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Name: Angel

You know me as the kid in the back.

Always sitting in the corner.

Invisible to everyone.

The only time they notice me,

I when they make fun me.

For my appearance,

For my hobbies,

For the way I speak,

For the fact I'm different.

They insult me with many, many hurtful words.

They use these insults as weapons.

Sure, these don't cause any physical wounds.

But it does, mentally.

Day by Day,

I go through the same thing.

As if I'm stuck on the same day over and over for the rest of my life.

Sometimes I wonder,

Could it possibly get any worse than this?

It does.

I don't know why they make fun of me.

I'm nice to everyone.

But they insist on making my life horrible.

When will they OPEN THERE EYES,


But who am I to complain about my problems.

I'm not the only kid.

A few weeks ago,

I saw a kid picking on another kid.

"Hey stupid"

The kid tried to ignore him.

But the other kid keeps pulling him back,

then pushed him to the ground.

I wanted to help the kid so badly.

But was too scared,

too scared that if I get involve I would be the one picked on.

No matter where you go,

You see it everywhere.

No anti-bullying anywhere.

It's just a hope,

a dream that this could stop.

And no matter the punishment they receive,

Detention or Suspension.

That doesn't ever make them stop.

And what do they get out of this,

making fun of us?

Because do they think its funny?

Do they think it will make them "cooler"?

Or just to hurt us?

I could think of many kids who took there own lives,


Some say,

"Sticks and stones may break my bones,

but words will never harm me."

Sometimes its true,

Sometimes its not.

So I ask again,

Why do they insult us?

The words they say to us are weapons.

But you know what?

We should be glad that we're different.

We are one of a kind.

Not a copy of another person.


We cannot let them bring us down.

We where born for greatness.

They'll be the one who will be jealous of us.

With our head held up high,

Proud of the accomplishments you made.

We are a stone in a river,

And there words is the water.

Sure we're surrounded by it,

But we just let it flow over us.

Never threw or moving us.

They call you ugly.


Look in the mirror.

Look a little closer.

Look a little longer.

Look at what you see.

Someone, beautiful.

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