the instrument case and weapons pouch on the lower back and the sword on the left side, a smaller weapons holster attached to his right leg by some athletic tape, and a pair of fingerless gloves with metal plates on the back of them.

(Sleep wear): Black t-shirt with blue or lightning bolt sweatpants.

Likes: Sleep, spicy food, friends and immediate family, forging, gaming

Dislikes: Swimming, boats, extended family, sharks, insults towards friends

Bio: A laidback ninja who enjoys making weapons and catching some Z’s, Baltazar Azul is a citizen of the kingdom of Vale, hailing from the industrial city of Forjador, located north of the Forest of Forever Fall. The young man is a Tiger Faunus and the oldest of three siblings, with his father being a Tiger Faunus and his mother being human, something that is considered taboo in most people’s eyes, but due to Forjador City’s natural acceptance towards such things and the fact that their features are much easier to hide than most, the fact is often glossed over. Baltazar himself is also a potential successor to one of the kingdom’s most successful weapon companies, Azure Armory Incorporated, which is run by his grandfather Ramon Azul. However, many of his relatives, including himself, believe that his little brother Cordovan, who often goes by Cody, will end up taking over the company, which is something that he doesn’t mind in the least.

Born with a weak constitution and ‘poor’ forging abilities, which in reality is simply him taking his time to ensure that his work is up to his standards, Baltazar is considered a weak link, a ‘poor black cat amongst a family of fierce tigers’, in the eyes of many of his family. If he is forced into working harder or faster in order to catch up with his other relatives, he will either produce low quality products or pass out from overexertion, something that he is often criticized on. In fact, the only ones that seem to actually care about him in his family outside his parents and siblings are his grandfather Ramon, his aunts, and one of his uncles. The rest simply cast him aside and torment him, especially when it was discovered that his brother had a talent towards forging in general. All this negative attention towards him caused him to have a low opinion of himself and general apathy towards his extended family and the family company to a lesser extent.

Despite the flack he often got from his relatives from his father’s family, he got along with his mother’s family pretty well, having a sister-like bond with one of the only cousins he had his age, Lavanda Morado, and having a student-mentor relationship with his maternal grandfather, Luis Morado. He even has a close bond with his godsister and best friend, that eventually turned to something much more, Weiss Schnee of the Schnee Dust Company, who often stayed with him and his parents for much of her childhood due to an incident involving the White Fang when they were only four. He also began training with his grandfather at a young age, thanks to an incident involving him and one of his older friends being attacked by Grimm in the Forest of Forever Fall, which led him awakening to his aura, his friend being crippled from the waist down trying to save him, and having a rather large distaste of the crimson forest. Later on it was also discovered that, while his ability to make weapons is sub-par, his talent for modifying, upgrading, and straight up enhance nearly any kind of weapon made by his family and a mild affinity towards explosive redeemed him slightly in the eyes of his paternal relatives, but not by much. By the time he turned fourteen, a year after his grandfather’s death, Baltazar’s family ended up moving to the City of Vale under his father’s wishes and he himself was sent to Patch Island, located off the cost of Vale, and was enrolled to Signal Academy, where he would eventually graduate, get accepted into Beacon, and befriend someone who had changed him to become more expressive towards others due to her own natural exuberance, Yang Xiao Long.

Personality wise, The teenaged Faunus is quiet, laid back, and simply goes along with what’s going on, rarely taking initiative or taking charge of a situation unless it is necessary. He is generally friendly, being nice and polite to others, but he does have a bit of a sadistic streak that he doesn’t try to hide, and even enjoy tormenting others that deserve it, such as bullies and overly arrogant people. He becomes more expressive when he’s with people he’s familiar with, making jokes and teasing his friends when the opportunities arrive, and will not hesitate to help out in any way he can if anyone he cares about is in danger, even if it means giving up what’s left of his innocence. He is even willing to go to very morbid extremes, such as disembowelment and cutting off limbs, which is a result of a certain incident during his second year of Signal that resulted in him damaging his eyes to the point where he now needs glasses to see to his full extent. While he holds his friends with high regard, he suffers from low self-esteem, hardly caring about himself or what he does to his body most of the time, to the point where he doesn’t even notice that he has hurt himself when he’s forging most of the time. It is possible that he’s narcoleptic, as he can often be seen sleeping if he’s not forging.

Baltazar’s fighting style is unique in comparison to what the hunters in his family utilize, including his father and brother. Unlike them, who fight straight forward and plow through their foes with brute strength and speed, he uses stealth, deception and misdirection to confuse his opponents before going in for the kill. He is not afraid to exploit any weaknesses, and will pick at them as soon as he knows about it if he’s able to. He is skilled with single edge blades such as katanas, decent in hand to hand combat, and an accurate marksman through the use of his bladed projectiles such as kunai and shuriken. His attacks usually have an electrical kick to them, something that is common among his paternal family, but enjoys using explosives of various types to both heavily damage his foes and to hide his movements. He is, however, a situational fighter; he can fight to his full potential in areas such as cities and forests, where there are areas where he can hide and lay traps, but open spaces such as empty fields and arenas leave him few opportunities to utilize his normal tactics. Areas with large bodies of water are his biggest weakness, though, as he can get seasick easy, to the point where even looking a boat on the water makes him queasy, and can’t swim. He also has a tendency to overpower most of his attacks and skills, including his semblance, so exhaustion is something that he has to be careful of.

