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Author has written 22 stories for Labyrinth, Rurouni Kenshin, Phantom of the Opera, and Harry Potter.

Update Dec-18-2022
Good news, and bad news. And an explanation.

Good news: I won Nanowrio and of course, I did a Kenshin/Kaoru fic. Even better, I won properly, I have the whole story done. A beginning, middle and even the end. A short little instant-love fic that's about 19 chapters. 57K words (so far) so I just need to do some edits and it'll be ready to post. (I'm looking to double that word count)

An Explanation. In the past, many people have wondered why I take so long to post when I have such a backlog of chapters and it's all because of one thing.

To self-edit well, I need to let my work rest. I usually let it sit unseen for 2, 3, 4 months. the longer, the better. Then I go and edit with fresh eyes. I catch typos, missing punctuation, misspellings, redundant or confusing sentences etc...So yes, I can have 7 chapters waiting, I might not have any that have sat long enough. My old stuff is really rough because I would edit as soon as it was done and missed even the most obvious mistakes. This is why from here on out I won't be posting any more stories unless I have them completely done and can get them on an update per week schedule.

The bad news: I was diagnosed with 2 issues last week. On my right wrist, I have De Quervain's Tenosynovitis. which is inflammation of the tendon that wraps around the wrist and controls the thumb. Super painful and my thumb basically no longer works well. Which makes everything difficult. Typing, painting, holding a fork, or book, at its worst my husband had to do my hair for a while because I couldn't hold a hair brush. So as you can imagine, I didn't get ANY writing done since November ended. The upside is that with medicine and exercises, it is already getting better, as you can see...I'm typing this right now.
The 2nd issue is that I have neuropathy in my left arm. this is not something that can be cured, unfortunately. But it can be managed if I take care of my health. So, yeah, I'll be doing that. Unfortunately, it will impact how long my writing sessions can be. No more marathon nights where I bang out whole chapters. At the moment I can only write in short bursts. (I had to rest my arm twice just writing this update, yikes!)

Update-Aug 6 2022

An Honest update

I'm finding myself struggling to focus. The world is pretty shit right now and well...yeah it sucks. Thankfully, I'm fine, and my family is fine.
Let's get to the Elephant in the Room...the Big 3. Steam, Page and Alpha. they are kicking my ass, and forcing me to take a good long look at my life and ask myself. "Why am I struggling so much? Writing used to be effortless. 10 pages or more every day. Now I'm lucky if I can pull that off in a week, sometimes in a month. But it isn't fair to compare my writing life now to what it was back in high school. I had no job, pretty well-behaved younger siblings, parents that supported my writing hobby, and I actually loved high school.

My environment isn't the same, so I shouldn't be expecting the same output as in the past. I used to hand write my (very!) rough draft at school, between classes, whenever inspiration hit, and I would have hours after school of free time to devote to typing it out, cleaning it up, and making it work. These days, those hours of time are gone, I do at least seventy percent of my writing on my weekends between household chores, taking care of my family, and trying to touch at least 1 or 2 of my other creative hobbies. Not to mention trying to original hobby. God, I used to bang out books every 3 days. Now I've gone whole years without picking one up. My life is not the same as it was when I was a teenager. So I need to stop comparing myself to that old life.

So..the Big 3...They are all at their midpoints. Even so, Steam still has hundreds of more pages needing to be written. I suspect its chapter count to go into the 80's or more.
Page is not as ambitious, but if it finishes with less than 50 chapters, I'll be shocked.
Alpha is the closest to being done. It seems that it will be around the 40-50 chapter mark and I've decided to double down on it as it has entered its 3rd act and the end is actually in sight. This is usually when procrastination and thus writer's block hits for my stories. But I have a feeling things are going to be different this time. I feel eager to GET. IT. DONE So I'm setting a goal, something I almost never do in writing. I'll set the other two aside for now and focus on Alpha and TRY and be done with it by November. If not, No member is NaNoWriMo and instead of starting a new story. (I haven't even mentioned the stories I'm working on that I've not even posted yet.) I'll use NaNo to hopefully be the last push to get it done.

So after August, I will most likely put a bit of a Pause on Steam and Page and focus on Alpha

Feb 6, 2022
Wow, I've been on this site for years and years @.@ Thought it was about time to clean up my Profile as I've started posting normally once again.
At the moment I'm in a Fantasy/supernatural kick. Still Kenshin fics only at the moment. But I do have ideas for other fandoms starting.

