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So I know I haven't been updating in a really long time. Actually I don't think anyone is even waiting anymore, but just in case, this is for you. I've gone back to look at what I've written, and those stories are so juvenile and cringe-worthy I feel sorry for having to put anyone through that pile of garbage. I'm beginning to seriously think my niche isn't in writing, so... this hiatus is continuing until I sort my problems out. In any case, thank you to everyone who read my stories and dropped supportive reviews:)

I still love writing very much, but I'm not ready to start again, just yet. I don't want to step off the cliff thinking I'm going to soar when in actual fact I'll just drop like a stone. Somehow I think this short note is more for me than anyone else, but if you happen to see this, just know that I really appreciate you, my reader. Hopefully, I'll be back soon, but until then, goodbye. 再见!

— I write Fanfiction because I can create a temporary reality, and then put a little bit of me in that happy future.

— 即使是谎言,我很乐意相信。

—I don't know why so many things are slipping out of my sphere of control. But I try my best to keep my grasp on them. And that, that must count for something.

—Change... is a good thing?


—It's nice to dream, but when you know it's not going to happen, it's time to wake up and get real. Too bad I have trouble doing that.


—I'm really tired, and sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like letting it all out.

—You know when people say "It's okay, go on without me"? I'm thinking, maybe, in their hearts, they're yelling out to you, they yearn for you to call them back, say you'll accommodate their odd timings and ask them to come along. But what we actually do, is smile and say "All right, come another time then."


—For the torchlight and long ruler, I thank the Science teacher whose name I do not know.

—I understand now. Because I have tried, my loss matters not anymore.


—You are looking, but you are not seeing; you are hearing, but you are not listening. And therein lies the difference.

—If I feel comfortable being a loner, then why should others care?



—One day when I look back here, I wonder if I'll be able to smile at my innocence or scoff at my naivety.


—Don't be afraid to show that you aren't perfect.

—When you want to protect them, but you can't even find the words to express yourself

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So Yi Jeong finds his childhood sweetheart, and this time, he is determined to make her stay. Whatever the cost, even if it means breaking a certain heart. Problem is, Ga Eul isn't likely to stay single for long. Song Woo Bin's been waiting by the sidelines. He definitely wouldn't give up such a singular opportunity. Oh, what would Yi Jeong think?
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