Semblance: Cloak
Info: The Cloak Semblance allows the user to turn invisible for a varying amount of time depending on how much aura is used. A small, constant flow of aura causes the cloak to last for long periods of time, but does not hide any noise made by the user and can be disrupted when coming in contact with any living creature. A large burst of aura shortens the duration of the cloak, but makes it much more powerful in the process, hiding the user from all kinds of tracking methods and even hides any sound made by the user if the cloak is powerful enough. The cloak does disrupts one's aural flow, however, and once out of it, the user cannot use it again for a short while, or can't use their aura at all for a short duration if the stronger variant is used.

Weapon(s): Advance Electric Dust Katana (AEDK) Hiraishin/Azure Bolt V1 (Former)
Description: A katana with a blue sheath and hilt. This blade stores dust, primarily lightning dust, in the larger than normal hilt of the blade and uses it to enhance the blade and give it piercing capabilities. The blade can also be extended and is able to redirect electrical techniques. It is also possible to fire long range dust spells known as sword beams if enough aura and dust is channeled into the blade. The biggest risk for using this weapon is the high chance of self-electrocution when using lightning skills and the high drain of aura and dust if using the advance skills too often.

Combat Adaptive Conduction Blade (CACB) Azula (Current)
Description: A unique sword that is capable of various functions and able to draw in different types of electrical discharges and absorb them into the blade. It possess a larger than average guard where Dust is stored and a trigger below it to activate whatever Dust is active at the time. The blade is able to change length depending on the user and additional functions have been implemented to give it much versatility in a fight. Certain functions have been kept secret by the developer of the blade and will be revealed more over time. Major requirement for usage of this blade is knowledge on Dust, primarily electric based, and experience with various types of blades, especially long, single edged swords.

Melodically Supportive Battle Flute (MSBF): Lightning Hymn (In progress)
Description: A western style collapsible flute that doubles as a razor sharp katana. Currently in development.

Modified Dust Battle Gauntlets (MSBG): Gentle Storms (Given Away)
Description: Pair of retractable gauntlets that can store dust to perform unique dust techniques. The gauntlets are capable of multiple abilities, from enhancing one’s strength to firing projectiles and can be further customized to suit the user’s preference. Despite the ability to fire projectiles, the gauntlets are primarily used for close to mid-ranged combat. The gauntlets also use quite a bit of aura, but it is negligible if the user possesses a large quantity of it.


1) “Zzzzz…The best metal to use when constructing double edge blades is…zzzzzz…

2) “Yo, mate. Want me to fix your weapon?”

3) “…Fifty lien says Jaune’s about to do something stupid that’ll get Pyrrha mad at him again.”

4) “You’re asking me to help you serenade someone... You want the flute or the ukulele?”

5) “I don’t care what happens to me, but if you lay so much as a finger on my friends, my family, my love, I will not hesitate to cut all your fingers off one by one before severing both your hands and use them as food for my father’s cats…”

Name: Lavanda Estella Valentina Yesenia ‘Levy’ Morado
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5'3"
Color designation: Lavender, Purple
Appearance: Long dark brown hair that ends at the middle of her back, light brown eyes, light mocha skin.

Clothing: (Main) Light purple blouse and black pants with a picture of a crescent moon with 3 swirling waves coming out of in on the right leg, open lavender jacket with the same moon symbol on the back, a purple bracelet on her right arm with the same moon symbol engraved on it, holsters on both sides of her pants to hold her dagger pistols and a weapons pouch attached to the back of her hip.

(Alternate): Attendant: A lavender colored pea coat with a waist belt, the Morado crest on the back in a dark purple coloring and silver ring shaped buttons, four slits on all sides on the bottom of the coat, giving it a dress-like appearance, a pair of black stockings and lavender heels, gunblade holsters on either side of her waist belt and a pair of crown shaped bracelets on both arms.

(Sleep): Oversized lavender shirt that goes past the knees and a pair of purple shorts.

Likes: Healing, cooking, reading (especially medical texts), family, cakes

Dislikes: illnesses, senseless death, poor health care, anger/frustration, lightning (self-generated)

Bio: The youngest of five kids, Lavanda ‘Levy’ Morado is a kind hearted young woman with a heart of gold and the patience of a saint. She, like her paternal cousin Baltazar Azul, was born in Forjador City at the Kingdom of Vale, but is technically one half Vacuan from her father’s family, who originated from Vacuo before her grandfather moved to Vale due to a job offer from a certain academy. She possesses one brother, who is the oldest among her siblings, and four sisters, with the oldest ones being twins. Due to having a multitude of aunts and uncles, she has a large amount of cousins, many of them having kids of their own, and even three of them being Faunus due to their father, and gets along with almost all of them, especially her Faunus cousins.

The young girl had her aura unlocked at the age of seven, not through any sort of peril or danger, but by one of her cousins using her as practice to try and unlock other people’s aura. After that, she began her training alongside her cousin Baltazar under their grandfather Luis. While both were successful under the old man’s wing, the pair ended up developing different specialties under him, with Levy learning the man’s martial arts with almost unnatural ease. She was also discovered to have an affinity towards lightning similar to her grandfather, and tried to learn to manipulate that type of Dust around the age of ten, which resulted in nearly electrocuting her oldest sister’s huntsman partner to death and develop her healing semblance in order to save him. After the incident, she develop a fear of her lightning manipulating abilities and resorted to leave them be in exchange for training her semblance and delving into the field of medicine.

