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Alright here is the brief summary I will give, I mainly write in Naruto but I take things in different directions. Most of my stories will be NaruIno because I think that would be awesome to happen but it will never happen. I personally hate the idea of NaruSaku or NaruHina, I use to be a fan of NaruSaku but the more the show goes the more she seems to only want Naruto around when she needs something. NaruHina its like come on, she never even speaks to him how is that even suppose to work in the end? Regardless I have rambled a bit. I really don't care if you dislike the stories I write, if you don't like them why are you reading them? If you like them leave me a comment here and there and I will appreciate it.

- MrApathy

Basic Information:

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Story Information:

Most Used Couple: Naruto & Ino

Typical Background Couples: Sasuke & Sakura; Shikamaru & Temari; Kiba & Hinata; TenTen & Lee or Neji.

Couples that I write:

Naruto & Ino

Naruto & Tayuya

Naruto & TenTen

Naruto & Anko

Stories withe some Authors Insight:

All for Her;
Coupling: Naruto & Ino
Basic Info: Naruto and Ino had at one time been a couple. Though a devestating secrets reveal makes one blond feel completely betrayed by the other. After their falling out, one says to stay away and the other obliges. Eventually, a drastic action is taken that makes their friends worry. Will they be able to save what they once had or will they make the decision that would change everyones lives?
Authors Notes: This was my first FanFic, there are a lot of problems with it. It never got that much attention which is a bit disappointing in my mind. I think that it was truly a good story.
Chapter #: 11
Completed/In-Progress: Completed

Blue Eyed Lovers;
Coupling: Naruto & Ino
Basic Info: Naruto gave up on his dream of being with Sakura. He finds love with another, one Ino Yamanaka. See how they go through the struggles of a relationship and if they can overcome what they have to face. Is what they have what others call true love? If it is, is it true that true love conquers all?
Authors Notes: So there is a lot of bitching about how forgiving Naruto is, all I have to say is obviously the people who bitch have never TRULY been in love. That combined with Narutos already forgiving nature I think make him spot on.
Chapter #: 40
Completed/In-Progress: Completed

Coupling: Naruto & Ino
Basic Info: This story was inspired by 'Us Against Them' by another author as well as 'High School of the Dead. There is an unknown virus that started in Kumogakure that rapidly spread throughout the elemental nations. Even Konohagakure was overcome by the virus. A small group of survivors has to face the daily struggles of their new lives with a certain blond jinchuriki as their leader.
Authors Notes: This is EXTREMELY AU & OOC! Seriously, the bitching about how I portray Naruto is annoying. It says in the story description that it is AU/OOC, what the fuck did you people expect?
Chapter #: 20
Completed/In-Progress: Completed

Legend of the Namikazes;
Coupling: Naruto & Ino
Basic Info: Only Kushina died in the Kyuubi attack though the Kyuubi was still sealed inside of her son. His life was extremely different with the influence of his father still in his life. The village treated him differently as well. There are Canon references as well as going in its own separate direction in many ways.
Authors Notes: Okay.. the bitching about Zabuza baiting and trapping Jiraiya is extremely annoying people. He wasn't beaten by Zabuza, he was lured by his anger. No one is immune to this. If Zabuza DID beat Jiraiya he would fucking be dead!
Chapter #: Planned 40-50
Completed/In-Progress: In-Progress

Painful Love;
Coupling: Naruto & Ino
Basic Info: After one fateful night Naruto returns to the village and finds things that he wasn't ever expecting. His life changes in ways he never imagined as well as the lives of others that he slowly becomes close to. Will Naruto being in their lives make them all become closer or will it in fact destroy them?
Authors Notes: So this has both Drama and Romance, that was the point. This was a story that was requested by one of my more dedicated fans, Evil-Pain.
Chapter #: 17
Completed/In-Progress: Complete

The New Kunoichi;
Coupling: Naruto & Tayuya
Basic Info: Naruto completed the mission and was successfully brought back Sasuke Uchiha. He also saved another unexpected person while retracing his steps. How will both of their lives change by the decisions that they both make?
Authors Notes: So this was my first try at something that wasn't NaruIno and I think that it has been fairly successful. I tried to go in a different direction then most NaruTayu on this site so I hope that most people enjoy that.
Chapter #: Planned 30-60
Completed/In-Progress: In-Progress

Naruto: Master of the Wind;
Coupling: Naruto & TenTen
Basic Info: After the Kyuubis assault, Naruto wasn't left alone. He was taken in by a weapons smith and his family. Having experienced a life filled with love and happiness, how does it affect his shinobi career and future? Naruto is 1 year older, Neji a year younger.
Authors Notes: This was a part of my Christmas gift to my more dedicated fans, I gave the more requested couples that I was comfortable writing. That was Naruto x TenTen and Naruto x Anko. I wanted to try something I have never read before, Naruto with a Bow & Arrow, that was the main thing for this story.
Chapter #: Planned 25-35
Completed/In-Progress: In-Progress

Naruto: Crazed Love;
Coupling: Naruto & Anko
Basic Info: Naruto was born a few years earlier while Anko was born a few years later, putting them at the same age. She was a member to a prestigious yet odd clan, he was the Jinchuriki to the Kyuubi who had been alone most of his life.
Authors Notes: This story is VERY AU/OOC. Naruto and Ankos ages were brought together, Naruto older and Anko younger. Orochimaru is a good guy and the leader of the Snake Summoning Clan, Mitarashi. Naruto has the ability to access all of the elements after surviving a deadly ritual from a forbidden scroll. That was thanks to the Kyuubi. Naruto harbors secret feelings for someone but he thinks that she will never see him for someone else blocks him still. Kushina is alive, Naruto has a sister.
Chapter #: 25-35
Completed/In-Progress: In-Progress

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Song of Scarlett and Gold by Sinless14 reviews
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 42 - Words: 176,629 - Reviews: 2119 - Favs: 3,176 - Follows: 3,582 - Updated: 6/20/2016 - Published: 9/18/2014 - [Naruto U., Tayuya]
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Challenge by Storylover213! [Dark Fanfic] He defeated Kaguya but in his death, he found that his cycle of rebirth wasn't over. Centuries later, in a land of Seven Kingdoms torn by the maladies of humanity, he finds himself amongst the liars and the cheats. He is Naruto Baratheon, First of His Name and there, a Throne for a King shall wait. SansaxNarutoxDaenerysxMargaery
Crossover - Naruto & Game of Thrones - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 31 - Words: 204,396 - Reviews: 990 - Favs: 1,613 - Follows: 1,747 - Updated: 4/2/2016 - Published: 9/24/2014 - [Naruto U., Sansa S., Daenerys T., Margaery T.]
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