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About Me:

So I've noticed my profile has been getting quite a number of views! Yay I'm so glad people are actually interested in me and my work. orz
I won't get into details of myself because I just know 5 years from now, I'll find this account and be absolutely horrified by-- well you know how it is.

And of course I have a huge boner for Ulquiorra Everything about him is just wonderful to me. Even though he can be rather... one-dimensional, I would much rather take him over some oblivious jock like Ichigo.

About My Fanfiction:

So I see you are interested in my stories! Well that's awfully exciting I guess I can write about how I ended up here and writing again.
I'm not really sure how I got into the UlquiHime fandom. It was sort of just like an... explosion of feels. And I didn't even have to watch his death scene to ship them hardcore! Oh that does remind me... The reason I decided to watch Bleach in the first place was because I kept seeing gifs and pictures of Ulquiorra reaching out to Orihime. I thought it was beautiful and foreign. Gotta love that forbidden love.

Just A Bit Longer -
I decided to write this because I was just sick of Ichigo popping up and ruining the best moments... I initially wanted it to become a drabble, a rewrite of the canon scene of Ulquiorra's first inquiring of the heart, but then I realized just a few seconds could change the future. And heck, I can totally see Ulquiorra as being some pervert because of his curiosities.

*Update* - I will no longer be actively updating this fic. The plot is horrendous and I utterly despise it. Not just that, but it is going no where and the development is just blah..

Raising Destruction -

I originally planned this one to be about Nnoitra and Nel!!
But then who actually reviews NnoiNel stories? :l
Ahh... I'm not very serious about this one. It can only go so far, you know? But it's definitely a nice break from canon. What truly inspired me to start this was a certain tsundere man I know that drives me absolutely crazy. In fact, some of Ulquiorra's lines are verbatim from that guy. He's cold-blooded, selfish, blunt, empty, and absolutely infuriating to deal with. But I looked up to him nonetheless and I don't even know why.

So I've been getting a ton of reviews pushing me to make Orihime a virgin or not.
Well, lets just say I already have something in mind and it'll definitely make the story more dramatic.

Masquerade -
I was really surprised this idea had not been taken. I mean, Ulquiorra in a tuxedo and a mask? TUXEDO MASK!? (Jk) Mmm... He's already mysterious enough. Why not delve deeper into it? At first, I only planned for this to be a one shot. But then I realized it would be way too long (word wise) to be a one shot and way too fast realistically. Even Romeo and Juliet needed three days, but so much had to happen in one! It took me 5 chapters!
Anyways, I love writing this story. It's dark and has so much potential for beautiful imagery (something I think is rare in the fanfic world especially with most plots taking place in dreary Hueco Mundo).

As of right now, I'm planning to finish it once it hits 100k words. So about a total of 20 chapters.

There will be angst. And lots of sexual themes. Really dark.

Things You Will Never Read/See in My Work:
1. I absolutely hate OCs. Though I might make one when it's absolutely necessary like in Just A Bit Longer (but she only lasts for like 1 chapter anyway)
2. Rape. HAHA!
3. (Hopefully) Major OOCness. Though it's really tempting to butcher their reputation (sassy Ulquiorra is fun)

Thank you for coming by!
Remember, reviews are greatly appreciated and they only take a few seconds to type so don't be shy

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A dark prince lurking in the shadows finds himself drawn to what seems to be the very essence of happiness and sunlight in human form: Inoue Orihime. Captured by Ulquiorra, she soon discovers that there are many secrets hidden behind his mask and within the hotel Las Noches. Can she lift his curse in time? "For who could ever learn to love a beast?" UlquiHime. NnoiNel. Slight AU
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