Despite this traumatizing incident, the young girl led a fairly happy life with her family and friends. She was very well acquainted to many people in her home city, including individuals such as the Chief of Police’s eldest daughter, a timid gem crafter under her Aunt Eva’s wing, and even became best friends with Weiss Schnee whenever she was in town. She also grew very fond of the medical field after the incident, and ended up developing a need to heal those who are injured. It was through that need that she decided to become a combat medic, a fighter on the front lines that can incapacitate foes with ease and heal almost any fresh injury. She found out that she wasn’t able to heal illnesses the hard way, though, thanks to her grandfather Luis’s death when she was thirteen. Through his death, she ended up inheriting his combat knives, which were greatly modified to become a pair of gunblades by Baltazar before his departure to Signal. Levy herself ended up going to Forjador’s combat school, Salvation, and graduated as one of the best in her class, allowing her to go to Beacon and reunite with both her favorite cousin and her best friend.

Levy’s personality is similar to a very honest and innocent little girl. She is sweet and kindhearted to anyone, even to those who deserve it, and it is very rare to see her angry or even irritated. She is often called clueless or naïve because of that, but she is actually more aware of the more adult and morbid happenings in the world due to her medical training. Uncomfortable topics such as death, intercourse, and diseases do not bother her all that often because she’ll see them from a medical standpoint. Criminal acts, however, will bring her mood down, as she doesn’t understand why people would do such things. As a resident of the City of Craftsman, she is skilled in different craftwork, especially baking and clothes making, and is quite sensitive when such topics come up. She will be elated if one complements her clothes or cakes, cries if any of her friends doesn’t like them, and will actually become angry if they get ruined or destroyed without reason. She’s also a mild health freak, and disapproves of overly dangerous and unnecessary acts of harm unless it was unavoidable.

Levy’s fighting style focuses mostly on evasion tactics and taking down her foes in a few hits by jabbing at their pressure points. For Grimm, she will use her gunblades to take them out, either using her standard rounds to send rapid fire three round bursts of bullets at the monsters or blast them away with a powerful blast of highly compressed water. She is even able to use her water bomb rounds to propel herself into the air ala rocket jumping. When she is in a pinch, she will resort to using some special equipment such as explosive knives to get the job done. She is also knowledgeable of various types of martial arts other than her standard style, but does not use them due to their more violent natures in comparison to her most used style. Lastly, she has a natural ability to use and manipulate lightning like her cousins of the Azul family, but it is underdeveloped due to her nearly killing her oldest sister’s partner. She is also light and possesses a low amount of stamina, so she can’t take too many blows or get hit too hard, or else she will either pass out or be sent flying.

Aura Semblance: Recovery
Info: The Recovery Semblance is considered one of the most useful Semblances to possess. Recovery allows the user to use their aura to heal the wounds of others with remarkable speed. The user is also granted immunity towards various types of poisons and other toxic substances. Using Recovery too often, however, is very dangerous and if the user does not have the control or aura amount necessary for the healing process, then Recovery will not work effectively. Recovery also does not allow the user to heal sickness and it is very difficult for the user to heal themselves.

Weapon(s): Dual Wield Pistol Daggers (DWPD): Flujo and Reflujo
Description: A pair of high powered pistols that double as sharp, dangerous daggers for close range combat through the blades attached to the top and bottom of the barrel. This weapon is capable of firing special armor piercing bullets and the blades themselves are capable of cutting through steel if enough force is used. The guns have two firing styles, three round burst and single shot. The single shot option is reserved for special rounds that fire high impact water bombs that will cause serious damage. Primarily used for close/mid-range combat, this weapon major drawback is the high ammo consumption and rarity of the special rounds, so it is best that the user is well versed in knife fighting and use the pistol form sparingly as to conserve ammo.

Elementally Manipulative Battle Gauntlets (EMBG): Gentle Storms (Version 2)
Description: A pair of retractable gauntlets that are capable of manipulating the elements depending on the type of Dust being used at the time and even possible to change the state of certain elements by internally or externally mixing two or more types of Dust. Effects range from paralysis via lightning, burns by fire, frostbite by ice, etc. Large amounts of self control is required to wield this weapon. Unnecessary tampering with the gauntlets can lead to dangerous results.


1) “I’m sorry, but I’ll end this quick. I don’t like to fight against other people, especially my friends and teammates.”

2) “Who wants cake?”

3) “I will not back down. I will never give up. I’m sorry, monsters, but it is my duty as a huntress to take you out. So please forgive me for what I’m about to do. If you can.”

4) “Aww, you are so cute, Ruby! I can see why my little cousin likes you so much.”

5) “If any of you guys are hurt just let me know. I’ll fix you up good as new!”

Name: Ashton Yosemite ‘Ash’ Yasur
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 6'1"
Color Designation: Grey, Red
Appearance: Shaggy red hair, light blue eyes. He has tan skin and a small X shaped scar on his right arm.

Clothing: (Main): Silver t-shirt with a picture of a grey cracked volcano with a diamond inside on the front, light brown cargo shorts, grey combat boots and a pair of crimson gauntlets.

(Alternate): TBA

Sleep: Dark Grey t-shirt with dark brown shorts

Likes: Girls, pranks, joking with friends, flirting with girls, playing matchmaker

Dislikes: Arranged marriages, secrets, his family’s training methods, studying, the cold

Bio: A happy-go-lucky redhead with a love for girls and busting heads, Ashton Yasur is a self-proclaimed lady’s man with an outgoing attitude and a love for all things fun and hot, especially women. He is often referred to as Ash, and is a member of a large family of successful huntsmen and huntresses that live in the eastern kingdom of Mistral. Literally all members of his family are either training to become hunters or are already hunters, whether they are active or retired. Even both of his parents are still active, with his mother only being semi-retired. He also has a pair of younger siblings in the form of twins, a brother and sister, and a multitude of extended relatives that live in a clan-like compound to house them all.

