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Author has written 4 stories for Pokémon, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Likes: Animals, anime, Math (What? I'm good at it.), video games, drawing, writing, music (especially rock and metal), pizza, and manga.

Favorite Anime: Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's, Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, and Digimon.

Favorite Cartoon(s): Sonic the Hedgehog

Favorite Game(s): Pokémon, Sonic the Hedgehog, & Super Smach Bros.

DA Account: LunarRabbitPikachu7

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Original and Fan Characters:

A World of Black & White (100% Written. 74% typed.):

Ashlee - A female who came from our world and was sent to the Pokémon World by a group of three strange men. She now joins up with her new friend Snivy as she travels around the Unova Region and finds her way home.

The Lunar Chaos (6% typed.):

Ashlee the Lunar Rabbit-Pikachu: A female white rabbit during the day and white Pikachu at night creature that is said to be the most unfriendly type. Unfortunately thanks to her tragic past, Ashlee is not very fond of being forced to be a heroine of the lunar dimension. She despises humans and creatures from the underworld. She tends to do things on her own and does what she wants. Ashlee is also known to keep her emotions hidden away and not trust anyone which makes it hard for her to make friends. When it comes to her patience, it's easy for her during the day time. Night time on the other hand, Ashlee has a temper that rises a little faster. Power wise, Ashlee is allowed to use electric powers only at night while in the day time, she uses her lunar aura. Thanks to the curse she bears aside from turning Pikachu at night, Ashlee became half-immortal and her life depends on the gem on her forehead. She is one of the pure lunar creatures.

Buck the Lunar Fox: This male cyan fox has the power of flames thanks to his raccoon ancestors that passed this power down through generations. Both of his parents are hybrids of raccoon and fox and both had powers of fire and ice. Buck lost both of his parents due to a "great war" they had to take a part of. Since their death, Buck has been training hard to help aid his clan just like his parents have. He tends to be a bit moody if he is running on pressure. He is one of the pure lunar creatures.

Coco the Lunar Raccoon: Coco is a female yellow-orange raccoon with the power of ice thanks to her fox ancestors that passed this power down through generations. Coco is Buck's younger sister. She is energetic, playful, and likes to cause a lot of trouble. Coco may be old enough to be on her own, but she behaves like a little child. She is one of the pure lunar creatures.

Sassy Rose: Sassy is a female magenta hedgehog. Sassy is Amy Rose's biological older sister. While Amy is a baby, the ruler of the Lunar Dimension has asked a group of vonlunteers to test out an artificial way to become a lunar creature in order to test the pureness in their hearts. Sassy's parents tried out for the test along with many others, but failed. While her parents weren't looking, Sassy tried out the test for she thought it was a game. To everyone's surprise, Sassy passed with flying colors. Since Sassy had passed, the ruler decided to train Sassy to help her control her new powers and responsibilities. Durning training, Amy, while still very young, and her parents were allowed to travel to the lunar dimension to visit Sassy. When Amy lost her parents, she could no longer visit Sassy. Hearing about what hapened to her parents, Sassy swore to find her sister and to get back at the one who took out her parents once her training is over.

Kekeionga the Lunar Echidna: This female purple echidna is one of the first lunar creatures to have psychic powers. Her great ancestors were once a part of the same echidna clan as Knuckles's ancestors, but they were destroyed by Chaos. Only some had survived and a few artificially became lunar creatures to restore the echidna clan. As of now, Kekeionga is the last echidna of the lunar creatures. She is not much of a fighter, but does love to live in peaceful environments. Thanks to her parents both being pure lunar creature, Kekeionga is a pure lunar creature.

Stitch the Lunar Hedgehog: A male yellow-blue hedgehog who takes on battles like a dare-devil. He once almost died after an ambush of an attack. Due to all the scars and flesh wounds all over his body, Stitch had to wear cover up garments to prevent others from seeing the damage. During the attack, it also caused him to go blind on his left eye. Being abandoned by his parents at a young age and found by the ruler of the Lunar Dimension, he artificially became a lunar creature.

Sillina the Lunar Cat: Sillina is a female white cat who loves fashion! It's true she wears a plain lavender color outfit, but when she finds a good set of clothes and matching jewelry, Sillina will make the best outfit she can think of. In most cases, she would mostly make outfits for herself, but she does make other outfits for anyone she knows. If anyone ruins her outfit, Sillina loses her mind to think and attacks the poor creature who committed a crime against fashion. Sillina is a pure lunar creature.

Don't be Scared, Speak Up! (100% written. 75% typed.):

Saura the Wolf: Saura is a female blond mobian Wolf who is very shy and timid, but has an iron will. Saura hardly gets involved with anyone thanks to her uncle she had to deal with because of her voice. And because of these events, she has a hard time opening up and speak to anyone except for her parents. During Dr. Eggman’s plan to conquer the world, Saura’s parents’ lives had been lost. Now forced to leave her home because of a strange figure, Saura meets up with the resistance and joins in to help take back the world.

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