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hey guys cooldude here and this is my profile i dont really know what to put so i guess ill juts put when ill post another chapters and any news thats going on

Galexia and Shade:oc's unite:update every 2 weeks
ideas: well its a story that will take me a while to write because i can only write at school i will try my best to get long and decent chapters weekly but im not sure because i try to devote all my break and most of my lunch to fanfic at school


2/12 well im back hope you liked the new chapter i'm ill right now but l i will still type like crazy and give you guys chapter hopefully the weekly chapters will go back on track but i might extend it to two weeks to give me some breathing space idk lets see how it goes.

9/01 Hey guys cool here sorry that i have been inactive for a month ive been working on a co author story which is taking up most of my time

15/1 Hey i've finnaly decided to work on my fourth chapter for the fic yay it should be up next week sorry for the month wait i've just been having some problems with the plot and where to go.

btw if you havn't all ready go read galexia the chao stories they are what inspired me to write fanfic and a story with her oc

well that all for now this is cooldude1453 signing off bye

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Shade the hedgehog and Galexia the chao in there adventure in the mushroom kingdom. Randomness and crowbars ensured.
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