Due to his lineage, Ash was trained to be a huntsman at a young age, something that the young boy at the time didn’t truly mind. The training methods, however, left a lot to be desired. One such example was going to other kingdoms, such as Vale and Vacuo, and leave the young hopefuls in dangerous locations in order to unlock their aura and learn to survive in harsh environments. For Ash, that meant being tossed into the Forest of Forever Fall by his uncle Pompeii, where he spent nearly a week there trying to survive from not only the Grimm but also the somewhat hostile animals and dangerous cliffs that were plentiful in the forest. He survived and managed to unlock both his aura and discover his semblance, but at the price of scaring his arm due to falling off a cliff trying to escape from a swarm of Rapier Wasps. Training for the hunter family is also considered a sacred practice for many of the older family members, so many outsiders were not allowed into their compound, believing only the strongest should grace their presence and causing Ash to lead a somewhat lonely childhood.

Even though Ash didn’t interact with much people other than his relatives when he was younger, he was still able to befriend others quite easily as he got older due to his naturally exuberant personality. He was also given a chance to go to Sanctum Academy to further improve his studies and learn subjects that his relatives either don’t know or embellish to make his family seem better than most, which he accepted. It was through the academy where he found a good friend and rival that kept him on his toes and would almost always beat him, much to the embarrassment of his relatives until they saw her in action: Pyrrha Nikos. He was also a hit with the ladies, which his father approved of greatly, and his habit of helping guys hook up with girls they like also boosted his popularity with both guys and girls alike. Finishing Sanctum as one of the best, despite not really putting a lot of effort most of the time and his habit for pranking, Ash was offered to either go to Mistral’s advance school, Haven, or the more prestigious Beacon Academy at Vale, an offer not even the ‘prodigy’ of the family, Caldera Yasur, received. He decided to go to Beacon, much to his relatives’ approval, as he saw it as a chance to make more friends and get away from some of his more overbearing relatives. The decision also made his mother the happiest woman alive, seeing as she was Beacon graduate and wanted him to have the same experiences she had while at the school.

Personality wise, Ash is a fun loving guy with a habit of nicknaming his friends and who would sooner go pick up girls and hang out with friends than study for tests and do homework. He will buckle down and do said tasks when needed, but he would rather go out and enjoy himself instead. He is what many consider a gentlemanly flirt; he will go out and casually ask girls out, flirting with them immensely and giving them overly exaggerated complements to make them laugh, but his perspective enough to know which girls to target his attempts towards. Girls he perceives as either taken or interested in someone to the point of love, he will not go any farther than a casual flirty complement and will even help out girls who want to be with the guys they like and vice-versa. He is also quite the romantic, and will give out tips to anyone who asks for his assistance. He disapproves of those who try to break up good couples in order to get the person they want and is not a fan of arranged marriages, believing that marriage is a bond between two lovers that should not be messed with, no matter what the pair is. The teen isn’t a big fan of lies either, preferring that things should not be kept secret, but knows the importance of hiding the truth and will not spill any secrets if he’s asked to keep them, much to his displeasure.

Ash as a fighter is pretty straightforward. He hits hard, can take hits like a champ, and can make quick work on whoever he is fighting. He is skilled at close range combat, and his weapons reflect that; with his shotgun dealing heavy damage up close and his double edge axe slicing through anything that gets too close to him. His assaults also have a tendency to have a fiery kick to them, and will often use incendiary rounds with his shotgun to provide a higher damage output and leave his foes with a wicked burn. His hand to hand skills aren’t all that bad either, and can use his semblance to give his hits a bigger impact alongside providing him extra protection from most types of assault. Despite his exceptional skill in close range, he has little ability to fight long range, to the point where those who attack from a distance have the biggest advantage over him because of his shotgun’s lack of ranged options. He is also not very fast nor agile aside from his dexterous hands, which makes it very difficult for him to cover any ground when in a hurry.

Semblance: Adamantine
Info: The Adamantine Semblance is a passive semblance that lessens physical damage done to the user by a significant amount, allowing them to take hits very easily. By focusing on a certain part of the body, the skin will harden to a metal like substance, both increasing one's defense and strength. The more hits one takes, however, the weaker the semblance becomes, and will take time before returning to full strength, especially if one focuses the semblance at a certain part of the body. The semblance, while powerful, can be bypassed though certain piercing assaults unless the user focuses their aura at that area.

Weapon: Variant Incendiary Striker Shotgun (VISS) Burning Crater (Former)
Description: A unique striker shotgun that can mecha-shift into a sharp, single edge axe on one side and a powerful war hammer on the other. The shotgun itself is capable of using 2 different types of ammunition: incendiary and ranged, and said types can be switched at will. While the incendiary rounds provide good mid-ranged combat, the ranged rounds allow the user to take out foes at long distances. Because of the two different types of rounds can be used interchangeably, reloading this weapon can be tricky, and the user must be careful when using the incendiary rounds at close range, or else the user will be burned as well. This weapon is also quite heavy and tricky to handle, so it is best to have some strong upper body strength and a good amount of dexterity with the hands in order to wield it correctly and safely.

Collapsible Incendiary Striker Axe (CISA) Vesuvius (Current)
Description: A striker shotgun with blade that can turn into a sharp double-edge axe that is capable of firing incendiary rounds. In the axe form, the blades are able to be lit aflame through the use of Eruption Mode, where Fire Dust is sent directly into the blades and summon fire to both of them, greatly increasing the user's close range capabilities. Eruption Mode, however, only lasts for a short while before needing to cool down and it is recommended that the user does not shift to shotgun mode or else it will jam and will be rendered useless. Major drawback for this weapon is the lack of range capabilities, so it is only recommended for those who are comfortable in close quarters combat.


1) “Well hello! Who’s this fiery blonde angel?”