I did have a few years of struggling when my baby was born. But now things have started to pick up again. I think I just needed time to write without the pressure of posting. I know everyone tells me there isn't any pressure, but I feel bad for letting my readers hang for so long.

I've updated the list of stories below.

I encourage all my readers and fellow writers to join http:/// It's for people all over the world, and every November they have "30 days and nights of literary abandon" the goal is 50,000 words in a month. You can join groups from your city or area. (even in my tiny town there was a group of at least two other people.) They have great forums all about writing and developing characters and plot and so much more. It's free to join

Future Ideas:

What if III- The War -Labyrinth fic- What if you found out you wern't really the good guy? What if you had to go visit all the Kings of the Underground to get them to stop their endless wars? Sydney is pregnant and sent out to plead with all the Kings of the underground to stop fighting. Jareth is powerless... he can not stop her travles, or go with her. What dangers and wonders wait Sydney, and could some other magical fae catch the eye of the Goblin Queen?-Came up with this idea like 3 hours ago in the middle of work @_@ not sure how it's gonna work.

Untitled Kenshin/Kaoru Tragic Romance- Kaoru is a bastard orphan. Though her childhood was fair, her life outside the orphanage is anything but easy. She soon stoops to the unthinkable to make a living. Depressed, Kaoru slips lower and lower. But then a strange man keeps her from drowning in her own tears. Kenshin, a swordsman bent on repenting for the lives he took in cold blood. He sees Kaoru as his chance to save himself. But what awful secret is the red-head hiding? AU I think this is going to take place in a cross between japan and england in the late 18th century. 2 percent complete ((Shelved))

Untitled Kenshin(battousai)/Kaoru Romance-Kaoru is born a slave, she grew up a slave, she went to "School" as a slave. And it wasn't until she was sold off did she meet the red-headed man that hunted her dreams...and he's a slave too. Kenshin dosn't think much of the tiny child he saw on the day he was sold, little did he know she would grow up into such a lovely young woman, and what fate that she was bought by his Master. AU I'm sure it will be rated M for blood, slave training and other such stuff. 10 percent complete

Working on:

A Page and Her Knight- With her family dead, and farm/dojo taken over, Kaoru is a bitter, angry, yet sad young slave. Then a red-headed man literally falls out of the blue...on the back of a dragon! The warrior takes Kaoru away from her harsh life on the farm and makes her his own slave. Kaoru vows to find a way to escape the strange red-headed swordsman by becoming the best. Yet why is she slowly falling in love with a man she swore she would hate? And why is she becoming friends with everyone? Besides...what chance does a slave have becoming a Knight, and what are her chances with a Dragon Rider? Very AU of course. (65 % complete, 45% posted)

Steam- Kenshin, A fire Elemental fae and Kaoru, A Water elemental fae are forced to marry to seal the treaty between their clans. As Kaoru was a child bride, Kenshin abandons her until she is of age. But when the time comes for him to return, he's a no show for years. Finally, he takes responsibility for his new wife and the Keep she is Lady of. With the threat of the deadly Drow army seeping into their lands, their clans must work together to keep the Four Kingdoms safe. But can two very different people really get along? Can Kaoru trust a waring clan and an assassin for a husband? Will he be able to keep the peaceful healing Water clan safe? Can the two clans work together? Because when Fire and water get together there will be steam and steam under pressure will explode. (70% complete 50% posted. )

Loving the Reluctant Alpha- Kenshin is acting Alpha to his pack of shapeshifters why Hiko is away. He discovers that the new girl in school, Kaoru, is also a shifter. Yet she is acting weird, almost as if she has no idea what she is. The more he investigates, the more he likes Kaoru and quickly decides to take her as his mate. But Kaoru has a dark secret, one that links her and Kenshin's painful past together. Kaoru has to deal with a new school, a new boyfriend, bullies along with the secret she has tucked away from her memory. As Kenshin and Kaoru become closer and Kaoru learns what she is, things become far more dangerous for them than either of them could have imagined. (65% complete, 45% posted.)

