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Responding to your mask, this strange stone statue talks to you... "I overheard this..."

[3/8/17] (11pm)

it's been a long time. i hope everyone is doing okay.

i'm not sure if anyone checks this anymore, but i remember that i used my profile for announcements and as a sort of journal to document my progress with new chapters. it's nice coming back after so long. i recently got a PM that brought me back here, and so i checked my profile - it says "last updated: 02-10-2015". i was being very dramatic about college. i guess i'm still pretty dramatic about college. anyway, checking my profile just made me want to update it. so... hi everyone!

a while ago, i started drifting away from the zelda fandom. there's a lot of reasons for that. one reason is the people in the fandom are hard to deal with. another reason is i went so hard for so long in the fandom that i became uninspired. not having motivation is another reason, but kind of a lie because i can write for other fandoms. yeah, it takes me a long time to write those chapters too, but not nearly as long as it's taken me to update FoF.

but yeah. i branched out and started writing for other fandoms. and it's helped me a lot. i've grown a lot as a writer. (you can find me under the same name on AO3). however, it's kind of a double-edged sword. my writing has improved, but now i wish i had done things differently in FoF. that leaves me with options the i opt out of taking. option 1: i can go back and revise chapters... again. option 2: i can continue writing, finish the story here on FF, then copy it over to AO3 where i can remake the story chapter-by-chapter. i'd like to go with option 2, but... yeah.

FoF is a giagantic project - one that i shouldn't have started until i knew that i could finish it. it's kind of ridiculous how long it's taken to write a stupid fanfiction, really. it's kind of funny... a little sad. oh! that's my other reason: it's been so long that i feel like there's this pressure to keep writing that leaves me even more unmotivated. it's a vicious cycle.

that all being said, i'm starting to get some ideas about future chapters for FoF because of the release of the new zelda game. zelda is fun again, not a chore. i took a break for the zelda fandom because running a blog, keeping up with news, trying to write a fanfiction, all while dealing with other zelda fans was getting stressful. now zelda is fun again and i would like to start writing for the series again.

i'll keep you posted.

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Seven years ago, a young Sheikah boy swore an oath to be the Hero of Time's Guide during his journey to save their land of Hyrule. Sheik is rather skeptical of Link and at first doesn't believe he can amount to the legends foretold about him. However, after he meets the Hero of Time, Sheik realizes that he was wrong.
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