2) “If you dudes are looking for romance tips, you came to the right redhead!”

3) “Nah, I won’t ask her out. She’s interested in someone else. That, and I promised to hook her up with said guy she’s interested in. I’m a sucker for matchmaking. ”

4) “If you’re going to duel against my old friend Pyrrha, then I just got two words of advice for you: ‘You’re boned’.”

5) “OK freaks, you got three options of death: shot with flaming lead, cut to pieces, or beaten to a paste. Take your pick!”

Name: Diantha Forsythia ‘Dia’ Adamas
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Color Designation: Light green, dark green, yellow
Appearance: Long blond in a pony tail that goes to the middle of her shoulders with bangs hovering over her left eye, light green eyes, pale skin, small black mole under her right eye.

Clothing: Dark green sleeveless battle qipao that ends at her knees with a picture of a pentagon shaped gem inside of an eight petal flower with two arrows in the form of an X on the right side of her chest, tight black shorts, running sandals, pink flower earrings and a gold colored bandana-like scarf. Also wears a large quiver on her back and a large bladed bow on her back as well.

(Alternate): N/A

(Sleep): Light green tank top with emerald colored sweats.

Likes: Traveling, animals, fruits, target practice, forests.

Dislikes: Abandonment, blindness, her full name, being cute, dresses.

Bio: A spunky little blonde with a fierce temper and a protective nature towards her friends, Diantha Adamas is one of the few people in the world that was born and raised outside of the four kingdoms, hailing from an undisclosed location somewhere in southern Remnant. An only child, the young girl has no relatives to speak of outside her parents, but has made plenty of friends in the hidden village where she is from, including her village chief. She also has a close bond with the local hunters that frequent the village to protect the villagers from the Grimm, with one of them taking her under his wing for a short while. She also is not very fond of her full name due to it sounding feminine, and often goes by the name Dia instead.

Due to her attachment of the hunters frequenting her village, Dia was inspired by them to become a huntress herself, however, her decision wasn’t met with much approval. The majority of her village, including her parents, disapproved of her choice due to their pacifistic nature. Other than the hunters, only other villager that approved of her decision was her village chief, Kurama. Wanting to prove herself, the young girl trained herself in secret alongside some of the hunters who were willing to train her and the village chief, resulting in unlocking her aura and discovering her semblance. She continued her hidden training until one day when her home was invaded by Grimm, where she found herself rescuing some of her fellow villagers and even taking out a few monsters in order to save her parents through the use of a bladed bow she was given by her chief. Seeing such actions, including the fact that their chief actually allowed her to take part of the action, the villagers, and her parents, reluctantly allowed her to continue her training without the need for secrecy. After a few years of training and firsthand experience dealing with Grimm, she was given permission by her chief to leave the village and go with a hunter that accepted her as an apprentice to a group of islands to continue her training, The Draco Archipelago.

Leaving the village and entering the archipelago’s combat school, Serenity Academy at the age of thirteen, Dia entered the huntress world earlier than most, having skipped a grade due to the special training she received from the hunters occupying her village. Having spent only three years at combat school, the young archer didn’t spent much time at the islands, but found herself enjoying every minute of it. She got along with most of her classmates, despite being younger than them, and even befriended some local tourists that came to the island. She even defended a pair of tourists, a child and a girl around her age, from some of the island’s thugs and befriended them before they left, not aware that she will eventually be reunited with them in the future. Sadly, not everything the forest villager experienced was happy, as she did end up getting caught up in some of the archipelago’s problems on occasion and even lost a good friend in her academy due to illness. Her somewhat erratic life continued for most of her time in the islands until she graduated and went to Beacon under the recommendation from her master. Why he insisted on that particular academy was unknown to her, but upon learning about how prestigious it was, she didn’t argue, and happily took a plane to Vale to further her studies and meet many new people.

Dia’s personality is unique compared to most other girls, as she is easily one of the most tomboyish young woman out there and very proud of it. She’s a friendly enough person and enjoys hanging out and teasing her friends, but is quite fierce and quick to anger when someone points out her feminine traits, such as her village dress, her pink (lightish-red in her eyes) flower earrings, and her full name. Her harsh comments has been known to hurt her friends’ feelings on occation, and when that happens, the young archer would do her best to make it up to him or her, even willing to resort to wearing the very clothes she despise in order to please whoever she offended. She enjoys having friendly competitions and will not say no to a round of target practice or darts. She also has talents that no one would expect a forest girl such as her to have, such as the ability to sing and play almost any string instrument, writing and transcribing music, making chocolate, and even dancing, although the hula was something she prefers not to do under any circumstances. She also is quite knowledgeable about plant life, especially flowers, and is considered quite that botanist because of it, which is something that she actually takes pride of, despite liking flowers often being considered a girlish trait. Oddly enough, there is always a bit of an air of mystery around her, especially when it comes to her home, and will not divulge much information about it other than the fact that it’s a village, some small facts about her parents, and brief mentions of her village chief. Despite the secrecy around her, she’s a loyal companion who will not hesitate to help out any friends in need and will prevent them from doing something extremely dangerous and/or stupid without good reason.

