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ATTENTION: Hey, duno how many of you people still bother to see my author paage since ive been gone for like a year, but Ive got an announcement. Since Im about to start senior year, its doubtful I willever write again, so as aresult I am giving my stories away. Anyone can choose to take over for one of my stories, but of course my friends will get first pick. Email me if you are interested. Here are the stories:

Just a Normal Everyday Life

New Resident of the Puzzle- Taken by fOX-SPIRIT AKA Y.V

Pick of the Litter- Taken by Maneshi

The Diary of Ryou Bakura

Yin and Yang- Being rewritten by Innocence Within (rewritten for the better, lol)

Meet My Sister Amane- Being rewritten by Simply Krissy (This will definately also be for the better)

Sorry I won't go on, but the ones who continue it will definately be better than me, so no worries!

(Rest ofprofile is unchanged)

SHOUT OUTS! (read all the stories of the people listed here) Also, to all my friends, I know my shout outs really suck, and they cant begin to describe my gratitude and your amazingness for all you have done for me, thank you so much_

AKA Talentless: You are so amazing, thank you for all you have done _ Your very deep and philosophical but yet at the same time you can be the funniest person in the world! We have gotten to know each other very well, and become very close over the time we have known each other. Thank you for showing me that there are people in this world who are truly caring and nice; not everything is tainted and dirty and like you, I hope, no wait, i know we will stay close like that. Always and forever _

Innocence Within: My "little" friend ; You are one of my best and coolest friends and eventhough your younger, your smarter, i mean "faster at learning" and more mature than most people I know. I love your OC's Hikari and Ayumi and I really hope we can meet each other soon! Ill take you to an OLP concert _

Crouching Tigress: You were my first friend from ff, and I am SO glad I met you _ You've been so great to me and helped me through tough times and laughed with me during good times! Im scared of your Yami though ._.

fOX-SPIRIT AKA Y.V: SISTER! You are one of the strongest people I know, and can keep a level head through all the tough times. You are also one of the authors I admire (I WISH I could write humor and angst like you ;) You are so incredibly kind and sweet, and just know your bro is always here for you _ (P.S. Seiya and Kumi rock_ Gotta love them ) Kaz: My second sister_ I really look up to you, and I can relate to many things you talk about. Its awesome to have such a great sister who I can talk to about ANYTHING. Your always there for me, and you really are good at talking me out of random sadness ;;; thanks sis, and I swear I will read ALL your fics one day ;

Suuki: Ever since we first talked, I felt so comfortable around you _ I love your sense of humor and how easy going you are! I REALLY hope we are friends forever! Say hi to Rupiny for me _

IcyWindShine: Hey! We definately need to meet up sometime, cause you live so close to me! Your such a great person, and one of my best friends _ We can go swimming sometime, just try not to make me look too bad at it ;

Maneshi: Hey! We have only talked a few times but I really feel like we clicked instantly! You have been such a great friend, and I feel very honored to know you _

Teafan123: Lol, your such a great friend and amazing writer. You gotta be online more so we can talk more! Btw, I DO remember your name! ;;;;;

Koneko-Yume: hey_ Your are like my only little sis, and im so glad you are_ gives you a boxful of kittens Oh yea, kurama and Ryou are still waiting for you yanno .

SilverScreamer: You are so freaking awesome, and I hope we stay friends for a VERY long time _ Your BakuraXIsis story was incredibly funny and amazing _ I love that couple, but its kinda rare, and I hope you write more soon

Untouchable Angel: Hey! I hope we get a chance to talk more also, and your a great friend_ Wish I could say more ;;

ShadowofDarkness: the only guy I know from this website ; Dude, your awesome, and I hope we get to know each other better imikittie: I really wish we could talk more, but from what I know of you so far, you seem so INCREDIBLY nice, and your a great person _

Cami: You know your loved, you know your cared about. Stop thinking your alone and I know you will be very happy. Someone will make you very happy, and I'm sorry I couldnt be the one to do so. Im sorry you dont want to be friends anymore and hate me, but thanks for the memories. Your a great person

If I forgot you, I am SO sorry! Please tell me if I did, and if you want to get to know me, I hope I can meet you_ (man, I smiled a lot during all those shout-outs X_X)

"This isn't just a tale about a king. Everyone here has a tale. My tale? It's just beginning!" - Motou Yuugi (Final line in the Yuugiou anime)

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