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Hi world!

So, you want to know about me, then? OK. I'm a boy, I'm 15, and my favorite hobbies are playing Pokémon and watching TV.

I like watching people play video games and play lots of Pokémon myself, so most of my stories will be rewrites of the games giving the player characters dialogue and personalities. My biggest accomplishment is the Pokedex Adventures series I write with my oldest sister as editor/co-author. Contrary to what it may seem in PM conversations, I have TWO older sisters. One just doesn't like Pokémon and has only a little interest in Gravity Falls.

I also like implying ships and never really doing much with them. The weirder or less loved the pairing, the better it makes me feel. The ones involving at least one player character were probably the least unusual ones.

So, sit back and enjoy these stories, because we sure enjoyed writing them.

UPDATE: The Pokedex Adventures series is now recommended on TV Tropes. My co-author is so happy she almost exploded. I'm just really happy. Thank you, TransparentImagination!

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: The recommendation is now a PAGE. Pokedex Adventures has a PAGE on TV Tropes. I am going to have a lot of fun with this.


Portal - Still Alive: Friendships are weird. Chell doesn't know what to do when an oddly British core wakes her from a nap, but he's too cute to argue with. She doesn't know where Doug is, but she knows she's naming her first child after him. And then there's her new friend, the friend that really, really wants her gone. (Sequel to For Science. Heavily implied Caveline, but that's all but canon anyway.)

Legend of Zelda - Why Me?: Link was picked on his entire life, while Princess Zelda has been spoiled rotten. It's up to these two to save the kingdom of Hyrule from Ganondorf, assisted only by seven strange people calling themselves 'Sages,' a magical talking tree, and a fairy with a gambling problem. The goddesses must be crazy, indeed. (An Ocarina of Time abridged musical. Contains minor amounts of ZeLink. Yes, I said musical.)


Not Always Black and White
- Hilbert and Hilda's last name is Grey.
- Hilda's Zebstrika was originally going to be named Maximus, after the noble steed in Tangled. We decided not to because some people might not get the reference.
- Hilbert was originally going to be the only protagonist, and the story would have been him stumbling through Unova with Tommy while having no idea what he was doing 90% of the time. Then we became Ferriswheelshippers.
- The incident that made Hilda afraid of Darmanitan was when she and Hilbert went to a classmate's birthday party when they were little. They went on a nature hike/Pokémon hunt and about five of the monsters decided to kidnap her as a joke, right under the supervisor's nose. They returned her at the end of the line, but she was scarred for life.
- What Burgh apologized to Elesa for will never be explained.
- N is not a werewolf. He's not a were-Zoroark, either. Or a regular Zoroark.
- Anthea and Concordia are still Ferriswheelshippers, and will be until they die.

Shades of Gray
- "Gorgeous science babies" started as an in-joke for us...inspired by the other writer having Colress and Juniper shipping dreams on a monthly basis. She made the offhand comment that they would make pretty babies, I used the phrase, and then we put it in Shades of Gray.
- On a related note, as of 7/16/2016, she has tried combining their genes on Sims 4's create-a-sim. The results are just as pretty as the Shadow Triad imagined them, once they get a decent hairstyle. Hair color and facial features are left alone. (Except 'Amanda.' Then she changed the hair color.)
- Hugh's little sister now ships her brother with Gym Leader Roxie.
- Hugh eventually got Liepard to come out of its ball.
- Nate got a job working on a horror movie. He started out as prop manager, not director.
- Colress actually grew up in Kalos, and lived there until an experiment went wrong while he was an intern in a questionable lab. An experiment that was his idea...
- Ghetsis went completely insane and now suffers from a crippling fear of teenagers.
- Rosa's last name is White, and Nate's is Green.

One-Hit KO
- The protagonists' names are Ethan Morrow, Lyra Hart, and Kristina (Kris) Elm.
- Kris's father is the Johto professor's much less notable older brother, who works at the Pewter City museum.
- Professor Elm's first name is Brian. Kris doesn't use it because she doesn't want her friends to think they can.
- Lyra focused her attention on art, not fashion design.
- Kris and Lyra eventually did catch the Legendary Beasts that they resembled, though they were put through tests to prove their worth first.
- Whitney's crush on Morty is very real. And it's not just known, it's mutual, though Morty spends so little time with the living that he doesn't actually know what to do about it.
- As much as he hates to admit it, Silver is a friend to the trio. They stopped Team Rocket, after all. It doesn't stop him and Ethan from picking on each other.
- If you want a somewhat-accurate representation of my sister doing her part for the song, type 'Sesame Street Don Music' into a search engine, click a video, and remember that I was her Kermit.

Critical Hit
- Lucas ended up with a legendary of his own - Mesprit. He needed Dawn's obscene luck to track her down, and she often invites her 'brothers' to his house to party.
- Professor Rowan was almost a con man when he was in his early 20s, but he had a change of heart shortly after he started his first scheme. He ended up getting a real job and used legally-obtained money to pay for his college education.
- Lucas's last name is Hawthorn, which was the main reason Rowan took him and his father as assistants. Dawn's is Bennett.
- Lucas met Professor Sycamore about a year after the epilogue. It was an interesting experience involving a three-hour interview about Mega Evolution that mainly consisted of Lucas saying, "I don't know" and Alakazam failing to communicate telepathically with two people who did not have psychic powers.
- Dawn offered to be interviewed, as long as her Gallade could fill in the details from his end. They were rejected because their plan involved dragging the Kalos professor to the Distortion World.
- Rowan, on the other hand, has gone to the Distortion World to interview Pokémon on what evolution was like.
- The cookie coupon was expired. Dawn still hasn't forgiven the professor for that.

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