Dia is a long range specialist without question. Her talent with the bow is virtually unmatched and combined with her semblance, it is practically impossible for her to miss any target that’s in her sights. Even without her semblance, her vision is naturally better than humans with a ratio of 20/10, making her eyesight twice as good as a normal human. She is trained in dual-wielding as well, and will make quick work on weak opponents with her kukri knives. She possesses a plethora of bows of various types, allowing her some versatility in her fighting style. Her most common type of arrow, aside from her standard kind, is her explosive arrows, but she also owns ice, electric, fire, and even support arrows like net and wire. She is also decent in laying traps with her arrows, but doesn’t often resort to such tactics due to her more headstrong nature. Despite being a long range fighter to the highest degree, her close combat skills leave a lot to be desired, and her light frame allows her to be sent flying easily if she is hit hard enough. She is also overly dependent on her eyes, so blinding her will usually give whoever’s fighting her the win. The most unusual thing about her is that, even with all her abilities and shortcomings that many have seen, those who fight her will sometimes get the feeling that she is holding back, not using her full potential and letting her opponents win. Although she often denies it, few notice that she would get nervous when asked such questions, leading them to question what the archer is truly capable of.

Aura Semblance: Tracker
Info: The Tracker Semblance allows the user to follow an enemy’s movements and locate their weak points. Tracker is activated by channeling aura into the eyes, and once active the user’s eyesight is increased significantly and even gives them night vision nearly on par with a Faunus. It is also possible to channel aura into certain projectiles such as arrows and missiles to give them homing capabilities. The major drawback to the Tracker Semblance is the high dependency of the eyes, where the Semblance works the best, so blindness must be avoided at all times.

Weapon: High Impact Bladed Bow (HIBB) Diamond Bouquet
Description: A pair of razor sharp kukri that, when combined by its ends, form a durable bow that is capable of firing multiple arrows at once. The weapon comes with a unique metal quiver that is completely closed and dispenses elemental dust arrows at a high rate. The Dust arrows come in 4 types: Standard/Piercing, Flame/Explosive, Electric, and Ice, and can be outfitted with other types if they are made. The arrows themselves can be reused, but only the standard arrows can be reused immediately, as the flame, electric and ice arrows need to be refilled with the proper dust before use. If a certain amount of aura is channeled into the bow and arrow, then the arrows will home in on the target, but it requires a lot of aura if the user does not have the Tracker Semblance or something similar. Even with all its capabilities, this weapon’s major weakness is the rate of fire, and as such it is more often than not passed off in favor of firearm weapons, mainly automatic.


1) “It’s times like this where I’m glad my semblance gives me night vison…”

2) “My earrings are not pink, they’re lightish-red!”

3) “Call me girly one more time and I will not hesitate to shove one of my explosive arrows up your butt!”

4) “Yo, Ruby! Wanna have a sniping match? Loser buys the winner lunch!”

5) “No matter where you go, no matter where you hide, you monsters will never hide from me, because I can track down your every move, even at night.

Team BLAD: Strengths, Weaknesses, and inspiration.

When coming up with team BLAD, I had to go through many different ideas and plans to get to where they are now, and even then I still change them up in order to make them feel more like they can be in the ‘RWBYverse’, as many call it. One of the few things that remained constant throughout the process was the goal of making the team musicians from each main category; woodwind, brass, percussion and strings, and while they don’t express their skills all that much, I like to think I did a good job expressing their skills about that. In the end, I decided that team BLAD will have a bit of an RPG team style with the essential elements be in it: Assassin, Medic, Tank, and Sniper, with the assassin doubling as a glass cannon and the tank being the heavy hitter as well. I tried my best to make the teams as balanced as I can possibly do and I hope that I succeeded in doing so.

Now, the characters themselves, personality and image wise, are inspired mostly through one of my favorite manga and anime series from when I was a kid, Naruto, and as such, I made the leader of BLAD, Baltazar, being the most inspired by the series. Primarily based on Kakashi, but with specks of influence from characters such as Itachi and Minato, Baltazar is the leader/assassin/glass cannon of the team, and he does his job well, with his abilities and tactics being primarily inspired by the Naruto world. Specializing in electric based assaults, Baltazar is both light on his feet and capable of doing serious damage if he lands a good hit. He is also specialized in traps and deception, rarely ever uses the same trick twice, and is not afraid of using underhanded tactics, such as faking death, in order to get the job done. His fighting style is most effective in areas such as forests or cities, as they allow him to hide and plant traps with ease, and his semblance allows him to hide much easier. He is skilled in fighting one on one, using his high speed and the Dust weaved in his clothes to fool his opponents into thinking that he either had two semblances, or mistakes his semblance for Speed, which is more common. He is skilled in swordsmanship with his katana and is very accurate with his plethora of shuriken, which range from small, standard stars, to large, dangerous, collapsible stars known as Fuma Shuriken, and even thin, needle like throwing weapons known as Bo Shuriken or Senbon. Most, if not all, of his shuriken, are imbued with Lightning Dust, making them more potent, give them piercing capabilities or even cause paralysis depending on the amount of Dust used. He also possesses multiple types of explosive Kunai, which he primarily uses for his traps. He is also able to augment his strength with the Lightning Dust in his gauntlets, giving them an electrified boost and even allows him to coat his arm in lightning to produce a devastating blow if it hits.

The lightning shinobi is not without his shortcomings, though. He is one of the frailest amongst the guys in his year, with one good blow doing a lot of damage to him, if it didn’t knock him out already. His endurance is not very high, either. While a very skilled fighter, he does get exhausted easily, and the biggest contribution to his exhaustion is his lack of control with his abilities. He has a tendency to overpower most of his assaults as habit in order to end things quick, and even overcharges his semblance every time he uses it, making it very strong and allow him to not be detected by almost anything, but leaves him very tired and unable to access his aura for a short time until it stabilizes. Location is also a big thing for him. While good in areas such as forests or cities, open places such as fields or stadiums significantly lower his chances of victory because there are few places where he can hide and lay traps effectively. The worst area for him to fight is anywhere where large bodies of waters are close by, as he is unable to swim and can even get sick if he sees a boat on the water. Small, confined areas will also prevent him from fighting effectively, due to his movements being limited. One of his major weaknesses, however, are poisons and infections. Due to a medical issue, poisons and infections spread through his body much faster than others. In some cases, the toxic can even be stronger to him while mild to others due to his condition. Best way to beat him is to constrict his movements and force him to exhaust himself before landing a solid blow on him.

