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Author has written 7 stories for Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, and Janet Evanovich.

Love to write. I do mostly Sailor Moon Fanfic and Inuyasha fics As well as Batman and A book or two. I am more into Drama(which means I like my stories to have a little bit of everything) and making up my own charcs. Ah, my works, well I like realistic material and I don't read magna so I get my info(that which I choose to use) from anime. Recently did my first Book fanfiction. I write whenever sometimes years inbetween. I have many old stories that are on here, they are readable but full of mistakes too, I have a real life so feel no need to go back and fix it all. This started out as fun for me only. My later works are much better overall but not prefect and I'm okay with that, I don't get PAID to write any of this so I save my attention to detail for my job that pays for me food and house. :)

Now that FF has a MA rating ONE DAY I might make sure all the full content of my works are on here. For many years had to post else where for adult content.

I also believe in reshaping personalities to FIT the story line so there will be many times my char's don't act like what YOU think they should. Please remember we can all watch the same show and see things differently. I like reviews because it lets me know that I am touching the reader in some way and that I engaged you in the story enough to have a opinion so please leave one. Plus it's polite and I myself have left over 200 reviews on this site alone for other people so it's nice to get some of it back.

For Sailor Moon this is the list order they should be read in to really understand all the stories and how they tie in and the change everyone personality goes through etc etc. Again I will sometime in the future update this site with all the adult content under MA ratings

1.No Friends No Future

1.5 Fantastic Journey (cross-over that fits with this series and that is nowhere near finished, but has nothing to do with the boarder relationships that come next. More so a deeper look at the girls personalities and powers after No Friends No Future.)

2. I would Steal You (I finally added it to adult-fanfiction)

3.Love Triangles

4.Love Everlasting

5.Destiny-The next and FINAL story in this Series…IF it every gets put on paper

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On AFF I do have a few stand alone SM short stories that have nothing to do with the above story line

While I may only be a GOOD writer I am a EXCELLENT READER and can tell a wonderful story when I read one. So CHECK OUT

FOR HARRY POTTER: Author:The Sweetest Things
FOR SAILOR MOON: Authors: Bill K, & LunaHope
FOR INUYASHA: Authors: Rozefire, Wheezambu
They are awesome!

I have no clue when I'll update anything. But below are my stories that are not finished. You can always check this page for update info even for stories not on this site anymore.

Love Everlasting- Chap 8 is up I put it up about a month ago! This in my mind was going to be about an 18 chapter story so...I'm not even half way done. Can be found by clicking on the or AFF link. Seriously you have no clue how bad I want to write this and get these ideas out my head! FYI this story is suppose to be filled with angst and romance and humor you'll get a little in each, but it's suppose to be a very adult drama fic so bare with me through the depressing chapters. I always try to add something interesting in there too. Full cast(no Rini, I hate her!) so lots of different stories going on. Fun for you guys a headache for me, but I like full stories.

Terms of Engagement- Started work on chap 8 Feb a few years ago LOL, if my mind lets me have a choice this will be somethign I will try to update in 09.-AU Inuyasha fic Starring SANGO and MIROKU, set in mordern Hollywood.(Kagome/Inu strong sub-plot!)I'm loving writing this story I think it's some of my best work. Enjoy! I'm excited about all the different couples and interactions going on! Think you will like chap 8 sex, lust, and SIN CITY, plus a little romance.

Children of the Well- This is another really long story probably would have been about 22 to 25 chapters long, my longest story yet. I'm not sure I will get to it this year, but one day. This will be a upbeat (mostly) continuation of "out of time" dealing with thier children, can' t help myself had to do it. Will be romance, action, adventure, humor, drama all rolled into one. This will have everyone (M/S, I/K, Shippo, and Sess and yes even Rin) in it. This will be a very long fic since there are so many children tales to tell.

Fantastic Journey-4th Chap up 3-6-09- Crossover with Inuyasha and Sailor Moon, outlined to be a 12-15 chap story. Canon pairings so NO crossover pairings. It's not really meant to be a sexy story. It's meant to conclude in my head the adventures of Kagome and give the Scouts a mini adventure before "I would Steal You" Meant to be a late teen fic. Mostly full casts for both anime's. For my SM readers this takes place after my story “No Friends No Future” and before “I Would Steal You.” So Serena powers will be how I’ve progressed them in my series of stories

I have too others in my head and then I'll be done with anime, one for Sailo Moon and a AU for Inuyasha, but I haven't posted the first chapter yet to either one.

Thanks for everyone who takes the time to review. It really helps and motivates.

My stories can be found on aff also with the link at the top of this page.

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