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Heh. Y'see all that down there in italics. That's whoI was. It's been a while.A year actually -a very . . . . hard, year. If you wanna know what happened to me thenview the prologue in my Inuyasha fic. It sumsit up in a few sentances there. Point is, I am different now; a person can change a lot in one year.I like myself,I am a decent person I suppose, butI miss my old self. She was so ignorant and easy to please! The only thing she worries about was food and pleasing her readers. laughs If you want to know menow than you cancontact me on my livejournal page or email me - but I think I'll let my old Bio stand, if only for my amusment.

Ok ME! It's my favorite topic and now I get to blab about how awesome I am and no one will tell me to shut up! OK names: I have several. These are some of 'em, listed in the order of most used and best liked: Riss/Riss-boi(dispite the fact I'm a girl), Reana, Tanpopo, Rice, Surreal, 'lighting fixture'(just accept that one and move on), back-pack-girl, Gyzmo and Wallriss glare That last one I dun't like at all - but I get called sometimes sooooo ... oh and I used to be Chicken Little for a while. Well, that's about all for alias', if U wanna talk to me you should probally just use Riss or Reana though.

Most Important People: Well lets see, outside of family there are only two people I really give damn about. Lorah Pen name: Godlet2b Status: My best friend since the end of grade 4 and the first person to ever really accept me for who I really am(no I am not gimped or handicapped or insane - well, not completely insane anyway. I'm just different - and I don't try to fit in or hide it. Ppl don't like that about me, I freak them out.) So special thanks to Lorah for seeing that I'm more than just a freaky face(and no I'm not incredibly ugly either - though I'm a long way from being beautiful) For sticking up for me when I wouldn't stick up for myself, for always being there when needed, for keeping me from becoming depressed, suicidal, or truely insane and - and, and for just plain everthing! I'm not me without you Lorah!

Jasper Penname: Jasper_Sable Status: We were real close friends in day care before she moved away. We used to chase the rainbows on the wall that the window crystals made. And when she moved back home again - well actually we didn't really acknowledge each others existance till we discovered we were both yugioh OBSSESSED! We kept gettin' told how much a like we are and it only took us about a week to give eachother the title yami and hikari. Responsible for my slight fettish with shounen ai and for getting me to post my stories on is the most beloved and darker half of my soul, Yami Jaseperu-chan. P.S We're still chasin' rainbows together, huh Jasper? The only difference is our rainbows moved to Japan and Egpyt!

And lastly on my VIP lis is ... Me! I'm sorry, I love myself. Fettish's: -ANIME AND MANGA! sings "I like it, I LOVE it, can get enough of it!" Literally. I am OBSSESSED! -Squishy Hammers! I fequently hit people with 'em! So watch out. -Leashes, chains, spikes, and anything sharp and pointy! -> All right that makes me sound really goth, but I'm not, I'm simply ... me. -CARDS! Of any kind, not just Yugioh cards. And dice. -Shounen ai! NOT YAOI! Nothing that strong, but fluffy boyXboy is good! -And just fantasy in general.My world, my rules, my way. Visit some of my worlds with me in my stories. They are right down there. Consider it like going to a hotel, 'cept cheaper. Oh and more fun! Dun't forget to review and tell me how your stay was!

All right now to wrap it up with a few quotes. These are quotes I live by or at least try to live by - or that just fit me: "I have great faith in fools, self confidence my friends call it." ~Edgar Allen Poe(LOVE HIM! Ever read "The Cask of Amontillado"?) "Work like you need the money, love like you've never been hurt, dance like nobody's watching." ~ Can't remember who said this ;; I'll find out latta. "You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because your all the same." ~ This ones everywhere but I'll credit it to Jasper because I got it from her first. And because it's our way of life. "Friends are forever and lovers never last." ~ Lorah - smart ain't she? And it's so true. "I do not babble! I merely enhance the general knowledge of the people around me with my constant barriage of witty and use intellegence!" ~ Duo (Gundam Wing) snicker I'm sorry I just love this one! "There is only one difference between genius and insanity: genius has limits." - snicker I can't remember who originaly had this quote, but I stole it and added the entire insanity thing to it so :P it's mine!

See what I mean? Thank you for putting up with me, Mom and Dad!I was an impossible child! Oh! And incase(odds are 1000000000000000 to 1 but you never know) you are enhancing your English by reading fics I speak survival Japanese and pretty good French so you can mail me in either, no prob. Then we can practice with each other! And someone can edit me on the finer points of manners - you don't learn very polite phrases by reading fics I've noticed . . . . or grammar for that matter . . . .

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