The next member of the team, Levy, is also primarily based on a character of the Naruto series, but unlike the others, she is almost solely based on this one: Hinata Hyuga. Her design and mannerisms are based on the shy ninja of the series, but unlike Hinata, Levy is more confident most of the time and usually becomes timid only when she is forced to fight people or Faunus. While skilled in healing and is able to actually make her own medicine from time to time, fighting wise, Levy is ironically skilled in close quarter combat and prefers to be in the thick of battle instead of being behind enemy lines for support. Her reasoning for that is because she feels like she can help others better by being directly in the line of fire, heal others as soon as they get hurt and join in on the fray if needed. Her hand to hand combat is second to none, and many people are surprised when they see such a kind and sweet girl take out foes twice her size with only a few jabs. Due to her medical knowledge, she knows all about the human body and even the pressure points of people, which allow her to end fights without causing too much damage. Due to her close relationship to her teacher and grandfather, Beacon’s former Close Combat Instructor Luis Morado, Levy’s skilled in knife handling and practically a master of a total of four different types of martial arts. Her primary style is Baguazhang, or the Eight Trigrams Palm style, a fighting style focusing on evasive fighting, circular movements, and, in Levy’s case, internal damage, due to her version being more similar to the Naruto Series’ Gentle Fist, which is based on this style of Chinese Martial Arts. Her other, less frequently used styles are Tai Chi, Southern Praying Mantis and Northern Shaolin. She is very skilled in all of them, but finds Baguazhang to be the most comfortable for her to use, the next most being Tai Chi. She is also very resistant to most types of poisonous substances due to a combination of her semblance and her own desire to be more useful to others.

Levy’s kindness, while more often than not a good thing in many eyes, is often a hindrance in the battlefield, especially against human or Faunus foes. Due to her desire to heal people rather than hurt them, Levy rarely ever goes all out on her opponent, and many would take advantage of that. While her pressure point technique is fearsome, it can easily be countered by either being faster and more elusive than the medic, or by wearing armor or thick clothing to prevent Levy’s attack from reaching the body. Another hindering factor would be her semblance, as it is unable to heal herself as effectively as others. Not only that, her semblance not only boosts her resistance to toxins, but medicines as well, meaning that while it’s rare that she’ll ever get struck with the same illness twice, using the same treatment will not be as effective on her if it ever did happen. She, like her ninja cousin, can be taken down easy and is swift on her feet, so restricting her movements is often the way to go. Her ammunition also tends to run out quickly due to either the rarity of her water rounds or how fast her three round burst pistols uses up her standard rounds.

The third member, Ash, is also based on multiple people from Naruto, with his primary inspiration being the titular character himself, Naruto, along with a couple others, mainly Kiba and Jiraya, (Rest in Peace, you awesome old pervert). Despite this, however, his fighting style does not come from that world, but from Tales of Vesperia, specifically Yuri Lowell. Due to my need to make this team balanced, I designated Ash with the task of being the team’s tank and provided and re-arranged his semblance to match that need. His semblance, now essentially like the Armament Haki from One Piece, allows him to take hits without much issue and even enhance his strength and defenses by channeling aura to different parts of his body, giving it a steel like quality to it. He is by far the best at close combat due to his semblance and weapon choice, and can handle either one enemy or a group with no real issue. He is also quite strong naturally, capable of holding a heavy shotgun that shifts into a strong double edged axe with ease and even hold back a Grimm with one hand when he has his semblance focused on his arm. His arsenal consists of primarily incendiary rounds and his axe has the capability of lighting itself on fire for a short time, making him very dangerous when fighting up close. He is also the most skilled and knowledgeable member of the team due to his extensive huntsman training and his own family coming from a long line of them. He is very dexterous as well, capable of switching the position of his shotgun axe without much issue.

While Ash’s close combat skills are impressive, his long range abilities leave a lot to be desired. He had some rang capabilities when he had his first weapon, Burning Crater, through his ranged rounds, but since obtaining Vesuvius, he lost his range skills, leaving him with no way to hit others effectively at long range. Due to this, he is at the prey of those who can accurately do damage from a distance, such as Ruby. His semblance, while strong, also has a couple weak areas at certain spots, his most obvious one being the head. He also has a brief moment of vulnerability after enhancing his semblance; shortly after the steel-like quality to it dissipates, the area where the enhancement took place will be unprotected and can be damaged without restraint for as long as the duration the enhancement was, meaning if the steel resistance was up for ten seconds, then he will be weak in that area for ten seconds after the deactivation before his semblance goes back to normal. There is also a limit to how much damage he can take. The harder the hits he endure, the more time it takes for him to recover from that blow, and constant heavy blows will weaken his semblance constantly until he is able to recover. He is also the slowest amongst his teammates and his attacks, while strong, can still be countered or dodged easily. Best way to beat the powerhouse is to attack him from a distance with something with heavy piercing.

