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I love to act, sing and read Harry Potter! I am in love with James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Harry Potter, and Severus Snape.

And of course Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Lily/James fics. Lily and James are the perfect couple.

Unfortunately i can not stand to read slash fics. Sorry. Also stories that have Lily/Sirius pairings really annoy me, because James and Lily were in love, and James and Sirius were basically brothers. Meaning Sirius would have known that James loved her, and would not risk their friendship. Yet for some reason, i like Lily/Remus fics.

My favorite Harry Potter Book is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

My favorite character is Lily Evans Potter. However, my favorite living character is Harry. I relate the most with Lily, because she seems to stick up for the underdog, seems to take grades siriously and is a redhead (like me). The living character i relate with best is Hermione. My friends tell me i am just like her. I also relate with Harry. I understand where he's coming from, and what he wants.
I think that Sirius Black should not have died in Order of the Pheonix. I also think that Molly Weasley was way to hard on Sirius on page 89 (OP). In Order of the Pheonix my favorite chapter is Snape's worst Memory. I love it when Lily says to James:
?Messing up your hair because you think it looks cool to look like you?ve just got off your broomstick, showing off with that stupid snitch, walking down corridors and hexing anyone who annoys you just because you can. I?m surprised your broomstick can get off the ground with that fat head on it. You make me SICK.?

In Prisoner of Azkaban my favorite page is 375. My favorite part is when Sirius yells "THEN YOU SHOULD DIED. DIED RATHER THAN BETRAY YOUR FRIENDS, AS WE WOULD HAVE DONE FOR YOU!"

and then Remus says "You should have relized, if Voldemort didn't kill you, we would. Good-bye Peter."

My favorite chapter in Goblet of Fire is Flesh blood, bone.

From Goblet of Fire my favorite quote is "Bone fo the father unknowingly given you shall renew your son. Flesh of the servant willingly given you shall revive your master. Blood of the enemy forcibly taken you shall resurrect your foe." that is used to restore Voldemort to his body.

My favorite chapter in Chamber of Secrets is The Chamber of Secrets.

My favorite chapter of Sorcerer's Stone is The boy who lived.

My monolog from Sorcerer's Stone is

"Knew! Oh course we knew! How could you not be? My dratted sister being what she was? Oh, she got a letter just like that and disapeared off to that-that school and came home every vacation with her pockets full of frog spawn turning teacups into rats. I was the only one who saw her for what she was a freak. But for my mother and father oh no!-it was Lily this-and Lily that! They were proud of having a Whitch in the family!

Then she met that Potter at school and they went off and got married, and had you. And I knew you'd be just the same just as strange, just as-as abnormal. And then if you please she went and got herself blown up, and we got landed with you!"

In my opinion the Harry Potter movies suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They cut things out and have a lot of mistakes! For one Harry has GREEN EYES!!!!!! not blue! another: the basilisk looks like a sea serpent. another Emma Watson is too pretty to play Hermione.
In the third movie, Gary Oldman cannot play Sirius Black, Sirius is way totally hot, and Oldman's just not (i'm a poet, and i didnt even know it!).

My favorite actor in the Harry Potter movies is Alan Rickman, just because he is hot. Did you know he is 58?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Snap is only 32 in the second book. is it sad that i still think he's hot????

I am too opinionated!

I am sorry if i have offended anyone! Sorry

I would like to thank my friends, especially Lilac. Li, I love you, and i wouldnt be where i am today if not for you.
Pairings I Like:


Pairiings that i dont like

All slash fics and then most definately Lily and Sirius.

I have a theory on werewolves so here it is: female werewolves cannot have children, while males can. If a child that has a father who is a werewolf, and they are born on the full moon, the child will die, otherwise a child would be perfectly normal. Werewolves can be "needy" and very moody. They are strong, so dont pick on Remus, or you'll have to answer to me!


I use the same OC. Here is a little about each...

Lilac Rose-pureblood, Lily's best friend. she was born in the USA, but moved to England, when Voldemort was after her family. She was forced to live like a muggle all of her life, till she and Lily went to hogwarts. She and Sirius Black become an item. They both try to get Lily and James together. Sirius and Lilac get married at 18. They have twin boys named Godric and Salazar. Lilac is sent to Azkaban after the Potters' die. Malfoy, who claims to have loved her, rapes her. She dies 8 months pregnant in Azkaban. On her and Siri's 3 wedding anniversary.

Genevieve Maddox- Lily's friend. She is a seer. She is in Gryffindor, she and Lily go 'Seeker Seeking' her boyfriend is SLytherin seeker Landon Rookshield (sp?). Lily is convinced he is a death eater...he and Gen. have 3 kids, and he is responsible for Gen.'s death

Maria Jekyl- Lily's friend...she was in Ravenclaw. She and Remus dated, and got married while still attending school. They got lucky when their twin daughters werent born on the full moon. Their names are Levana and Lupita. They end up having another baby, who is born on Sept. 19, 1980 (does the date ring a bell?) they name her Hermione. After Maria is killed by Voldemort, the Ministry take the three girls away from Remus, they wont let a werewolf raise children.

Raven Dumbledore- Albus Dumbledore's niece. She transfered to Beauxbatons in third year. Most of her life is a mystery. once she returns, she makes everyone else happy. very optimistic, with a beautiful voice...she really enjoys singing, and acting.

Gabriella Walters- redheaded Gryffindor, also enjoys theater. outspoken, in a good way though... ends up being killed by Voldemort.

Charlotte Potter- In the Potters story she is the baby that would have been Harry's older sister.
*Killed By Voldemort*

FYI: i have AIM not AOL.

Sorry but My Life is taking a while, it is really hard to write, i have to decide what is important and what isnt. sorry!

thanks for your support!

My Stories:

the Potters Story- What happened during Lily and James' married life. Some of it is happy, the rest is depressing. This was my first fic.

Abused-this one i am taking in a different direction. James ISNT abusing Lily. If not james, who??? read to see. It was supposed to be James/Lily, but now its kinda a Snape/Lily. Dont kill me! For those of you who dont like Lily/Snape, dont worry. I'm writing an alternate ending for Lily/James people. Just read, its my favorite story. This is my favorite story to write so please just read it! Come on and read it!

My Life- each character reflects on their life. and their experiences...all go back to Lily and James

Chatroom of Hogwarts-it has only one chapter of Lily/Snape... its a normal chatroom. i cannot believe this got taken off! sorry guys... they took it off. i worked so hard... i

A lone flower in the storm- James is dead. Its just Lily and Harry. What happens? Even i dont know!

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