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Author has written 13 stories for Harry Potter.

The stories here are Harry Potter fanfiction and were written years ago, not long after ‘The Order of the Phoenix’ was released. I found it too frustrating to wait for the next, and so imagined my own ending. This was before I knew there was a vast world of fanfiction, and numerous fanfiction writers of all varieties and hues. These stories bear no influence aside from J. K. Rowling’s books, and are therefore different from most you will find on the site. I was always more interested in developing the character of Harry as I envisaged him, and you will find that Voldemort is dealt with quite summarily in the first book of the series.

The books have been previously published under a different pen-name, but I have pulled them as I no longer deem them up to standard. (I am now a published author of original novels, but these are the books I started with.) The first ones of the series are not of a high standard of writing, but they improve. Except for a few leftovers like the terms, 'aurors' and 'apparate,' the later stories are effectively original novels, a long way from Harry Potter at Hogwarts.

Noted 2014. I have now published Book eXtra. This overlaps books 9 & 10, as well as what was originally Book 12 - Valencio's story. There is more here on the Khatabis, the slaves of the Khatabis, and others affected by the Khatabis. It is a sprawling novel of nearly 300,000 words. It is mostly for those readers who have followed Bellamy from his days of boy wizard to the time he is very old and known as 'The Great Wizard.' If you are new to the stories, it is probably best to start logically at Book One.

Noted 2020. 'Valencio's Story', Part 1 and Part 2, now complete.

In these stories, Harry lives a very long time. He marries and has children, and again, and his children have children, until his descendants are numerous.

On request, a family tree with his marriages, his children and some of his most important descendants:

Note that Harry changes his name to Henry Bellamy in Book 8. From then on, he is known as Bellamy.

Children of Harry and 1st wife, Ginny

Margaret Potter. Redhead, Married Sean Abercrombie, son of Euan Abercrombie.

Margaret and Sean’s children:

Margaret and Sean have nine children. Some of the girls married Davenports. Abercrombies and Davenports are his most numerous descendants as he get older. 3 7.

Victoria Potter: redhead, identical twin to Margaret. Married Christopher Parker, had one son.

their grandson, Hamish Parker, becomes headmaster of Zefron school in California.

James Potter: looks like Harry, studious.

1 son, called Richard Potter,

Child of Harry's 2nd wife, Luna Lovejoy

Beth Potter, plump, plain, natural telepath and powerful witch. (Book 5)

Married big, black Jeremiah, no surname, Pacific Islander.

Their child: Kate Potter. exotically beautiful, charming,

of average intelligence and ability. Kate becomes Minister for Magic. (Book 8)

Child of 3rd marriage, Harry's genetic child, adopted child of Julie.

Adrian Potter, son of Nerrissa Malfoy, who was killed by her brother, Kryall.

Looks very like Harry, including the need for glasses. Married medj Thea. daughter, Candice, who was murdered aged 33.

line ends.

Children of Harry's 4th wife, Patricia Howard.

Susan Bellamy , dark haired, slight. married Marcus Pickering. a son, Charlie.

Lesley Bellamy: tall, plain, brainy, married Dallas Weasley, A daughter, Linda.

Mary Bellamy: tall, plain, brainy. healer. Married Bill Davenport.

Bellamy’s fourth and fifth wives, cousins Zoe and Najia Khatabi, no children.

Notable Descendants:

Sidney Bourne, 3 different lines of descent from Harry. Black-haired, green-eyed, average height, hot-tempered. He works for Bellamy.

His sons, Luke, and twins, Ross and Ryan.

The Barnes family. Descended from Medj, Chris and Beau Barnes, who start work with Bellamy, (Book 5) then Simon, then Archie, then Peter and Margaret Barnes, then Oliver. The Barnes work for Bellamy for several generations.

Julia Moore, Illegitimate child of Rachel, who married Edward Moore. Slanting green eyes, black hair, radiant beauty, highly intelligent, highly talented, some telepathic talent, a desire for power, and a ruthless determination to achieve power. Nearly killed Harry, then saved his life by throwing herself in the way of a death curse, dying herself. She was sixteen. (Book 3: Julia)

Helmer Roos. Illegimate child of Inge. Powerful wizard, Swedish auror. (Book 5)

Harry White, Illeigitimate child of Medj mother, Michelle Hathaway

Australian. Extremely powerful, telepathic talant, sadistic. (Book 7)

Catriona and Sonia Petersen

Juana & Lucasta Stonehouse, who had more power than normal and worked as spell-breakers. They were descended from identical twins, Nicki and Skye Petersen, who tricked Bellamy into siring their children. (Book 7)

Spectra McFiddan, witch, (Book 8) grand-daughter of French prostitute called Justine.

Cissy Diefenberger, very powerful witch. Both of her parents were descended from illegitimate children of Harry's. (Book 6)

Yvette Bouys, Child of Gabrielle and Horst Bouys, in French town. Married Gregory Innes. (Book 10)

John Douglas: Child of Clare Glover, renamed Gay Douglas, child John Douglas. Clare married Jackson Longbottom, Melbourne. (Book 9)

There are many other descendants. According to my stories, Harry winds up figuring in the ancestry of around 1/6 of Britain's wizards.

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Valencio's Story, Part Two reviews
Most wizards consider Medjkind (muggles) vastly inferior humans, and many use them as they choose. This is the story of Valencio Durano, taken by the Khatabi Family when he was twelve. In this story, the 'Great Wizard,' once known as Harry Potter, finally makes an appearance
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Book extra reviews
This is Book extra. It overlaps Book 9 and 10. It also overlaps the books of Valencio's story, now available with some re-writing, as original fiction. I was not intending to republish this book, but since every month, there are several readers of the first ten books, then maybe some will enjoy this as well.
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Henry Bellamy, the wizard once called Harry Potter, is now known as 'The Great Wizard.' He is very old, very powerful, and has gained a wisdom. Yet it is only now that he becomes interested in politics. The Arabic nations especially – wizards should not be free to act exactly as they choose - as the Khatabi family has done for centuries.
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