Last is the team archer and the most mix-match character I’ve created, Dia Adamas. She is based on Naruto’s Ino Yamanaka in terms of looks and the flower theme while dressing like pre-timeskip Sakura from the same series, that’s all where the similarities lie. If anything, she acts more like a fiercer, more tomboyish version of Korra from the Legend of Korra: strong willed, confident, likes to play by her own rules most of the time, and not afraid to fight if it means helping her friends. Her fighting style, however, doesn’t originate from either of the shows mentioned, but actually a mix of Tales of Vesperia’s Raven and the DC universe’s Green Arrow. With her multitude of Dust infused arrows, ranging from heavy piercing to elemental and even some trick and trap, although the latter are not used all that often. Her most used arrows are her explosive ones, representing her fiery personality, and enjoys using her elemental arrows more often than not. Her eyesight is also superb, even without her Semblance enhancing it. Her vision is 20/10, meaning at twenty feet, she’s able to see objects just as clearly as someone who was standing ten feet away. With her Tracker eyes active, her eyes can move and see things at high speed, to the point where everything she sees is moving much slower than normal, allowing her to track down and accurately predict her target’s movements, similar to that of the Sharingan from the Naruto series, but without all the extra features that come with it, such as visual illusions, summoning black fire, multi-dimensional transportation or creating giant transparent warriors of country destroying proportions. None of that for this blonde bowgirl. It does, however, allows her to track down the weak spots of certain objects, such as robots and armor. Her semblance also grants her night vision on par with a Faunus. She is also pretty decent with her bow in their kukri forms, and is skilled enough in dual wielding to fight effectively with them.

She is the team sniper, meaning that while she is very skilled at long range, her close range prowess leaves a lot to be desired. She is light and fragile, like the majority of her team, meaning that heavy hits can take her out quickly. She also has a high dependency of her sight and a severe fear of blindness. Flash a bright light and she will be on her knees almost instantly. Another way to beat her is to move faster than her Tracker eyes can follow, but that can be difficult unless under certain circumstances. It is possible to still strike her even though she sees it coming, simply because while Dia can see the attacks coming, doesn’t mean she is able to evade or block them all. Another good way to beat her is to take away her arrows, severely limiting her options of fighting. She also has…other talents, but she is unable to truly utilize then, due to them being village secrets. If she receives permission, then she can show off more of her abilities, but until then she is limited to the skills she has acquired outside of her home, Hanagakure, the Village Hidden Amongst the Flowers.

That is pretty much all you need to know about the team at the moment. More will be revealed later on in the story, but until then, hope you appreciate the info!

This is a story about God. Read if you believe in him, and read even if you don't.

A teenage girl about 17 named Diane had gone to visit some friends one evening and time passed quickly as each shared their various experiences of the past year. She ended up staying longer than planned, and had to walk home alone. She wasn't afraid because it was a small town and she lived only a few blocks away.

As she walked along under the tall elm trees, Diane asked God to keep her safe from harm and danger. When she reached the alley, which was a short cut to her house, she decided to take it. However, halfway down the alley she noticed a man standing at the end as though he were waiting for her. She became uneasy and began to pray, asking for God's protection. Instantly a comforting feeling of quietness and security wrapped round her, she felt as though someone was walking with her. When she reached the end of the alley, she walked right past the man and arrived home safely.

The following day, she read in the newspaper that a young girl had been raped in the same alley just twenty minutes after she had been there. Feeling overwhelmed by this tragedy and the fact that it could have been her, she began to weep. Thanking the Lord for her safety and to help this young woman, she decided to go to the police station. She felt she could recognize the man, so she told them her story. The police asked her if she would be willing to look at a lineup to see if she could identify him. She agreed and immediately pointed out the man she had seen in the alley the night before. When the man was told he had been identified, he immediately broke down and confessed. The officer thanked Diane for her bravery and asked if there was anything they could do for her. She asked if they would ask the man one question. Diane was curious as to why he had not attacked her. When the policeman asked him, he answered, "Because she wasn't alone. She had two tall men walking on either side of her." Amazingly, whether you believe or not, you're never alone.

From the Roosterteeth Website. Written by Matt

Monty Oum has passed away

Our friend, inspiration and co-worker Monty Oum passed away on February 1st at 4:34 PM surrounded by people who loved him very much. Ten days before Monty suffered a severe allergic reaction during a simple medical procedure that left him in a coma. Although he fought bravely, his body was not able to recover. During his time in the hospital he was well cared for and never in pain at any time.

Monty is survived by his wife Sheena, his father Mony, his brothers Woody, Sey, Chivy and Neat, and his sisters Thea and Theary, as well as a countless number of fans and friends. We were so proud to be a part of his life and we will miss him greatly.

Your generosity during the hours after the public statement on Friday will help his family deal with the costs of his care and his passing. You made an incredible difference during a difficult time and we cannot thank you enough.

As for honoring Monty, we will do that in our own way. In lieu of flowers or gifts, we ask that you simply do something creative. Use your imagination to make the world a better place in any way that you can. If you know Monty like we do, then you know he would certainly be doing that if he were able to.

Monty was 33 years old.

We love you, Monty.

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What would be a good type of song for Beacon Academy? How about a Ballad? Join team BLAD, along with teams RWBY and JNPR as they work hard to become the best group of hunters in Beacon. Adventure, humor and even some romance await this group of 12 as they study and train to hunt monsters. WeissxOC, JauneXPyrrha, RenXNora and mentions of RubyxOC
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An innocent conversation and a bit of curiosity leads to a few funny moments amongst the members of Team RWBY. From petting heads to adorable conversations and everything in between, watch as these girls find ways to enjoy each other's company while getting a few pats along the way.
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Originally planning to spend Christmas by herself, Blake is now going to spend the holidays with her white haired teammate and her cat eyed boyfriend at a house full of friendly Tiger Faunus, with the rest of her team visiting once in a while. It seems like this will be a White and Blue Christmas for the Black Cat...with a dash of Red and Yellow. Set in BLAD of RWBY and JNPR world.
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