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Hey everyone I am the Revolving Dragunov. I came here in hopes of writing fanfiction just like many others. I will mostly be writing Sailor Moon yuri. Sailor Moon is my favorite anime of all time but I honestly though it should have been a yuri based show. When it comes to fanfictions, my philosophy is that a well written fanfic can be just as powerful as canon shows, if not more so. When it comes with canon stuff I tend to take the "Setsuna" approach to it meaning what is shown in canon is just one particular thread in the time continum. Take Sailor Moon for example. Sailor Moon's anime, manga, and pgsm versions are way different from one another or at least that is my understanding from the information I've seen. The anime= one thread, the manga= one thread, the pgsm= one thread, so that leads me to say that fanfiction=one thread. The only difference is that fanfiction doesn't generate any money but it still can be just as powerful and emotional as the other "threads". This applies to nearly all fanfiction and not just Sailor Moon.

When I read fanfiction I call it "thread hopping" because I hop into that particular thread of that anime. I've probably lost everyone but that is my take on it. Fanfiction is just another thread on the time continum and if a person choses to accept that thread in their heart as their own "canon" so be it. This is just my opinion though and I'm sure many may disagree but that's how I feel.

If you happen to be a reader of several of my stories, then you might notice that some of the chapters have similar scenes/ dialouges. There might be some cases where some of the lines are exactly the same. This is because a lot of my stories will be taking a lot from each other concerning ideas. Call it a lack of creative writing if you will but there are some scenes that I am just too eager to get to in another story or they have been deleted competely but i still wanted to utilize them.

Favorite Sailor Moon pairings:

Haruka x Michiru (my all time favorite pairing-they are just so perfect for one another)

Rei x Usagi (Such a beautiful pairing and in my opinion they are meant for each other. I'm actually going to focus on this couple the most right now. I love them so much and there's just not enough fanfics out there about them which makes me sad. The world needs more Reiusa people!) I'm also fond of them being paired up in their past and future incarnations. Neo-Queen Serenity x Rei and Serenity x Rei are awesome pairings.

Makoto x Ami (I like this pairing as I feel like they really get each other out of knowing how it feels to be isolated and alone)

Minako x Makoto (I like this pairing on occasion but less than Ami x Makoto-I can see them having an exciting relationship.)

Mamoru x Usagi (This pairing was my first love and I will always have a soft spot for them no matter what. I especially enjoy the King Endymion and Neo-Queen Serenity pairing.)

My favorite Sailor Moon characters are Nepherite, Haruka, and all incarnations of Mamoru.

Fire Under The Mistletoe- Completed for now.

A Lover In Mother's Clothing- On a hiatus. I've lost interest in it.

She's The King- In-progress but I've been having writers/motivational block. I know what I want to write, but I'm having a hard time getting the thoughts onto the computer so updates might be slower. Chapters 1, 2 and 4 have been edited.

Loving You Is A Curse-Originally intended to be a one-shot, I have decided to create two endings. Both endings are now up.

Reviews are always appreciated, whether they are good or bad. Reviews motivate me. I would like to thank all of my reviewers for my stories. Your reviews give me the motivation to continue or at the very least, guilt when I don't update.

In the meantime, I STRONGLY suggest reading "Not Enough" by OceanTide. It's a one-shot that shows Neo Queen Serenity's thoughts about her destiny. It is rare that I can actually find a story that can captivate me like this. This story is a must read! Here is the link

If you're a gamer and want to add me as a friend on the Playstation Network then my PSN is Sergei_Dragunuv. Just let me know that you are from here! :)

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