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Author has written 2 stories for Sgt. Frog/ケロロ軍曹, and Legend of Zelda.

HELLO EVERYONE WHO EVER VIEWS THIS!! This is Dark Love Link here and i'm going to tell you a bit of myself. Not personal stuff but otherwise viewable material. I am a 17 year old male who enjoys his manga and anime. I am most like Kululu/Kururu of Sargeant Gunsou. If I had to describe myself in one word: Sadistic_little_enjoys_torture_kind_of_guy or just plain Sadist. I enjoy torturing people physically and mentally over and over and over again. I don't mind a little kick to the shin or a strangle until im unconcious or even a punch to the face. I think i'm done explaining...



both have bad posture

both enjoy wearing headphones


both technical geniuses

both sneaks and pervs (if i'm caught it won't matter I enjoy the pain)

both Sadists (love torturing) and both enjoy pain

both love spicy foods

both say kukuku upon laughing

It's scary how much we have in common :3


Sargeant Gunsou(Frog)

Keroro x Tamama

Fuyuki x Momaka

Kululu x Giroro

Kululu x Angol Mois

Natsumi x Saburo

Giroro x Natsumi

Aki x Kululu


Ash x Misty

Dawn x Riley

Pikachu x Piplup

May x Max

Fullmetal Alchemist

Ed x Al

Ed x Envy

Ed x Winry

Al x Barry(soul in armour)

Roy x Riza


Q1: favorite character?

A1: anyone can guess it but it's Kululu/Kururu

Q2: Least favorite character?

A2: I would say...useless Momoka DX

Q3: who would you choose to love the most?

A3: Surprisingly...Tororo?

Q4: If you invented a black hole, who is most trustworthy to hold it for you?

A4: meh...too easy I choose Kululu/Kururu

Q5: if you walked into a room and had an awkward silence with Zoruru, what would be the reaction?

A5: "hey Zoruru, mind scratching my arm? hell, why not just pull it out?"

Q6: would you choose Keroro platoon or Garuru Platoon?

A6: Garuru...Wait Keroro...err...BOTH XD

Q7: how do you look yourself as a frog?

A7: Name: Warrant Officer Suroro...Color: vibrant silver...Appearance: eyepatch on left eye, 14-inch velvet crown, war-worn cape with PHD Flopper symbol on it, and symbol is radioactive sign...Personality: kept to himself, opens and talks only to Kululu and Tororo, a technical genius just like the two, and is in the Daroro Platoon.

Q8: Describe your Platoon.

A8: Commander Daroro: black and red with several medals, Second Lieutenant Caruru: lavender colored with a light green cape and a huge temper, Captain Fororo: cyan colored jokester with a dark blue fedora so low you can never see his eyes, and Warrant Officer Suroro: silver technical genius with eyepatch and crown and cape.

Q9: Do you believe your Platoon exists in the Keron Military?

A9: Yes. Yes I do.

Q10: Whats your favorite part in Sargeant Gunsou?

A10: Dororo and Keroro's random trauma switch clicks!

I have recently become interested in LoZ again...Loz=Legend of Zelda, so i'll be posting some of Link's adventures AFTER Ocarina of Time. As my name suggests, I'm a huge huge fan of the whole Dark Link in love with Link. I'd watch a video of them kissing for hours to get a nosebleed (seriously!) and maybe a few minor stories. If you have a story of Dark Link and Link in it and there is parts of them kissing or any love interaction, just review it in a LoZ story of mine thanks you!

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So let's say that Kululu was intent on taking over the world himself. This story tells about his plan and everything it took for him to achieve that. This Is Yaoi with a few violence sceens to come maybe and is mostly sexual. contains MxM, MxFxM and some more things to come. KuluMois, KeroTama, GiroDoro and coming soon is some NatsuGiroDoro IN PROGRESS
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