Of Blood and Flowers- Kenshin/Kaoru Romance. - Princess Kaoru and Prince Kenshin have been betrothed since they were children. They have worked to become friends over the years, Kenshin, in particular, has had enough of his abusive and manipulating father. He is determined to be friends with Kaoru and break the cycle that his family has fallen under. But just when love blossoms and starts to grow, they are ripped apart. After years of war, Kenshin hunts Kaoru down, determined to make her his. Kenshin has become hardened by war, the traits of his father he tried to smother out have manifested in him. Bloodthirsty, foul-mouthed, and quick-tempered, his only saving grace is his love for the girl and her flowers. But there is a kink in the chain...Kaoru is now Queen of her Kingdom and when he proposes, tells him she's carrying the child of another man. (60% complete, Not yet posted. )

Hellfire- Supernaturals have come out to the world 20-ish years ago. Kaoru and Misao are young witches in training. They are some of the first witches born into this new world, but they still experience discrimination and distrust. For an Exam the girls must perform a higher level spell. But as they think about what spell to do, they help a strange old witch from a group of punk wizards and he leaves them a very old Book of Shadows. Inside they find many powerful and unknown spells. They decide to try them out. Kaoru, in a quest to better protect people, unknowingly lets a demon out of Hell. The Battousai. This deadly demon of war is a bit confused by the modern world but he is on a mission. He is determined to hunt down the young witch that caught his eye and make her his. (20% complete, not yet posted)

Untitled Science fiction Kenshin and Kaoru romance. - Kaoru is elderly, alone and ready to leave the suffering planet in a program to encourage immigration to a new planet. Part of the deal sees Kaoru injected with Nanobots which get to work repairing DNA, and damaged cells, effectively making Kaoru young again. Unfortunately, the people are attacked by pirates and Kaoru is part of the group of humans leftover, unable to pay their ransom. Jaded and with a lifetime of experience Kaoru does what she can to protect the others. Even giving herself over to the alien races of males that come to their colony every month.(25% done , Not yet posted)

(ON HOLD) Mask of the Red Death- a Phantom of the Opera fic. AU. Christine never saw the Phantom till the day he came to rescue her from the sickness that is killing people left and right. The Opera House is in shambles, everyone is dead, and Christine has the sickness. Erik steals her away to a safe place where he can care for her. Problem is, Christine won't let him help her so easy. But she must be healed before the sickness spreads from her to the Phantom and everyone of his servants. 55 percent complete (55 percent posted)

Kenshin-gumi tales:

The Ugly Prince A beauty and the beast based story. Kenshin is cursed to deal with the suffering he's caused as batousai. Though he's unsure hot to feel anything but hate and distrust, he tries hard for his new companion, Kaoru, whom he refused to kill. But as he slowly learns to love the girl, he begins to fear that he will lose her. 95 percent complete (90 percent posted)

In Wolf's Clothing. A little Red Riding Hood based story.Aoshi is bonded to an evil ruler, forced to stalk misao to learn the truth about her grandmother, Aoshi slowly falls in love with the girl. Though Misao is nothing but excited to learn of Aoshi's curse, he fears he will one day harm her. Together they must find a cure before he's hunted down and before his evil master finds out. 30 Percent complete (25 percent posted.)

Deep Sea Love A Little Mermaid based story. Kaoru is the youngest of all her sisters. She loves the surface and would give anything to Live along side the handsome man she saved her fist night on the surface. Kaoru must sacrafice everything for the chance at happiness. But will Kenshin understand the love of a mermaid? can kaoru win his heart before time is up? 25 Percent complete (25 percent posted)

Blossoms on the Cherry Tree. A collection of shorts with many different genres and RK characters. A few may branch off to have their own multi-chapter story. My goal is to reach 100 shorts.

Finished Stories:

Mini Fics:

Cab Ride. Kaoru does something she never thought she would...Get in a cab with a stranger and stay the night with him. Kaoru struggles to keep from falling in love with the man who seems to have the rules of his life right in place. But is he trying to not break his own rules?

May 14th That faithful day told in Kenshin's Point of view. (one shot)

Spoils of War. Kaoru is a geisha, and when her city is attacked by war bound Samurai, it is no surprise that she is scooped up by a demon of a man with blood-red hair and blood-stained hands. But this delicate beauty is bound for something she never knew as a slave. k/k romance AU

Buying a baby. Kaoru's kid brother Yahiko is dying and needs money for a life-saving operation, she will do anything. Kenshin is a rich widower who wants a child of his own after his wife Tomoe died along with their unborn child. They will both work together but will they both get what they want? k/k Romance, modern AU Based after the book by Brenda Novak. This is also a story I only write to help with writer's block.

