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I'm a working mom with two utterly gorgeous kids that has me running around like a headless chicken and I love them for that.
I love reading and books. I like to think of myself as having a vivid imagination. My e-reader has changed my reading experience, but I still appreciate the feel and especially the smell of a newly purchased book. Oh come on, that is not as weird as it sounds.
If I didn’t need to work, I would hire someone to manage my extensive independent bookstore while I read 12 hours a day, curled up on a leather armchair with a hot cup of tea.

I enjoy lazy days at the beach, exploring tide pools with the kids and building sand castles.
I dislike SMS language, inconsiderate people (those that speak without thinking), rap music, liquorice and dusty surfaces
I like ice-cream (mint), winter, the sound of my kids laughing, good coffee and Rock n Roll.
I don’t like surprises and have an unhealthy fear of cockroaches. I'm bad at keeping up with technology, hate cooking, but love doing dishes. I’m good at keeping secrets, avoid face to face confrontation and own a pair of leopard print hooker heels ... that I never wear, but bought because it was on special and it’s just so pretty.

My current obsessions are Supernatural and cheese crisps.
My new year’s resolution for 2013 is taking up archery. What? Haven’t you thought about your resolutions yet?
One day, when I am all grown up, I would like to own a Harley Davidson, tour Greece and stay at least 5 nights in a five star hotel.
If Hugh Jackman ever asks me to marry him, I’ll say yes.

Having said the above ... my interests and tastes change often and sometimes drastically. I have to admit, I like that about myself.