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I would like to start off by saying that I am a very unreliable author. I have these unpredictable urges where I feel like I have to start reading fanfiction. After I begin reading a few stories, I then get an urge that I must start updating my own stories. Sometimes, I will update them, but usually they are just left abondoned. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a satisfying reason for why this is, except that I do plan on finishing my two stories ... someday. Some of my old reviewers will know that I use to have three stories, however I decided to remove "Could We Ever Be More Than Just Friends?" due to the fact that JK paired up Hermione & Ron and Ginny & Harry instead of putting Hermione and Harry together. My stories have always followed the general base that JK set, and I am not going to change that moral of mine just because two characters did not get together that I wanted. And, since reading HBP I have decided that I actually find the idea of Ginny and Harry together absolutely beautiful. I guess you grow and you learn and your opinions just change.

I have been introduced to this site since the summer of 2003. For a year (give or take), I was completely addicted to this site. I read and reviewed many fanfics and I eventually created my own. Since then, I tend to havelost interest (as I have mentioned previously) and come back occasionally to review stories that I use to love and check on authors that I use to adore and admire. Now, it is sad to see that a lot of the stories I use to review are no longer updated and that their creaters, like me, have lost interest. And it is really sad to see when brilliant, and I mean brilliant, stories are rushed (making them turn sour) or forgotten.

Anyways, I only write and read Harry Potter fics. And I will present to you some general information about myself and my fanfics:

Name: Ruth

Age: 16 years young

Birthdate: December 22, 1989

Location: Southern California

Grade: 10th

Description: friendly, nice, charming, intelligent, comical, sarcastic, optimistic (yet realistic), mature, independent

Hobbies: acting (drama), writing, reading, dancing, painting/sketching, traveling

Sports: dance, softball, track & cross country, surfing


Books: The Da Vinci Code, A Walk to Remember, Go Ask Alice, The Good Earth, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Perks of Beinga Wallflower, The Giver, Holes, Harry Potter series, Princess Diaries series, Can You KeepA Secret, Rebecca, A Boy Called It, Number the Stars

Movies: Wedding Crashers, Closer, Garden State, The Lion King, The Notebook, Moulin Rouge, 50 First Dates, Shrek, Shrek 2, The Sandlot, Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore, Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings series, Finding Neverland, Shakespeare in Love, Elizabethtown, In Her Shoes, Rent

TV Shows: The OC, Laguna Beach, The Real World: Austin, TX, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Smallville, CSI, Alias, The Simpsons, America's Next Top Model, Everwood, American Dreams, SNL, Will & Grace, Friends, Sex & The City

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I started writing this fic with the general idea and inspiration from the movie Serendipity. I plan on rewriting it someday so that it is more mature since when I started writing it I was 13 years of age, and then I will repost it. For now, it is about half-way done and I hope to finish it sometime within the year. It is an okay fic, I am proud of it most of the time. However,most people seem to like it, which is fabulous. It is about Lily and James and I am sure that you are perfectly able to read the summary which gives a pretty good idea of what the story is about.

The Untouchable

I don't know how the idea of this story came to me to be honest.I was on a plane ride to upperstate New York in August of 2003 and I just thought of the entire concept. I formulated my thoughts for about a month, and then I started writing the first chapter and posted it in September. It became a hit, and I would recognize it as my best fic. I feel terrible that I have not updated it in a year, but I plan on finishing it within a year. It is a more dramatic, dark, and humorous fic about Lily and James. And, of course, completely unrealistic. This one attracted a lot of reviewers, and I am very pleased with it.

Other fanfics in the future?

Once I complete "Serendipity" and "The Untouchable" then I will begin to write other fanfics. I want to write another Lily and James since they are my favorite characters because of their mysterious path, but I also want to write a Ginny and Harry story. You can probably expect those inmid-2006, but no promises.

Contact Information:


AIM/AOL: famous andinlove or GurLeyGurLpiE

Feel free to send me a message (via e-mail or instant message) if you want to get to know me better. I love meeting new people and befriending fellow Harry Potter lovers,. Or, even if you dislike Harry Potter (which you shouldn't!) but you share another interest of mine (whether it by a show, movie, musician, etc.) then feel free to message me. If you have a myspace or livejournal, befriend me there as well! Just leave a comment on my friends only entry on my livejournal stating that you came across my journal because of Anyways, please read and review my stories -- that would be greatly appreciated. And, if you know of any good stories (and I mean good) please feel free to leave your recommendations.

Best regards,

Ruth xoxo

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