Accept My Love. Third part in “My Love” series. – Sometimes it’s hard to love your lifemate; especially when your other half hates them with such deep passion. Sometimes you just have to accept that not everyone is going to be happy. – I’m trying to make this a 10 chapter “Quick fic.” But unsure how long with will be.

Trust My Love Second part to Mark My Love- Kenshin and Kaoru now have a firm, set relationship. But now a new threat is out there, human vampire hunters who mistake Carpathians as Vampires. Sano is subject to the humans' new weapon, a poison. The creator of this poison, Megumi, catches Sano's attention, not only because she works for the vampire hunters...she's also his lifemate.

Endure My Love. Fourth part in "My Love" series. -Aoshi is turning vampire. There seems to be little hope for him now as he waits for his final moments. But a strange yet beautiful young woman named Misao attacks him. She is not Carpathian, yet not very human. Whatever she is, whoever she is...Changes Aoshi forever. Stuck in a rut between Carpathian and vampire, Aoshi struggles to control himself with his new found lifemate. But Aoshi must be punished for his crimes and he is forced to stay away from his lifesaving mate.

Phantom of the Dojo-a cross between Phantom of the Opera and Kenshin. Kenshin is the Phantom and he lives under the dojo and is a master at swordsmanship. He is a teacher to Kaoru, a young woman whos' parents died and left her to the dojo as a small child. There is a struggle to be the best in the dojo and Kenshin is determined to make Kaoru the best. Even if he is Obsessively in love with her. --This story gave me some Issues near the end. I suffered from writers block and but the story away for 13 months and never looked at it. Then one day I pulled it up and out poured 3 chapters all at once. I'm glad that I finished it, as unfinished stories tend to weigh down on me and that hurts my writing. I'm surprised how popular this story has become.

Mark my love. -Ever wanted something so bad you would do anything, give up everything for it? Even if it scared you half to death to even think about? Monder day fic. Kaoru meets Kenshin and finds out that he's not very normal... in fact he's not even human. But is what he has to offer Kaoru enough for her to overcome her fear? -- A story that I never thought I would even think about writing. Kenshin/Kaoru fic. Modern day(maybe) AU. And one other secret that I'm not going to give away, y'all are just going to have to read it. :P

Devotion- Kenshin and Kaoru find a runaway gang member and take her under their wing. Kenshin connects to the young woman because she reminds him of himself. Kaoru is torn between befriending the girl and feeling the threat of Kenshin having feelings other than friendship. However, The girl has her own love back in the gang and when the Kenshin-gumi is in danger, she leaves to keep them safe. Kenshin,Sano, and Kaoru head off to rescue her and a massive battle takes place. ... and something shocking happens to Kaoru. ( Two different endings so I don't get hunted down and killed.)


What If- What if Sarah and her best friend Sydney both said the words to send Toby to the Underground? What if they both run the Labyrinth, each taking a different way? What if Jareth likes both girls, but fancies the older, more mature Sydney? What if Sarah forgot the words? What if a best friend makes the ultimate sacrifice? A bit of a boring retelling that is more a set-up for the second part. This is a old story that I wrote a year before I even posted it here. I often read over it and laugh and how horrible it is grammar wise. :)

What If Part II The Nightmare -What if now Sydney is stuck in the labyrinth? What if Jareth honors his oath and gives the girl anything she wants but her freedom? What if Jareths' father loathes the mortal Sydney, and infects her with a nightmare, the bane of the Underground? What if Jareth is attacked by pain as Sydney is attacked by horrible nightmares that weaken them both? What if Jareth will do anything to save them both? Okay.. a mary-sue.. but sydney is not at all perfect. She's plain ( if not ugly) unsure, and a bit bossy. Slight OOC.

Remember, if the links don't work, copy them and put them in the address bar.

Original Fiction:


Alpha Male - A simple Poem about a wolf that I wrote a few years back.

Waiting for peace- A short story about a race of people who are hunted by humans. The story is focused on one male who survives when his family did not. This short story was published in my college literary magazine :) yay!

Portraits of Time- a young woman inherits a large home in a small town in the middle of no where. The house is great, if a bit dusty and old. ( over 300 years) Yet there lives another in that house.A creature who has been trapped for over 30 years. A vampire. One who is bonded to the family, needing the family blood to stay alive.One of my oldest fics. I wrote this as a English project in high school. It's a good story, but I still slap myself at my grammar and typos. yet I don't want to delete it and fix it. I kinda like to see how much better I am doing the more I write.

Word of warning. The more I write the better I get... so all my early work..really sucks lol.

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